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Some glue bag sealers can heat seal the inside of paper bags with a poly liner shut, as well as fold and glue the bag shut. Some machines just fold and glue the paper bag shut. There are also bag sealers that seal pre-glued bags with heat. Most products that use a glue bag sealer are 20 lbs or less. Consumer sized bags of flour and sugar are often packaged using a glue bag sealer.

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PBC 6000 photo
Fischbein PBC 6000 Hot Glue Pinch Style Bag Sealer

Used bag sealer: Roller conveyor included Maximum variable speed: Up to 85 feet per minute Weight fill range: 20 to 110 pounds Bag width range: 12 to 20 inches Electrics: Volts: 460...

GS-1000S photo
Doboy GS-1000S Continuous Hot Melt Glue Bag Sealer

Used Doboy GS-1000S Bag Sealer with: Hot melt glue bag sealer Speed: up to 100 feet per minute Bag weight: 3 to 20 pounds Bag style: gussetted and multi-wall Bag width range: 3.5 inches to...

DRC-300 DRC0020000 photo
Fischbein DRC-300 DRC0020000 Double Roll Closer

Used Fischbein DRC-300 DRC0020000 Double Roll Closer with: The Fischbein Model DRC 300™ Double Roll Closer seals multi-wall, flush-cut paper bags weighing up to 50 pounds at production rates up to 75...

GS1000 XL photo
Doboy GS1000XL Hot Melt Continuous Glue Bag Sealer

Used Doboy Bag Sealer with: Output: up to 75 bags per minute Bag size range: Width: 3 - 15 inches Weight: 3 - 20 pounds Bag style: Gussetted Multi-wall Inner liner ...

DRC 300 photo
Fischbein DRC300 Double Roll Closer Bag Sealer

Used Fischbein Bag Sealer with: Speed: variable up to 75 feet per minute Bags: Open mouth flat Gusseted multi-wall paper bags Minimum bag face width: 5 inches Free bag top: ...

George Fry Glue Bag Sealer with Conveyor Belt

Used George H Fry Glue Bag Sealer with Conveyor Belt with: Conveyor dimensions: 96 inches Cold paste glue system Recently rebuilt Smooth belt product conveyor Adjustable height Overall dimensions:...

Doboy GS1000S photo
Bosch Doboy GS1000S Bag Sealer

Used Bosch Doboy GS-1000S Bag Sealer with: Bag top carrier chains provides positive bag top control Special rotary trimmer with twin blades for consistent bag top trimming A line shaft runs the entire...

GS-1000 photo
Doboy GS-1000 Bag Sealer

Used Doboy GS-1000 Bag Sealer with: Rated at speeds up to 75 bags per minute Bag size range of 3.5 inch minimum up to 15 inch maximum Seals bags weighing from 3 lbs up to 20 lbs Hot melt system for...

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