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This type of equipment mixes materials to form a consistent product. Homogenizers, commonly used in the dairy industry, mix a product by pumping the product through valves and other openings. Homogenizers can be used to break down and evenly distribute fat particles in milk to create a product that is 1%, 2%, or whole milk. Emulsifiers combine materials that are not chemically inclined to bond together. They break up droplets, then mix in an emulsifying agent to keep the product from separating after the mixing is finished.

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APV 1000 photo
SPX Flow APV 1000 Stainless Steel Lab Homogenizer

Used SPX Homogenizer with: Capacity: 6 Gallons per hour Minimum test sample: 5 ounces Plunger: Diameter: 0.55 inches Material: ceramic Maximum operating pressure: 14,504...

Gaulin Corporation 4205MC453TPS Homogenizer

Used Gaulin Corporation 4205MC453TPS Homogenizer with: Capacity: up to 4650 gallons per hour Maximum pressure: up to 3000 psi Two-stage hydraulic valve assembly Tapered valve seats Plunger diameter:...

MZ-50 photo
Fryma MZ-50 High Shear Vertical Emulsifier

Used Fryma MZ-50 High Shear Vertical Emulsifier with: Used for wet grinding of liquid and high viscous suspensions Output: 120 – 300 kilograms per hour 3 horsepower motor Cart mounted Stainless...

CR 6 photo
Votator CR6 Stainless Steel Paste Mixer

Used Votator Horizontal Mixer with: Continuous mixing, blending, and whipping 7.5 horsepower motor 5.5 inch outer diameter rotor Output: up to 65 cubic inches per minute 25 inch clearance from...

15M-8TA photo
Gaulin 15M-8TA 2 Horsepower Piston Homogenizer

Used Gaulin 15M-8TA Homogenizer with: Piston type pilot homogenizer Maximum capacity: 15 gallons per hour Efficiently processes laboratory samples as small as 1/2 pint Stainless steel contact parts ...

8MB59 photo
Oakes Machine Corporation 8MB59 Continuous Mixer

Used Oakes Machine Corporation 8MB59 Continuous Mixer with: 5 horsepower drive Waukesha Size 10 positive displacement pump with .75 horsepower motor 2 inch diameter clamp type inlet and outlet Painted,...

Gaulin5-5.0BX photo
APV Gaulin 5-5.0BX Homogenizer Emulsifier

Used APV Gaulin5-5.0BX Homogenizer Emulsifier with: Capacity: 400 liters per hour Motor power: 5.5 kilowatts Max pressure: 350 bar Machine weight: 400 kilograms

MC 15 photo
Stephan Microcutter MC15 Emulsifier Cutter Mixer

Used Stephan Microcut Mixer with: Output per hour: Up to 2,600 pounds Up to 1,200 Kilograms Processes: Cutting Dispersing Emulsifying Homogenizing Hopper capacity:...

Comitrol 2100 photo
Urschel Comitrol 2100 Stainless Steel Emulsifier

Used Urschel 2100 Emulsifier with: Continuous operation Infeed height: 70 inches Hopper dimensions: Length: 44.31 inches Width: 35.94 inches Electrical panel with various controls...

UIP1500hdT photo
Hielscher UIP1500hdT Sonicator

Used Hielscher UIP1500hdT Sonicator with: Variable ultrasonic amplitude, liquid pressure, and liquid composition Sonotrode amplitude up to 170 micron Liquid pressure up to 10 bars Liquid flow rates...

D112MS photo
Leumann & Uhlmann D112MS Stainless Steel Emulsifier

Used Leumann & Uhlmann Emulsifier with: Hopper: Capacity: 20 liters Diameter: 12 inches Infeed height: 38 inches Manually adjustable rotor/stator gap 316 stainless steel contact...

112RS70SS photo
Admix Rotosolver 112RS70SS High-Shear Mixer With G&F 80 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank

Used Admix High-Shear Mixer with: Capacity: 80 gallons Bottom center outlet diameter: 1.5 inches Two-piece stainless steel hinge cover Top inlet diameter: 2 inches dual jetfoil high-flow impeller ...

Stand Up Industrial Chemical Mixer

Used Mixer with: Mixing blade diameter: 10 inches 14 horsepower motor 1750 rotations per minute Painted steel construction Electrical requirements: 440 volts, 60 hertz, 3 phase Overall dimensions:...

Gaulin 2-Stage Homogenizer

Used Homogenizer with: Capacity: 800 to 2000 gallons per hour Maximum pressure: 4200 psi Ball style valves 2-stage homogenizer Painted steel construction 125 horsepower motor Electrical...

FL225 DK Type 187 photo
Karl Schnell FL225 DK Stainless Steel Emulsifier

Karl Schnell Emulsifier FL 225 DK Type 187 : Capacity for fine emulsion: up to 7000 kg per hour depending on viscocity and cutting head Single discharge screw: Diameter: 360 mm Thickness of...

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