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This type of equipment mixes materials to form a consistent product. Homogenizers, commonly used in the dairy industry, mix a product by pumping the product through valves and other openings. Homogenizers can be used to break down and evenly distribute fat particles in milk to create a product that is 1%, 2%, or whole milk. Emulsifiers combine materials that are not chemically inclined to bond together. They break up droplets, then mix in an emulsifying agent to keep the product from separating after the mixing is finished.

MCH-20 photo
Stephan MCH20 SS Emulsifier Cutter Mixer
Inventory #: H1937

Used Stephan Emulsifier with: Output: up to 2,600 pounds per hour Capabilities: Cutting Dispersing Emulsifying Homogenizing Hopper/capacity: Liters: 120 Gallons: 32...

Comvair photo
Reiser Comvair Stainless Steel Emulsifier
Inventory #: H1784

Used Reiser Emulsifier with: Capacity/output: 350 - 1,000 pounds per minute (depending on product) Emulsifies: Coarse Fine Super-fine Hopper capacity: 600 pounds Side discharge...

Series 3000 Simplex photo
Premier Simplex Stainless Steel Homogenizing Mixer
Inventory #: H1369

Used Premier Homogenizing Mixer with: Applications: Emulsifing Liquifying Designed for dispersing materials heavier than suspending liquid Manufacturer rated batch size: Minimum:...

3HRFM photo
Greerco Stainless Steel Homogenizing Mixer
Inventory #: H1365

Used Greerco Homogenizing Mixer with: Manufacturer rated batch size: Liters: 1000 Gallons: 250 Turbine diameter: 3.8125 inches Peripheral velocity: 58 feet per second Shaft length:...

1.5 photo
Greerco Stainless Steel Homogenizing Mixer
Inventory #: H1310

Used Greerco Homogenizing Mixer with: Manufacturer rated batch size: Liters: 400 Gallons: 100 Turbine diameter: 3.3125 inches Peripheral tip velocity: 51 feet per second Reconditioning...

MCH-D-11C photo
Stephan Microcut MCH D60 11/C Mixer Emulsifier
Inventory #: G9484

Used Stephan Emulsifier with: Capacity/output: Up to 8,500 pounds per hour Up to 4,000 kilograms per hour Capabilities: Cutting Dispersing Fine grinding Emulsifyinng ...

MC-15 photo
Stephan Microcutter MC15 Emulsifier Cutter Mixer
Inventory #: G8878

Used Stephan Microcut Mixer with: Output per hour: Up to 2,600 pounds Up to 1,200 Kilograms Processes: Cutting Dispersing Emulsifying Homogenizing Hopper capacity:...

F and B Cream Beater photo
Dayton Specialty Machine F and B Cream Beater
Inventory #: G8385

Used Dayton Specialty Machine F and B Cream Beater with: Application: turning particular liquid products into cream or fondant 24 inch diameter mixing area Stainless steel contact parts Mild steel...

115JSS photo
Kohring Henschel 115JSS 500L High Intensity Mixer
Inventory #: G8418

Used Kohring Henschel Mixer with: Capacity: Total vessel volume: 500 liters / 17.5 cubic feet Working capacity: 330 liters / 11.5 cubic feet Agitation: 2 tier blades Deflector...

D-16 photo
Cornell Model D16 SS 10 HP Versator 16" Diameter
Inventory #: G8194

Used Cornell Versator with: Output: up to 20 gallons per hour, depending on product Disc diameter: 16 inches Capabilities for liquids & pastes: Deaeration Emulsification Homogenization...

600/775A-25 photo
Myers Engineering 600775A25 Tank Mounted Disperser
Inventory #: G7588

Used Myers Disperser with: Tank mounted dispersion mixer Mixer: Single 304 stainless steel shaft: 2 inches diameter Approximately 10 inch diameter saw tooth blade Driven by 25/40, 460 volt,...

FX-60 photo
Silverson FX60 SS Batch Homogenizer Emulsifier
Inventory #: G7507

Used Silverson Homogenizer with: Batch range: Minimum: 40 gallons Maximum: 320 gallons Speed: 3,450 / 2,900 rotations per minute Driven by 7.5 horsepower, 3 Ph, hazardous location Balor...

F3218MD-B40 photo
Tri-Clover F3218MD-B40 Stainless Steel Tri Blender
Inventory #: G7475

Used Tri-Clover F3218MD-B40 with: Tri-blender Approximately 8 inch diameter impeller 1.5 inch liquid inlet 3 inch powder inlet 2 inch slurry outlet In utilized base with approximately 10 horsepower...

F4329MD AMBV B 60 photo
Tri Clover F4329MD AMBV B 60 Tri Blender
Inventory #: G7476

Used Tri Clover F4329MD AMBV B 60 with: Tri-blender 2 inch liquid inlet 4 inch powder inlet 3 inch liquid outlet Base driven by 30 horsepower motor Stainless steel product contact surfaces...

F3218MD-BBVS photo
Tri-Clover F3218MD-BBVS Tri Clover Tri Blender
Inventory #: G7477

Used Tri-Clover F3218MD-BBVS with: Tri-clover tri-blender 8 inch diameter impeller 1.5 inch tri-clamp liquid inlet 4 inch tri-clamp powder inlet 1.75 inch tri-clamp liquid outlet Dry ingredient...

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