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Gral1200 photo
GEA Collette High Shear Mixer/Granulator With (2) 1200 Liter Capacity Bowls

GEA top-drive high shear granulators are multi-purpose processors, equally suitable for the high speed dispersion of dry powders, aqueous or solvent granulations, effervescent products and melt pelletization. The...

W-24-2 photo
Cowles Dissolver W-24-2 13" Blade Diameter W/ 10 HP Disperser

Used Cowles Dissolver Immersion Blender with: Blade diameter: 13 inches Shaft length: 37 inches Shaft resting height (inches): Lowered: 27 Raised: 114 Overall dimensions (inches): Length:...

Shar 14" Diameter High Speed Dispersion Mixer with 600 Gallon Tank

Used Shar High Speed Dispersion Mixer with: Blade diameter: 14 inches Tank capacity: 600 gallons Shaft Length: 75 inches Tank dimensions (inches): Diameter: 60 inches Depth: 55 Height: 127 ...

HSM-100LSK-I photo
Ross HSM-100LSK-I Tabletop High Shear Mixer

Used Ross HSM-100LSK-I Tabletop High Shear Mixer with: Water capacity: Minimum: 0.3 gallons Maximum: 3 gallons Rotations per minute: Minimum: 500 Maximum: 10,000 Horsepower:...

800A photo
Myers 800A 122" High Speed Dispersion Mixer

Used Myers 800A High Speed Dispersion Mixer with: Shaft length: 122 inches Mixing type: shear Variable frequency drive Painted steel construction Motor: 30 horsepower

Jiangyin Fine Chemical Machinery YJB4 Movable Agitator

Used Jiangyin Immersion Blender with: Shaft speed: 1440 rpm Top mounted drive motor Analog controls Painted steel construction Motor: 5 kw

Morehouse Cowles High Speed Dispersion Mixer

Used Morehouse Cowles Mixer with: Batch capacity: up to 110 gallons Variable speed drive Speed range: Minimum: 800 rpm Maximum: 2150 rpm Maximum tank diameter: 32 inches Hydraulic...

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