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This type of blender is a u-shaped trough with a horizontal agitator inside. These machines have ribbons, ribbons and paddles, or paddles only. Ribbon blenders can have one or two ribbons on the same shaft, or two ribboned shafts next to each other. Some ribbon blenders have a double helix design, while others have a ribbon oriented in different directions on the same shaft, allowing the ribbons to push the products two different ways to mix them. Some blenders have release valves under the trough while some troughs tilt to dump their contents. Ribbon carbon blenders are commonly used for for mixing dry powders, and mixing liquids into a dry mixture. Ribbon blenders are one of the slowest types of mixers, working slowly to create a consistent product.

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3 Cubic Foot Stainless Steel Paddle Mixer

Used Paddle Mixer with: Capacity: 3 cubic feet Trough dimensions: Length: 23.5 inches Width: 13.5 inches Depth: 16 inches Hinged top lid Lever tilt controls Mounted on (4)...

JB-500 photo
JB 80 Gallon Ribbon Mixer

Used JB 80 Gallon Ribbon Mixer with: Capacity: 600 pounds Single shaft Overall dimensions: Length: 76 inches Width: 32 inches Height: 87 inches Manway opening: 9.5 inches diameter...

CDB-2372-PV photo
Custom Stainless CDB-2372-PV Dual Shaft Ribbon Blender

Used Custom Stainless CDB-2372-PV Dual Shaft Ribbon Blender with: Working capacity: 1000 pounds Double jacketed (jacket rating unknown) Heating element: steam Tank dimensions: Length: 72 inches...

TP-2288 photo
Blentech TP-2288 Dual Shaft Jacketed Ribbon Blender

Used Blentech Jacketed Ribbon Blender with: Approximate capacity: Pounds: 1200 Cubic feet: 40 Gallons: 300 Blending speed: 1750 RPM Jacket rating: Max working pressure: 100...

Marion 200 Cubic Foot 316 Stainless Steel Paddle Blender

Used Marion Paddle Blender with: Capacity: 200 cubic feet Agitation: Single shaft Multiple paddles Driven by 75 horsepower, 460 volt, 3 Ph motor into gear box Bottom center discharge...

Kippko photo
Berief 1200 Gallon Stainless Steel T Paddle Mixer

Used Berief Paddle Mixer with: Capacity: 1200 liters Approximately: 42 cubic feet Function: boiling and stewing mixer Jacket rating: 145 PSI at 363° F Agitation type: Paddle ...

Eagle 50 Cubic Foot Single Shaft Ribbon Blender with Auger Feeder Discharge

Used Ribbon Blender with: Capacity: 50 cubic feet Trough dimensions: Length: 60 inches Width: 32 inches Depth: 45 inches Auger dimensions: Length: 96 inches Diameter:...

Viatec 300 Gallon Stainless Steel Jacketed Paddle Blender

Used Viatec Paddle Blender with: Working capacity: approximately 300 gallons MAWP: 165 psi at 360° F MDMT: -20° F at 165 psi Single shaft scrape agitation Hinged lid inlet diameters: (2):...

Delani 500 Liter Stainless Steel Ribbon Blender

Used Delani Ribbon Blender with: Capacity: 500 liters Single shaft Agitator rotation speed: 42 RPM Bottom discharge: Length: 5.5 inches Width: 5.5 inches Height: 20 inches...

DRB36 photo
American Process Systems DRB36 36 Cubic Foot Stainless Steel Ribbon Blender

Used American Process Systems Ribbon Blender with: Working capacity: 36 cubic feet (approximate) Production speed: 870/1760 rpm Ribbon style: single shaft, dual ribbon Ribbon dimensions: Length:...

Will Flow Corp 150 Gallon Stainless Steel Jacketed Paddle Mixer

Used Will Flow Corp Jacketed Paddle Mixer with: Working capacity: 150 gallons (approximately 19 cubic feet) Jacket rating: 50 PSI at 300° F Agitation: sweep scrape paddle Shell thickness: 0.109...

3000L 6 Foot Diameter Concrete Paddle Mixer

Used Concrete Paddle Mixer with: Capacity: 3000L Diameter: 6 feet Barrell height: 4 feet Foldable lid Belt driven mixer Electrical: Volts: 347 Frequency: 60 Hz Phase 3 ...

Pyhenix Equipment 160 Cu Ft Stainless Steel Double Ribbon Blender

Used Phenix Equipment Ribbon Blender with: Capacity: 160 cubic feet Agitation: Single shaft Double ribbon Driven by 25 horsepower motor Electrical: 230/460 volts, 3 Ph, 60 Hz ...

SRS-2435 photo
Marion 10 Cu Ft Single Shaft Dual Ribbon Blender

Used Marion SRS 10 Cubic Foot Dual Ribbon Blender with: 10 cubic foot capacity 304 SS Single section hinged lid: 24 inches long x 22 inches wide Blender dimensions: 24 inches wide x 35 inches long...

TB241188 photo
Scott 50 Cu Ft Stainless Steel Jacketed Paddle Blender

Used Scott Paddle Blender: Capacity: approximately 50 cubic feet Jacket rating: 15 PSI at 220°F Agitation: Paddles (inches): 8 long x 4 wide Driven by 5 horsepower motor ...

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