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The difference between mixers and blenders is that mixers generally mix wet materials or dough, while blenders blend dry materials and powders. There are several types of mixers and blenders. This equipment may be designed to combine materials in continuous or batch style.

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TSMDG787SS photo
Scott TSMDG787SS Dual Shaft Ribbon Blender
Inventory #: H3105

Used Scott TSMDG787SS Dual Shaft Ribbon Blender with: Capacity: 1400 gallons Dual mixing shafts Dual ribbon on each shaft Infeed diameter: 17.5 inches Bulk hopper included Stainless steel construction...

Lanco Liquefier Blender 50 Gallons 10 Horsepower
Inventory #: H3098

Used Lanco Liquefier Blender with: Capacity: 50 gallons Motor: 10 horsepower Top man way Man way diameter: 18 inches Gate style discharge valve Discharge diameter: 3 inches Direct drive...

Breddo Liquefier Blender 300 Gallons 40 HP
Inventory #: H3099

Used Breddo Liquefier Blender with: Capacity: 300 gallons Motor: 40 horsepower Discharge diameter: 3 inches Clean in place Direct drive motor Stainless steel construction Welded tubular...

Pagani 180 Quart Double Arm Mixer Dough Kneader
Inventory #: H3534

Used Pagani Double Arm Mixer with: Bowl capacity: 180 quarts Stainless steel contact parts Manual arm adjustments Personnel guarding Bowl included Bowl dolly included

120 CuFt Stainless Steel Dual Shaft Paddle Blender
Inventory #: H3730

Used Ribbon Blender Grinder with: Capacity: 120 cubic feet Agitation: Dual shaft (10) Paddles per shaft (2) Discharge outlets: Side bottom placement (2) 12 inch diameter...

250 Lb photo
FPEC 250 Lb Stainless Steel Vacuum Paddle Mixer
Inventory #: H3725

Used FPEC Paddle Blender with: Vacuum paddle blender Capacity: 250 Pounds 5.3 Cubic feet Agitation: Dual shafts 6 Paddles per shaft Includes drive motors & gearboxes...

LDD-300 photo
Breddo 300 Gal Stainless Steel Jacketed Liquefier
Inventory #: H3669

Used Breddo Liquefier with: Capacity: 300 gallons Top mounted: Various inlets: (1) 8 inches diameter (1) 3 inches diameter (1) 2 inches diameter Manway: Diameter:...

200 Gal photo
Breddo 150 Gallon SS Jacketed Liquefier Blender
Inventory #: H3664

Used Breddo Liquefier with: Capacity: 150 gallons Top mounted: Manway with Cover Various sized inlets Jacketed 20 Horsepower Bottom discharge outlet All stainless...

200 Gal photo
Breddo 200 Gallon SS Jacketed Liquefier Blender
Inventory #: H3594

Used Breddo Liquefier with: Capacity: 200 Gallons Top mounted: Manway with cover Inlet: 3 inches diameter Jacketed 20 Horsepower Bottom outlet: 3 inches diameter All stainless...

5 Cu Ft photo
Patterson Kelley 5 Cu Ft Stainless Steel V Blender
Inventory #: H3587

Used Patterson Kelley V Blender with: Capacity: 5 cubic feet Maximum density: 100 pounds per cubic foot Includes: (2) Infeed ports: Includes covers Diameter: approximately 18 inches ...

50SM40 photo
Oakes 1,500 Pound Capacity Slurry Mixing System
Inventory #: H3582

Used Oakes Slurry Mixing System with: Oakes 50SM Slurry Mixer: Capacity: 1,500 pounds Agitation: Stationary & rotating mix blades Top scraper blades Driven by 40 horsepower...

150 Gal photo
APV 150 Gallon SS Jacketed Liquefier Blender
Inventory #: H3569

Used APV Liquefier with: Capacity: 150 gallons Top mounted: Manway with cover Various sized inlets Jacketed 25 Horsepower Bottom tri-clamp outlet: 2.5 inches diameter All stainless...

Breddo 200 Gallon SS Jacketed Liquifier Blender
Inventory #: H3568

Used Breddo Liquefier with: Capacity: 200 gallons Top mounted: Various sized inlets Manway with cover Jacketed 25 Horsepower Impeller type: general purpose Bottom tri-clamp...

MTB I8 005 R photo
FPEC MTB 65 Cubic Feet Stainless Paddle Blender
Inventory #: H3255

Used FPEC MTB Paddle Blender with: Capacity: 65 cubic feet Hopper dimensions: Width: 49 inches Length: 72 inches Depth: 33 inches Dual mixing shafts Double outfeed Outfeed diameter:...

510 photo
AFECO 510 60 Cubic Foot Stainless Paddle Blender
Inventory #: H3250

Used AFECO 510 Paddle Blender with: Capacity: approximately 60 cubic feet Hopper dimension: Length: 77 inches Width: 42 inches Depth: 34 inches Discharge width: 22 inches Discharge...

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