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This type of mixer is usually equipped with a jacket to help with temperature control when cooking or cooling products. After the product is measured it is dumped into the top of the sigma arm mixer. Sigma arm mixers are designed to rotate the mixer body to help with product removal. Sigma mixers work well with pastes and powders. They can be single or double, and they can manually or automatically tip the mixing bowl.

2000 Lb photo
Shaffer 2000 Lb SS Single Arm Sigma Mixer
Inventory #: H1767

Used Shaffer Sigma Mixer with: Dough Capacity: Pounds: 2,000 Cubic feet: 60.5 Agitation: Single "Z" blade Driven by 50/25 horsepower, 1180/585 rpm motor Mixing...

200 GAL photo
Peerless DA200 Stainless Double Sigma Mixer
Inventory #: H1073

Used Peerless Double Sigma Mixer with: Capacity: 200 gallon (approximately 1000 pounds) 40 horsepower motor Double stainless Z style blades 90° bowl tilt Stainless steel bowl

18 Cubic Foot Stainless Steel Double Sigma Mixer
Inventory #: H1063

Used Double Sigma Mixer with: Capacity: approximately 18 cubic feet 30 horsepower motor Dual stainless Z blades 90° tilt

Triumph Stainless Single Sigma Mixer 500 Pounds
Inventory #: G9976

Used Triumph Stainless Single Sigma Mixer with: Mixing motor: 30 horsepower 90 degree tilting bowl Stainless steel bowl Working capacity: Approximately 450 pounds Manual switches Analog timer...

FZN-1520 photo
Century 800 Pound SS Single Arm Sigma Mixer
Inventory #: H1240

Used Century Mixer with: Capacity: Pounds: 800 Kilograms: 362 Agitation: Stainless steel Single Z sigma blade (2) Speeds Horsepower: 20/40 Tilt discharge All stainless...

DA150 photo
Peerless DA150 150 Gallon Double Sigma Mixer
Inventory #: G9089Featured

Used Peerless DA150 150 Gallon Double Sigma Mixer with: 150 gallon capacity Bowl dimensions: 35 inches long x 47.5 inches deep Dump height: 30 inches Top opening infeed: 27.5 inches x 20.5 inches...

54 Cu Ft / 200 Gal photo
CE Howard 54 Cubic Foot SS Double Arm Sigma Mixer
Inventory #: G8882

Used CE Howard Sigma Mixer with: Capacity: Total: 54 cubic feet Working capacity: 47.64 cubic feet Agitation: (2) Sigma "Z" blades Tilt discharge Mix bowl dimensions (inches):...

390 Gal photo
Aaron Process 390 Gal SS Drying Sigma Mixer
Inventory #: G8050

Used Aaron Process Sigma Mixer with: Capacity: Total capacity: 390 gallons Working capacity: 200 gallons Jacketed mix chamber: rated 200 psi @ 450° Fahrenheit Agitation: Overlapping...

7-RD photo
Shaffer 7-RD Jacketed Single Sigma Mixer 43 Cu Ft
Inventory #: G7955

Used Shaffer 7-RD Jacketed Single Sigma Mixer 50 Cu Ft with: Single sigma arm mixer Approximate capacity: 43 cubic feet 1180/585 revolutions per minute Jacketed bowl Overall dimensions: 97 inches...

MSM 50/15 photo
Binacchi 1.2 Cu Ft SS Soap Mixer Agglomerator
Inventory #: G6864

Used Binacchi Agglomerator with: Capacity: 1.2 cubic feet Agitation: Single shaft Plough ribbon removable blades Hinged safety grate woth electro-mechanical safety lock Discharge...

7-RD photo
Shaffer 7RD 1700 Lb SS Jacketed Single Sigma Mixer
Inventory #: G6848

Used Shaffer Mixer with: Approximate capacity: Pounds: 1,700 Cubic feet: 43 Agitation: Single arm sigma blade Driven by approximately 50 horsepower motor Mixing trough:...

D/A photo
Readco 5 Cubic Foot SS Double Arm Sigma Mixer
Inventory #: G6753

Used Readco Mixer with: Capacity: Gallons: 40 Cubic feet: 5 Carbon steel jacket Agitation: Dual "Z" blades Driven by 15 horsepower, US Motors Varidrive with gearbox...

21AA photo
Stokes 21AA 1 Cubic Foot SS Single Arm Sigma Mixer
Inventory #: G6282

Used Stokes Mixer with: Working capacity: Gallons: 10 Cubic feet: 1.2 Agitation: Single sigma "Z" blade Driven by: 0.25 horsepower, 110 volt, single phase motor...

N04 photo
Morton N04 330 Pound Double Sigma Mixer
Inventory #: G6232

Used Morton N04 Double Sigma Mixer with: Capacity: 330 pounds Stainless steel contact parts Painted, mild steel frame Hydraulic tilt discharge Variable mixing speeds Double Z-blade mixers...

Hallmark HM3004W photo
Peerless Hallmark HM300 Single Sigma Mixer 450 Lbs
Inventory #: G4439Featured Can Rent

Used Peerless Hallmark HM300-4W Small Batch Sigma Mixer with: 4 way agitator is suitable for cookies, creams, biscuits, pretzels, pie dough, bagels, scones, cakes, sweet goods, muffins, granola and specialty...

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