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The Sigma blade style is designed for kneading and mixing wet and pasty products. The blade is attached to a shaft that rotates to mix the product. Some sigma arm mixer bowls are manual tilt, which requires an operator to turn a wheel to tip the bowl, while others are automatic.

7-RD photo
Shaffer 7-RD Jacketed Single Sigma Mixer 43 Cu Ft
Inventory #: G7955

Used Shaffer 7-RD Jacketed Single Sigma Mixer 50 Cu Ft with: Single sigma arm mixer Approximate capacity: 43 cubic feet 1180/585 revolutions per minute Jacketed bowl Overall dimensions: 97 inches...

HM3004W photo
Peerless Hallmark HM 3004W Single Sigma Mixer
Inventory #: G7086

Used Peerless Sigma Mixer with: Capacity: Dough capacity: 450 pounds Working capacity: 11.5 cubic feet Agitation: Single Z sigma blade Single speed: 25 rpm Drive motor: 15 horsepower...

MSM 50/15 photo
Binacchi 1.2 Cu Ft SS Soap Mixer Agglomerator
Inventory #: G6864

Used Binacchi Agglomerator with: Capacity: 1.2 cubic feet Agitation: Single shaft Plough ribbon removable blades Hinged safety grate woth electro-mechanical safety lock Discharge...

7-RD photo
Shaffer 7RD 1700 Lb SS Jacketed Single Sigma Mixer
Inventory #: G6848

Used Shaffer Mixer with: Approximate capacity: Pounds: 1,700 Cubic feet: 43 Agitation: Single arm sigma blade Driven by approximately 50 horsepower motor Mixing trough:...

21AA photo
Stokes 21AA 1 Cubic Foot SS Single Arm Sigma Mixer
Inventory #: G6282

Used Stokes Mixer with: Working capacity: Gallons: 10 Cubic feet: 1.2 Agitation: Single sigma "Z" blade Driven by: 0.25 horsepower, 110 volt, single phase motor ...

21G photo
Stokes 21G 2 Cu Ft Single Arm Sigma Mixer
Inventory #: G6280

Used Stokes Sigma Mixer with: Capacity: Gallons: 15 Cubic feet: 2 Agitation: Single arm Driven by 1 horsepower, 220 volt, 3 Ph, motor Final output: 40 rpm Full, hinged...

50H-4C1 photo
Magna 50H4C1 Stainless Steel Single Sigma Mixer
Inventory #: G6156

Used Magna Mixer with: Capacity: 10 gallons, 50 pounds Mixing bowl: 304 Stainless steel Jacketed Cover with handle Dimensions (inches): 18 long x 17.5 wide x 26 deep Agitation:...

Hallmark HM3004W photo
Peerless Hallmark HM300 Single Sigma Mixer 450 Lbs
Inventory #: G4439Featured Can Rent

Used Peerless Hallmark HM300-4W Small Batch Sigma Mixer with: 4 way agitator is suitable for cookies, creams, biscuits, pretzels, pie dough, bagels, scones, cakes, sweet goods, muffins, granola and specialty...

SD7 photo
Peerless SD7 Stainless Steel Single Sigma Mixer
Inventory #: G5482

Used Peerless Mixer with: Capacity: 2,100 pounds Agitation: Solid stainless steel Single shaft, single sigma blade Driven by 50/25 horsepower, 1730/660 rpm, motor Powered tilt discharge...

M012SS photo
Total Baking M012SS Single Sigma 1000 Pound Mixer
Inventory #: G4803Featured

Used Total Baking Sol M012SS Single Arm Jacketed Mixer with: 1000 pound jacketed bowl 140 0 tilting bowl Bowl dimensions: 42 inches L x 32 inches W x 44 inches D Dual speed with timer

Shaffer 1200 Pound Stainless Sigma Arm Mixer
Inventory #: G2371

Used Shaffer 1200 Pound Stainless Sigma Arm Mixer with: 1200 pound capacity Single Sigma mixer Stainless steel construction Tilt discharge Last used in food processing facility

2400 Pounds photo
Shaffer 2400 Pounds SS Single Arm Sigma Mixer
Inventory #: G1424

Used Shaffer Mixer with: Capacity: Pounds: 2,400 Cubic feet: 41.5 Agitation: Single arm sigma Driven by 75 horsepower, variable speed motor Touch screen user interface...

GM-1 photo
Global 250 Pound Horizontal Single Sigma Mixer
Inventory #: D9637

Used Global Single Sigma Mixer with: Capacity: 250 pounds Stainless steel interior Analog timer Manual tilt Single mixing shaft

300 Pounds photo
Peerless 300 Lb Stainless Steel Single Sigma Mixer
Inventory #: D8664

Used Peerless Mixer with: Capacity: 300 pounds Speeds: 2 fixed speeds Drive: Horsepower: 5 - 2.5 RPM: 860/720 Single drive Manual tilt bowl Top mounted inlet: 13 inches wide...

9SD photo
Peerless 9SD Single Sigma Arm Mixer
Inventory #: D5817Featured Can Rent

Used Peerless 9SD Single Sigma Arm Mixer with: Bowl volume: 66 cubic feet Mix capacity: 2,800 pounds 100/50 horsepower motor Agitator speeds: 20 and 40 rpm Stainless steel: Bowl sheet...

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