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This type of mixer has an agitator that spins in a stationary position while the bowl rotates. A spiral mixer is a quick, efficient tool for mixing dough. Because they only mix one part of the dough at a time, the mixer does not affect the temperature of the dough as much as other types of mixers. Spiral mixers are great for mixing large amounts of dough.

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SM-200T photo
American Baking Systems SM-200T 200 Kilogram Planetary Dough Mixer

Used ABS Spiral Mixer with: American Baking Systems offers a complete line of Spiral Dough Mixers designed for the Artisan Bread Shop, Pastry Shop, or In store Supermarket Bakery. This spiral dough mixer is part...

GSM175 photo
Globe Food Equipment GSM175 175 Lbs Spiral Mixer

Used Globe Food Equipment GSM175 Spiral Mixer with: An excellent addition to bakeries, pizzerias, and commissaries, this Globe GSM175 spiral mixer keeps the amount of heat and air in your dough to a minimum...

HF 120 photo
Hobart HF 120 Spiral Mixer 120 Quarts

Used Hobart HF 120 Spiral Mixer with: Capacity: 120 quarts Spiral hook attachment Adjustable leveling feet Stainless steel saftey gaurd Emergency E stop push button Start/stop Bowl jog Bi directional...

SM-80T photo
American Baking Systems SM-80T Spiral Mixer

Used American Baking Systems SM-80T Spiral Mixer with: Capacity: 50 kilograms flour Digital and manual control panel Bowl capable of running in opposite direction Top cover enclosure Spiral speed: ...

W240 photo
Diosna W240 Spiral Mixer with Control Panel and 2 Bowls

Used Diosna W240 Spiral Mixer with: 2 stainless steel bowls included Controls Bowl capacity: 317 quarts Maximum capacity for dough: 240 kilograms (529 pounds) Maximum capacity of flour: 158 kilograms...

125A photo
Diosna 125A Spiral Mixer with Controls and 2 Bowls

Used Diosna 125A Spiral Mixer with: 2 stainless steel bowls included Controls Bowl capacity: Maximum capacity for dough: 125 kilograms Maximum capacity of flour: 75 kilograms Counter-rotating kneading...

M 130 Supreme photo
Spectrum F2 M130 230 Quart Supreme Spiral Mixer

Used Spectrum F2 M130 Supreme Spiral Mixer with: Capacity: Finished dough: 287 pounds Flour: 175 pounds Bowl capacity: 228 quarts Bowl diameter: 31 inches (2) speeds Stainless steel bowl ...

MR 240 photo
Escher MR 240 Stainless Steel 240 Kg Spiral Mixer with Bowl

Used Escher MR 240 Spiral Mixer with: Dough capacity: 240 kilograms Flour capacity: 150 kilograms Water capacity: 90 liters Bowl volume: 380 liters Speed: up to 215 rotations per minute Bowl diameter:...

Avancini SP 20 2V 23 Liter Spiral Mixer

Used Avancini SP20 2V Spiral Mixer with: Bowl capacity: 23 liters Dough capacity: 18 kilograms Variable speed Stainless steel bowl Stainless steel bowl guard Push button controls Electrical requirements:...

SPI 630 AVI photo
VMI SPI 630 AVI Two Speed 180 Gallon Spiral Mixer

Used VMI SPI630 AVI Two Speed Spiral Mixer with: Bowl capacity: 180 gallons Bowl diameter: 44.5 inches Bowl depth: 27.5 inches Includes mixing bowl and dolly Mixing attachments: Hook Tool motor:...

W240A photo
Diosna W240A 317 Quart Wendel Spiral Mixer With Control Cabinet

Used Diosna W240A Wendel Mixer and Controls with: Bowl capacity: 317 quarts (300 kilograms) Maximum capacity for dough: 250 quarts Maximum capacity for flour: 158 quarts Number of bowls: 2 Bowl diameter:...

KSM 120B photo
Excellent KSM 120B 100 Lbs Spiral Mixer

Used Excellent Bakery Equipment Spiral Mixer with: Flour Capacity: 100 pounds Dough Capacity: 150 pounds Bowl Capacity: 48 gallons Forward and reverse bowl rotation Bowl motor: 2 horsepower Mixing...

SP 125L photo
Kemper Bakery SP 125L Spiral Mixer 125 Liters

Used Kemper SP 125L Spiral Mixer with: Flour capacity: 276 pounds Dough capacity: 441 pounds Two mixing speeds Bowl with reversible rotation Locking device Digital display of mixing time Electrics: ...

SP 240 AD photo
Diosna Dierks & Sohne SP 240 AD Spiral Mixer

Used Diosna Dierks & Sohne SP 240AD Spiral Mixer with: One (1) stainless steel bowl included Bowl capacity: 63 gallons / 240 kilograms Includes mixing hook Variable speed Power supply: 415...

SP1 photo
Kemper SP1 Spiral Dough Mixer

Used Kemper SP1 Spiral Dough Mixer with: Dough capacity: approx. 45 to 100 kilograms Flour capacity: approx. 30 to 100 kilograms Stainless steel bowl Time switches Adjustable bowl speed...

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