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Spiral mixers with capacities larger than 100 gallons are best suited for larger batches of dough. Spiral mixers have an agitator that spins in a stationary position while the bowl rotates. A spiral mixer is a quick, efficient tool for mixing dough. Because they only mix one part of the dough at a time, the mixer does not affect the temperature of the dough as much as other types of mixers. Spiral mixers are great for mixing large amounts of dough.

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SPI 630 AVI photo
VMI SPI 630 AVI Two Speed 180 Gallon Spiral Mixer

Used VMI SPI630 AVI Two Speed Spiral Mixer with: Bowl capacity: 180 gallons Bowl diameter: 44.5 inches Bowl depth: 27.5 inches Includes mixing bowl and dolly Mixing attachments: Hook Tool motor:...

W240-A photo
Diosna W240-A 240 Quart Spiral Mixer

Used Diosna Sprial Mixer with: Capacity: 240 quarts Includes: (4) mixing bowls Siemans controls Electrical: 400 volts, 50 hz, phase 3

Kemper SP150 Stainless Steel Spiral Mixing Bowl

Used Kemper Spiral Mixer with: Capacity: Flour capacity: 331 pounds Dough capacity: 530 pounds Includes: Dual dough hooks Removable mixing bowl Automatic bowl locking...

SM120 photo
Lucks SM120 Spiral Mixer

Used Lucks Spiral Mixer with: Bowl dimensions: Diameter: 30 inches Depth: 17 inches Capacity: Dough: 264 pounds Flour: 165 pounds Stainless steel bowl Two speeds ...

2000 Liters photo
John R Boone Rotary Drum Blender w Vibratory Pack

Used Boone Blender with: Rotary drum Capacity: 2000 liters Guarding around drum Erie Technical Systems DensiMax: Semi-automatic filling station Vibratory base for even filling of product Integrated...

SPI400 DA VI photo
VMI Mixers SPI400DAVI 400 Liter Dual Spiral Mixer

Used VMI Spiral Mixer with: Capacity: Flour: 344 pounds Overall bowl capacity: 400 Liters 105 Gallons Double agitation: 2 Spiral hooks Tool motor kW: 17 / 37 ...

AEF-150 photo
Doyon 345 Quart Stainless Steel Spiral Mixer

Used Doyon Spiral Mixer with: Maximum capacity: Flour capacity: 150 Kilograms 330 Pounds Dough capacity: 235 Kilograms 520 Pounds Includes (1) mixing bowl: ...

Daymax 100 photo
Littleford Day Inc. Jacketed Daymax 100 Gal. Mixer

Used Littleford Day Inc. Jacketed Daymax Mixer with: Previously ran silica and alumina Working capacity: 100 gallons Jacketed: Maximum temperature 350° Fahrenheit Minimum temperature...

ABSFBM-160-0g photo
ABS ABSFBM-160-0G 160 Quart Spiral Mixer

Used ABS ABSFBM160 Spiral Mixer with: Capacity: 160 kilos Guarding included 10 horsepower motor Mixing timer Single speed Bowl dimensions: 34 inch diameter x 19 inches deep Designed for...

API-400 DAVI photo
VMI Mixers SPI 400DAVI 250KG Double Spiral Mixer

Used VMI Mixer with: Application: kneading rich, stiff & low hydrated dough Capacity: Flour: 156 kg / 343 pounds Water: 94 liters / 24.8 gallons Dough capacity: 542 pounds Mixing...

C6-250kg photo
Cinelli Esperia C6 250kg Spiral Mixer with Dumper

Used Cinelli Esperia C6-250kg Spiral Mixer with: Bowl dimensions: 41 inch diameter x 16.5 inch depth Spiral hook mixing attachment 2 speed mixing motor Reversible bowl rotation Mounted on three...

130 Gallon 35 Horsepower Spiral Mixer

Used Spiral Mixer with: Capacity: 130 gallons Motor horsepower: 35 Mixing drum dimensions: 33 inches high x 35.5 inches in diameter Steel mixing drum included Previous application: building materials...

President 150 photo
WP Kemper President 150 Spiral Mixer

Used WP Kemper Spiral Mixer with: Flour capacity: 150 kilograms/330 pounds Dough capacity: 528 pounds Spiral dough hook Removable bowl Clockwise and counter-clockwise bowl rotation Driving...

SP 160 D photo
Diosna SP 160 D Spiral Mixer

Used Diosna SP 160 D Spiral Mixer with: Spiral hook mixing attachment Performance in dough, depending on dough type: up to 160 kilograms (352.74 pounds) Performance in flour: up to 100 kilograms (220.46...

SPI 550 photo
2 VMI SPI 550 120 Liter Capacity Spiral Mixers

Used 2 VMI SPI 550 120 Liter Capacity Spiral Mixers with: Price is for 2 mixers, 3 bowls, and 1 bowl lift 120 liter capacity (31.7 gallons) per bowl 3 bowls total are included Removable bowls, locking...

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