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The difference between mixers and blenders is that mixers generally mix wet materials or dough, while blenders blend dry materials and powders. There are several types of mixers and blenders. This equipment may be designed to combine materials in continuous or batch style.

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Mixer 1m³ / 35 ft³ photo
Ateliers BFR Paddle Blender 35 Cubic Foot
Inventory #: G6213

Used Ateliers BFR with: 35 cubic foot capacity paddle blender 1250 mm (49.21 inches) long x 850 mm (33.46 inches) width x 1000 mm (39.37 inches) height Hydraulic opening: 500 mm x 500 mm (19.69 x 19.69...

SP 160 AD photo
Diosna SP 160 AD 160 Liter Spiral Mixer
Inventory #: G6237

Used Diosna SP 160 AD Spiral Mixer with: Capacity: 160 liters Includes 2 mixing bowls Hook mixing attachment Variable speed Stainless steel construction Guarding

SRS-2435 photo
Marion SRS 2435 Single Shaft Dual Ribbon Blender
Inventory #: G6264

Used Marion SRS 10 Cubic Foot Dual Ribbon Blender with: 10 cubic foot capacity Single section hinged lid: 24 inches long x 22 inches wide Blender dimensions: 24 inches wide x 35 inches long Gate...

Custom Paddle Blender 4 Gallon or 1 Cubic Foot
Inventory #: G6228

Used Paddle Blender with: Powerflex 40 controls Marathon 90ST1 1FH6376 1 horsepower motor 9 inches wide x 15 inches long x 11 inches deep Approximate 4 gallon or 0.86 cubic foot capacity based on...

LOS-100 photo
Breddo LOS100 100 Gallon SS Jacketed Liquefier
Inventory #: G6290

Used Breddo Liquefier with: Capacity: 100 gallons Jacketed Agitation: High shear impeller: 9.5 inches diameter Driven by side mount 30 horsepower, 1800 rpm motor Top mounted: ...

4 Cubic Feet Single Shaft Double Ribbon Blender
Inventory #: G5456

Use 4 Cubic Feet Single Shaft Double Ribbon Blender with: Capacity: 4 cubic feet Dimensions: Width: 14 inches Length: 34 inches Discharge height: 22 inches Single shaft, double...

Mixer 1.5m³ / 53 ft³ photo
Ateliers BFR Paddle Blender Mixer 53 Cubic Feet
Inventory #: G6209

Used Ateliers BFR with: 53 cubic foot capacity 1500 mm long x 800 mm wide x 1000 mm high (59.06 inches long x 31.5 inches wide x 39.37 inches high) Hydraulic opening on the bottom 500 mm x 500 mm (19.69...

21AA photo
Stokes 21AA 1 Cubic Foot SS Single Arm Sigma Mixer
Inventory #: G6282

Used Stokes Mixer with: Working capacity: Gallons: 10 Cubic feet: 1.2 Agitation: Single sigma "Z" blade Driven by: 0.25 horsepower, 110 volt, single phase motor ...

21G photo
Stokes 21G 2 Cu Ft Single Arm Sigma Mixer
Inventory #: G6280

Used Stokes Sigma Mixer with: Capacity: Gallons: 15 Cubic feet: 2 Agitation: Single arm Driven by 1 horsepower, 220 volt, 3 Ph, motor Final output: 40 rpm Full, hinged...

503 photo
Falcon 503 SS 26 Cubic Foot Double Ribbon Blender
Inventory #: G6283

Used Falcon Blender with: Capacity: 26.5 cubic feet Agitation: Single shaft Double Ribbon with end scrapers Driven by: 10 Horsepower, 230/460 volt, 1760 rpm motor UL listed for hazardous...

B-5 photo
J.H. Day B5 5 Cubic Foot SS Double Ribbon Blender
Inventory #: G6284

Used J.H. Day Blender with: Capacity: 5 cubic feet Agitation: Single shaft Double ribbon Driven by: 1.5 horsepower, 1800 rpm, 184-11 frame right gear head motor Final output: 45 rpm...

500 Gal photo
APV CREPACO 500 Gallon SS Triple Motion Likwefier
Inventory #: G6253

Used APV Crepaco Liquefier with: Capacity: 500 gallons Jacket rated: 90 psi @ -20 / 350° Farhenheit Triple motion agitation: Top mounted: Side and bottom scraper blades 7.5 Horsepower,...

N04 photo
Morton N04 330 Pound Double Sigma Mixer
Inventory #: G6232

Used Morton N04 Double Sigma Mixer with: Capacity: 330 pounds Stainless steel contact parts Painted, mild steel frame Hydraulic tilt discharge Variable mixing speeds Double Z-blade mixers...

HL300-4STD photo
Hobart HL300 30 Quart Planetary Mixer
Inventory #: G6189

Used Hobart HL300 with: 30 quart planetary mixer Beat and whisk attachments 3 mixing speeds Gear driven transmission Motor speed: 1800 revolutions per minute 15 minute timer

350 Cubic Foot Stainless Steel Dual Ribbon Blender
Inventory #: G6212

Used Ribbon Blender with: Capacity: 350 cubic feet Agitation: Single shaft Double ribbon Driven by 20 horsepower, 230/460 volt, 1755 rpm motor Mix chamber dimensions (inches):...

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