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WP Kemper Bakery Systems WP Bakery Group USA designs, manufactures, installs and services equipment for all aspects of the baking industry. Commercial and industrial machines include: mixers, bread lines, roll lines, donut lines, bagel lines, pretzel lines, fryers and all oven types. The US-based subsidiary of WP Bakery Group offers customized and flexible solutions for industrial bakers, food service bakers and artisanal bakers. Product lines utilize advanced baking technology for every step in the process – mixing, dividing & moulding, proofing, cooling and baking.

SP 125 A photo
Kemper SP 125 A Spiral Mixer 2 Bowls 125/200KG
Inventory #: G7357

Used Kemper SP 125 A Spiral Mixer 2 Bowls 125/200KG with: Comes with two bowls: 125 and 200 kg Operating principle: the dough is driven through the mixing and resting zones alternately which greatly reduces...

SP 75L photo
Kemper SP 75L Spiral Mixer 50 Gallon Capacity
Inventory #: G7279

Used Kemper SP 75L Spiral Mixer with: Capacity: 165 pounds flour 265 pounds dough 50 gallon bowl 2 mixing speeds Analog timer controls 12 minute timers Hook mixing attachment...

SP75 photo
WP Kemper SP75 Mobile Mixer with Guard
Inventory #: G4171

Used WP Kemper SP75 Mobile Spiral Mixer: Application: spiral dough mixer Capacity: Flour: 165 pounds Dough: 265 pounds Includes: Stainless steel mixing bowl with guarding...

SPL photo
Kemper SPL 75 Gallon Deep Spiral Mixer with Gaurd
Inventory #: D9946

Used Kemper SPL Mixer with: Mixing gaurd Fixed bowl Variable speed Bowl dimensions (inches): 35 diameter x 18 depth Bowl hieght from ground: 35 inches

SP photo
Kemper SP 30 Gallon Dual Speed Spiral Mixer
Inventory #: D9943

Used Kemper SP Mixer with: 30 gallon capacity Floor dust cover Bowl mounted on platform with casters Cover opening dimensions (inches): 11 x 6 Bowl dimensions (inches): 40.5 diameter x 17.5 depth...

ECO 75 photo
Kemper ECO75 Spiral Mixer
Inventory #: D8436

Used Kemper Spiral Mixer with: Capacity: Flour: 75 kilograms Dough: 120 kilograms Two speeds Bowl rotation: Clockwise Counter-clockwise Flour dust cover guard Two...

ST75 photo
Kemper Bakery ST75 Two Speed Spiral Mixer
Inventory #: D4819Featured

Used Kemper Bakery ST75 Spiral Mixer with: Flour capacity: 165 pounds Dough capacity: 265 pounds Hydraulic raising/lowering of the mixer head Automatic bowl locking system Analog timer Two...

HK 200 photo
WP Kemper HK200 2200 Pound Bowl Lift and Tilt
Inventory #: D4477

Used WP Kemper Bowl Lift and Tilt: Lift capacity: up to 2,200 pounds Tipping height: 71 inches Selectable mounting position and tipping direction Stainless steel construction

President 150 photo
WP Kemper President 150 Spiral Mixer
Inventory #: D4476

Used WP Kemper Spiral Mixer with: Flour capacity: 150 kilograms/330 pounds Dough capacity: 528 pounds Spiral dough hook Removable bowl Clockwise and counter-clockwise bowl rotation Driving...

SP 150 photo
Kemper SP 150 Spiral Mixer
Inventory #: D4384

Used Kemper SP 150 Spiral Mixer with: Stainless steel mixing bowl Dough capacity: 240 kilograms Bowl carriage Hydraulic raising/lowering of the mixer head and hydraulic bowl locking system Automatic...

SP 125 L photo
Kemper SP 125 L Spiral Mixer
Inventory #: D3494

Used Kemper SP 125 L Spiral Mixer with: Flour capacity: 276 pounds Dough Capacity: 441 pounds Two mixing speeds Bowl with reversible rotation Locking device Digital display of mixing time...

SP 125 B photo
Kemper Bakery SP 125 B Spiral Mixer
Inventory #: C9373

Used Kemper Bakery SP 125 B Spiral Mixer with: 35.5 inch inside bowl diameter x 20.25 inch depth Flour capacity: 276 pounds Dough capacity: 441 pounds Direct bowl drive via gear motor Bowl and...

HK200R photo
Kemper HK200R Bowl Lifter
Inventory #: B3279

Used Kemper HK200R Bowl Lifter with: Tip height: 2400 millimeter Depth: 1400 millimeter Width: 1000 millimeter Overall height: 3300...

SPA 250 photo
Kemper SPA 250 Mixer
Inventory #: A4284

Used Kemper SPA 250 Mixer with: Stainless steel mix spiral (2) 250kg stainless steel bowls

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