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Thermoforming machines work by creating a pocket or blister in flat film. The product is loaded into the pocket, either automatically or manually. The pocket is then sealed with flat film and heat, and separated as a sealed package. Rollstock thermoformers can use either a supported or unsupported web, and can be either intermittent motion or continuous.

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RE20 photo
Reiser Repak RE 20 Rollstock Thermoformer

Used Reiser Repak RE 20 Rollstock Thermoformer with: The RE20 is extremely flexible in the production of different packaging shapes. The high quality machine has a stainless steel construction, superior packaging...

RS560 photo
VC999 Packaging Solutions RS560 Stainless Steel Rollstock Thermoformer

Born from one of our top-performing packaging machines, the new R-Series has a long pedigree of reliability. The R-Series design has numerous features that will enhance your productivity while reducing your labor...

2500 photo
Sencorp 2500 34" Sheet Width 33" Tool Rollstock Thermofomer W/ Trim Station

Used Sencorp Rollstock Thermoformer with: Production speed: up to 20 cycles per minute, depending on application Form station tonnage: 25 Trim station tonnage: 110 Maximum mold width: 33 inches Tooling:...

RS 520 photo
VC999 RS520 Vacuum Rollstock Thermoformer

Used VC999 RS520 Vacuum Rollstock Thermoformer with: Maximum index length: up to 650 millimeters Loading length: 1300 millimeters Forming width of lid film: 523 millimters Film roll diameter:...

RS420 photo
VC999 RS420 Stainless Steel MAP Gas Flush Capable Rollstock Thermoformer 420MM Wide

Used VC999 Rollstock Thermoformer: Web width: 420 mm Loading length: 115 inches Film types: Flexible, Rigin, Skin, Shrink, and easy peel Modified atomosphere capable (MAP) Print registration Selvage...

RA-200 photo
Rollstock RA-200 Stainless Steel Thermoformer

Used Rollstock RA-200 Thermoformer with: Current die set: Length: 8 inches Width: 7 inches Maximum web width: 459 millimeters Forming system: Standard air forming Perimeter forming Plug...

VC999 photo
Packaging Systems Vc999 P-Series Inline Rollstock Thermoformer

Used Packaging Systems Vc999 Inline Rollstock Thermoformer P-Series Rollstock Thermoformer: Die size: Width: 7 inches Length: 4.75 inches Maximum index length: 300 millimeters Film roll diameter:...

Progress/P246 photo
Veripack Progress/P246 Rollstock Thermoformer

Used Veripack Progress/P246 Rollstock Thermoformer with: Inline thermoformer Roll stock Film reel: Upper: 400 mm Lower: 400 mm Forming depth: Maximum: 180 mm Reel...

R530 photo
Multivac R530 Stainless Steel Inline Rollstock Thermoformer

Used Multivac R530 Rollstock Thermoformer with:Right to left Right to left operation Film web width: 23 inches 590 millimeters Film advance index: 7.8 inches 198 millimeters Push button...

R145 photo
Multivac R145 Stainless Steel Rollstock Thermoformer

Used Multivac Rollstock Thermoformer with: Infeed height: 38 inches Film roll dimensions: Width: 16 inches Diameter: 13 inches Forming width: 16 inches Product aperture: Width:...

R530 photo
Multivac R530 Thermoformer Sealer

Used Multivac R530 Thermoformer with: Vacuum pump 2 forming stations 2 sealing stations 2 cutting stations Multivac Model R530 Thermoformer The thermoformer makes packing moulds from a flexible...

Tiromat 2500 photo
Tetra Laval Tiromat 2500 Rollstock Thermoformer

Used Tetra Laval Tiromat 2500 Rollstock Thermoformer with: Film type: flexible, MAP Bottom film width: 325 millimeters Cut-off length: 200 millimeters Vacuum pump Stainless steel construction...

DV2000E photo
Dixie Union DV2000E Stainless Steel Rollstock Thermoformer

Used Dixie Union DV2000E Rollstock Thermoformer with: Current dies: Length: 7.75 inches Width: 3.25 Inches 1x3 die pockets Right to left operation Electrical requirements: 240 Volts 60 Hz...

RS420c photo
VC999 Packaging Systems Inc. RS420c Stainless Steel Rollstock Thermoformer

Used VC999 Packaging Systems Inc. Rollstock with: Maximum index length: Up to 11.8 inches Up to 300 millimeters Cut-off length: 7.67 inches Maximum film roll diameter: 19.6 inches on 3 inch core...

R145 photo
Multivac R145 Stainless Steel High Speed Rollstock Thermoformer

The Multivac R145 is a flexible, customizable compact machine for lower to mid-range production volumes. A wide choice of dies and specifications makes it extremely versatile and ensures a high level of efficiency...

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