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Thermoforming machines work by creating a pocket or blister in flat film. The product is loaded into the pocket, either automatically or manually. The pocket is then sealed with flat film and heat, and separated as a sealed package. Rollstock thermoformers can use either a supported or unsupported web, and can be either intermittent motion or continuous.

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R330 photo
Multivac R330 Rollstock Thermoformer Pump Required

Used Multivac R330 Rollstock Thermoformer with: Forms packages for hand-loading and then seals Last used for: Processed meats Production output rate: Up to 12 cycles per minute Product flow: Left to right...

R855 EPC photo
Multivac R855 EPC Rollstock Thermoformer 220V 3Ph

Used Multivac R855 EPC Rollstock Thermoformer 220V 3Ph with: Stainless steel construction Floor mounting Vacuum pump mounted underneath unit Last ran seafood trays Film web width: 289 millimeters...

Progress/P246 photo
Veripack Progress/P246 Rollstock Thermoformer

Used Veripack Progress/P246 Rollstock Thermoformer with: Inline thermoformer Roll stock Film reel: Upper: 400 mm Lower: 400 mm Forming depth: Maximum: 180...

R530 photo
Multivac R530 Stainless Rollstock Thermoformer

Used Multivac R530 Rollstock Thermoformer with: Direction of travel: Right to left Film web width: 23 inches / 590 millimeters Film advance index:...

R530 photo
Multivac R530 Thermoformer Sealer

Used Multivac R530 Thermoformer with: Vacuum pump 2 forming stations 2 sealing stations 2 cutting stations Multivac Model R530 Thermoformer The thermoformer makes packing moulds from a flexible...

Tiromat 2500 photo
Tetra Laval Tiromat 2500 Rollstock Thermoformer

Used Tetra Laval Tiromat 2500 Rollstock Thermoformer with: Film type: flexible, MAP Bottom film width: 325 millimeters Cut-off length: 200 millimeters Vacuum pump Stainless steel construction...

RS420s photo
VC999 Packaging RS420s Rollstock Thermoformer

Used VC999 Rollstock Thermoformer with: Right to left Die box overall dimensions: Length: 170 millimeters Width: 423 millimeters Two die sets: Four pocket: 153 L x 85.25...

HP Shuttle photo
Sencorp HP Shuttle Thermoforming Machine

Used Sencorp HP Shuttle Thermoforming Machine with: SICK light curtain sensors Digital temperature controls Emergency Stop button Analog pressure gauge

Formpack F3 photo
Ilpra Formpack F3 Inline Thermoforming Machine

Used Ilpra Formpack F3 Inline Thermoforming Machine with: Max Container height: 120 mm Max Film width: 460 mm Contains: Longitudinal Cutting station Touch Screen Control Panel ...

R125 photo
Multivac R125 Rollstock Thermoforming Machine

Used Multivac Thermoformer with: Output: small to medium-sized batches Film specs: Web width: 420 mm Stroke: 300 mm Cutting edge of foil: 39 mm Types: rigid & flexible Includes...

VS 30VV/420-100 photo
Hajek VS 30VV/420-100 Rollstock Thermoformer

Used Hajek Rollstock Thermoformer with: Production output rate: 15 cycles per minute Die box length: 145 millimeters / 5.7 inches Die box width: 120 millimeters / 4.7 inches Die box depth: 150 millimeters...

Compact 420 photo
CFS Compact 420 Automatic Rollstock Thermoformer

Used CFS Compact 420 Automatic Rollstock Thermoformer with: Machine is adapted to work on soft film Production output rate: 8 to 10 tacts per minute Film width: 420 millimeters / 16.5 inches Die...

Optimus photo
Variovac Optimus SS Rollstock Thermoformer

Used Variovac Thermoformer with: Output: up to 13 cycles per minute Packaging types: MAP Skin Steam Shrink Sealing Vacuum Includes: Trim canister Water chiller Printer 1 set...

R230 photo
Multivac R230 Horizontal Rollstock Thermoformer

Used Multivac Thermoformer with: Output: 8 - 10 cycles per minute Pack types: Round Rectangular Freely definable formats Film types: Rigid Flexible Aluminum multi-layer...

2500 photo
Sencorp Model 2500 SS Inline Thermoformer

Used Sencorp Thermoformer with: Maximum mold size: Width: 30 inches Length: 33 inches Top & bottom preheat oven Top & bottom platens in form station Hydraulic trim station Pin chain...

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