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Slicers are used in size reduction of product based on product size, weight, volume or a combination. Slicers vary in size from bench top, hand load units to high speed, automatic production line units. They are typically used for food products such as meats, cheeses, and vegetables.

Splitter B photo
Ipeka Dual Lane Bread Splitter with Band Blade

Used Ipeka Slicer with: Capacity: up to 14,000 pieces per hour Two (2) slicing lanes Product: Buns Pitas Other small breads Blade specs: Band blade for whole cut Bade...

75 photo
Bettendorf Stanford 75 SS Bread Band Slicer

Used Bettendorf Stanford Slicer with: Application: ideal for pan baked loaf bread Capacity/output: up to 90 loaves per minute Loaf size range: Minimum (inches): 6 long x 3 wide x 2 high Maximum...

109PC photo
Biro 109PC Portion Control SS Horizontal Slicer

Used Biro 109PC Portion Control Horizontal Slicer with: Production output rate: Up to 180 slices per minute, depending on thickness Minimum slice thickness: 0.062 inches / 1.5 millimeters...

109PC photo
Biro 109PC Portion Control SS Horizontal Slicer

Used Biro Slicer with: Output: up to 180 slices per minute, product 1" thick Slice thickness: Minimum: 1/16 inches Maximum: 30 inches Stepper motor will accommodate pushing: ...

M00888601 photo
Marchant Schmidt Two Station SS Ultrasonic Cutter

Used Marchant Schmidt Cutter with: Ultrasonic batch cutting machine Two cutting stations: X and Y axis crosscutting Photo eye product sensor at each station Conveyor centers are fixed...

MDI-2-E.H.C photo
Magnuson MDI2 E.H.C Hand Fed Corn Cutter

Used Magnuson CCM Manual Corn Cob Cutter Kernel Remover with: Application: Operator manually places corncob on the infeed conveyor, machine automatically feeds the cob through the knives for kernel removal...

B-55 photo
Scanvaegt B55 Stainless Steel Portion Cutter

Used Scanvaegt Portioner with: Application: portion cutting of boneless meat products - beef, pork, veal & lamb Output/capacity: Up to 600 portions per minute Up to 400 portions per minute...

VSC photo
Urschel Model VSC Stainless Steel Segment Cutter

Used Urschel Slicer with: Application: lengthwise slicing of cucumbers, pickles, zucchini, potatoes, etc. Lengthwise slicer cuts include: Square Rectangular Segment Spear Wedge Stick...

Regal Stainless Steel Slicer for Pickle Spears

Used Regal Segment Cutter with: Lengthwise pickle slices: Halves Quarters 5th and/or 6th cut Centering rollers: Rubber High-speed Self-adjusting Banner safety package...

CS-3SA photo
FoodTools CS 3SA SS Cheese Cutter and Portioner

Used FoodTools Cheese Cutter with: Capacity/output: Block: up to 240 portions per hour Wheel: up to 120 portions per hour Product size range: Block: 18 x 18 inches square...

5418 photo
Salmco 5418 Stainless Steel Slicer for Salmon

Used Salmco Slicer with: Application: slicing fresh salmon Output: up to 200 cuts per minute Cutting angle: Minimum: 10° Maximum: 40° Slice thickness: Minimum: 0.08 inches...

AS 5100 2D photo
Carruthers Autoslicer 5100 SS Slicer and Dicer

Used Carruthers Slicer with: Output: up to 5,000 pounds per hour, depending on product Products: Tropical fruit & produce Fresh, tempered or pre-cooked meats & poultry Maximum...

180GS photo
Berkel 180GS Automatic Slicer Stacker and Shingler

Used Berkel Equipment Slicer with: Heavy duty, high production, precision meat and cheese slicing machines Cutting capacity: 9.25 inches wide x 5.625 inches tall x 24 inches long Slice thickness:...

430-93-2 photo
Bizerba 430-93-2 Automatic Meat Slicer

Used Bizerba 430-93-2 Bacon Slicer with: Automatic Meat Slicer Tabletop model Digital controls Product feed slider 12 inch diameter cutting blade Stainless steel construction Less shingling/takeaway...

613 90 photo
Grote 613 90 Semi Automatic Stainless MultiSlicer

Used Grote 613 90 Semi Automatic Stainless MultiSlicer with; Up to 90 strokes per minute Product size: 6 inches x 13 inches Slice thickness: .03 - .5 inches Shuttle conveyor Slice counter for...

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