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Slicers are used in size reduction of product based on product size, weight, volume or a combination. Slicers vary in size from bench top, hand load units to high speed, automatic production line units. They are typically used for food products such as meats, cheeses, and vegetables.

MONO Equipment Stainless Gravity Bread Loaf Slicer
Inventory #: G6778

Used MONO Equipment Bread Slicer with: Suitable for use in industrial bakeries Small footprint Maximum load size: 15 inches long Slice thickness: 11 to 16 millimeters Casters

797-32 photo
Oliver 797-32 Gravity Feed Bread Slicer 3/8" Slice
Inventory #: G6803

Used Oliver Bread Slicer with: Output: up to 200 loaves per hour Maximum loaf size: Length: 16 inches Height: 5 inches Slice thickness: 3/8 inches 1/2 Horsepower motor Loaf pusher...

797C photo
Oliver 797C Bread Loaf Slicer 5/8 Slice Thickness
Inventory #: G6804

Used Oliver 797C Bread Loaf Slicer with: Slice thickness: 5/8 inches Decline loaf infeed Stainless steel contact parts 5/8 slice thickness Manual switches

HE/35304 photo
Mono Stainless Steel Bread Slicer 3/8 Slice
Inventory #: G6805

Used Mono Stainless Steel Bread Slicer with: Slice thickness: 3/8 of an inch Decline infeed chute Stainless steel construction Manual switches Welded tubular frame

JAC Bread Loaf Slicer 1/2 Inch Slice Thickness
Inventory #: G6807

Used JAC Bread Loaf Slicer with: Slice thickness: 1/2 inch Stainless steel contact parts Manual switches Spring product infeed Locking casters

A80 photo
Herlitzius A80 Single Lane Sickle Bread Slicer
Inventory #: G6806

Used Herlitzius A80 Slicer with: Application: dense breads Sickle style cutting blade Mechanical product feed Stainless steel contact parts Personnel guarding

702N photo
Oliver 702-N Table Top Bun and Bagel Slicer
Inventory #: G6471

Used Oliver 702N Bagel Slicer with: Bun height: up to 3 inches Bun width: For sliced through: up to 4.375 inches For hinged: up to 4.875 inches Cutting height (bottom slice thickness): .625...

MB photo
Berkel Equipment MB Countertop Bread Slicer
Inventory #: G6470

Used Berkel MB Bread Slicer with: Speed: 8 seconds per loaf (depending on size and bread type) 1/3 horsepower motor Maximum loaf size: 15.5 inches long

NYL-310V2 photo
Jaccard Nantsune NYL-310V2 High Speed Wide Slicer
Inventory #: G6508

Used Jaccard Nantsune NYL-310V2 High Speed Wide Slicer with: Up to 200 slices per minute and higher depending on product 275 slices for bacon cooked roast beef and cooked whole muscle ham 200 slices...

SC120 Corn Cutter photo
FMC SC120 Corn Cutter for Kernel Removal
Inventory #: G6648

Used FMC SC120 Corn Cutter with: Provides maximum product recovery, high throughput, low maintenance and automatic corn removal from the cob at high speed Operator hand places corn on the infeed chain...

797 SF photo
Oliver 797 SF Bread Loaf Slicer 0.5 Inch Slices
Inventory #: G6878

Used Oliver 797 SF with: Gravity fed bread slicer 28 inch feed chute 15 inch platform Set up for 0.5 inch slices Last loaf pusher Slices up to 200 loaves per hour 0.5 horsepower motor ...

777 photo
Oliver 777 Bread Loaf Slicer 0.5 Inch Slices
Inventory #: G6877

Used Oliver 777 with: Bread loaf slicer slices virtually all varieties of bread cleanly and quickly Automatically holds bread in place during slicing 0.5 horsepower motor Set up for 0.5 inch slices...

TS Designs Inclined Stainless Vegetable Segmenter
Inventory #: G6823

Used TS Designs Vegetable Slicer with: Conveyor width: 18 inches Cleat centers: 6 inches Rotary cutting blades Blade diameter: 14 inches Lenze SMVector variable frequency drive Digital diplay...

Divider 440 photo
Treif Divider 440 Stainless Steel Slicer
Inventory #: G6495

Used Treif Slicer with: Output: up to 1,760 slices per minute Product cross section: Width: 11 inches Height: 6.3 inches Maximum cut-off length: 0.2 - 1 inch Vacuum product gripper...

CC photo
Urschel CC Stainless Steel Potato Chip Slicer
Inventory #: G4577

Used Urschel CC Potato Chip Stainless Steel Slicer with: Application: used to slice potato chips Stainless steel construction Accepts input products up to 4 inches Continuous operation Welded...

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