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Slicers are used in size reduction of product based on product size, weight, volume or a combination. Slicers vary in size from bench top, hand load units to high speed, automatic production line units. They are typically used for food products such as meats, cheeses, and vegetables.

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709 photo
Oliver 709 Mini Supreme Bread Slicer 1 Inch Slices

Used Oliver Bread Slicer with: Single lane Slice spacing: 1 inch Non-adjustable Max product capacity: Length: 14.625 inches Width: 5.25 inches Height: 5.25 inches Electrical...

797 photo
Oliver 797 Gravity Fed Bread Slicer 1 Inch Slices

Used Oliver Bread Slicer with: Single lane Gravity infeed: Infeed height: 56 inches Adjustable width guide rails Output: Up to 200 loaves per day Outfitted with 16 blades spaced 1...

Safety-Slicer photo
Oliver Safety-Slicer 0.5 Inch Bread Loaf Slicer

Used Oliver Bread Slicer with: Single lane Output: Up to 150 loaves per day Loaf sizes: Max length: 16 inches Max width: 10..5 inches Height: 3 to 6 inches Slice size: 0.5 inches...

Puma photo
Treif Puma Stainless Steel Meat and Cheese Slicer

Used Treif Slicer with: Capacity/output: up to 400 cuts per minute Products: Cheese Boneless or bone-in meats Fresh or frozen - down to 25° Fahrenheit Capabilities: Slice...

HSL-5HE-90-75 photo
UBE HSL-5HE-90-75 Stainless Steel Bread Slicer

Used UBE 90-75 Stainless Steel Band Bread Slicer with: Capacity: up to 75 loaves per minute, depending on the bread Slice thickness range: 3/8 - 5/8 of an inch Minimum loaf size: 6 inches long x 3 inches...

A330 photo
Bizerba A330 Automatic Meat Slicer

Used Bizerba A330 Bacon Slicer with: Automatic Meat Slicer Tabletop model Digital controls Product feed slider 12 inch diameter cutting blade Stainless steel construction Less shingling/takeaway...

613 90 photo
Grote 613 90 Semi Automatic Stainless MultiSlicer

Used Grote 613 90 Semi Automatic Stainless MultiSlicer with; Up to 90 strokes per minute Product size: 6 inches x 13 inches Slice thickness: .03 - .5 inches Shuttle conveyor Slice counter for...

IPM3 X600 photo
Marel IPM3 X600 Meat Portioner Slicer

Used Marel IPM3 X600 Meat Portioner Slicer with: Designed for cutting meat or fish fillet and whole fish into similar weight portions Dual lane Conveyor width: 11 inches Conveyor speed: 1.6 feet...

IBS 2000 V CF photo
AEW Delford Systems IBS 2000 V CF Vision Slicer

Used AEW Delford Systems IBS 2000 V CF Vision Slicer: Slices meat products continuously into graded, fixed weight portions Cantilever design giving improved accessability Powerful, precise slicing of...

950-4 photo
Ross Model 950-4 Meat Slicer

Used Ross Model 950-4 Meat Slicer with: Cutting capacity of 15 pounds per minute 6 different chutes 27" wide steel chain conveyor 3 conveyors Last used to make sausage patties Slice thickness:...

S/A-3522 photo
Grote SA-3522 Horizontal Band Slicer Applicator
Can Rent

Used Grote S/A-3522 Horizontal Band Slicer Applicator with: Three head stainless steel slicing unit Combines slicing and application into a single, automated operation Product slices are applied directly...

711 photo
Oliver 711 Bread Slicing Machine 240 per Hour

Used Oliver Bread Slicer with: Production rate: 240 loaves per hour depending on materials/application Current slice width: 7/16 inch per slice 23 slices per 10 inch Overall dimensions (inches):...

Little Badger LB photo
Stamp Corp French Brie Cutter LB Little Badger

Used Stamp Corporation French Brie Cutter with: Triangled mold plate is lifted into wires to cut cheese in triangle shape for packaging Durable stainless steel construction Portable Small footprint...

NSL 800 photo
Grasselli Tech NSL 800 Vertical SS Slicing Machine

Used Grasselli NSL 800 Vertical Slicing Machine with: Designed for meat processing Production output rate: 4400 pounds per hour 2000 kilograms per hour Stainless steel ...

OV photo
Urschel OV Stainless Steel Crosscut Slicer

Used Urschel Slicer with: Capacity: up to 8,800 pounds per hour, depending on product Hopper fed Blade assembly: (1) Cutting head/slicing wheel (13) Blades on slicing wheel Includes...

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