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A machine that cuts food into small cubical pieces

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M6 photo
Urschel Model M6 Stainless Steel Dicer

Used Urschel Dicer with: Capabilities: Dicing Shredding Strip cutting Cuts sizes: Circular knives: 3/16 - 1.5 inches Crosscut knives: 1/8 - 3 inches Conveyor: ...

G A photo
Urschel GA Stainless Slicer Strip Cutter and Dicer

Used Urschel Dicer with: Output: up to 13,000 pounds per hour, depending on product and cut Maximum product size: 5.5 inches in any dimension Types of cuts: Slices Dices Strip cuts...

Model M photo
Urschel M Belt Fed Dicer Strip Cutter Shredder

Used Urschel M Dicer Strip Cutter Shredder with: Versatile machine designed for dicing and strip cutting a variety of products including fresh, tempered frozen or cooked meat, poultry, fish, bread and greens...

2110A photo
Urschel Laboratories Diversacut 2110A Dicer Slicer
Rental Only

Urschel Diversacut 2110A Dicer Slicer with: Capabilities: Dices Strips Slices Granulates Shreds Maximum product size: 10 inch diameter or in any dimension (254...

RA photo
Urschel RA Dicer

Used Urschel RA Dicer with: Cuts in three dimensions High speed centrifugal slicer for thickness, with screw adjustment Revolving corrugated feed drum and opposing feed spindle knives for positive feed...

GK A photo
Urschel GK A Stainless Steel Slicer and Dicer

Used Urschel Dicer with: Feeding system: Hopper feed Applications: Variety of fruits & vegetables Especially suited for production of crinkle french fry strips from potatoes...

H-A photo
Urschel H-A Stainless Steel Slicer and Dicer

Used Urschel Slicer and Dicer with: Feeding system: Hopper fed Cuts: Slice thickness: .125-1 inch Crosscut knife cuts: .75-3 inches Overall dimensions: Length: 73.73...

Taurus CE-C photo
Treif Taurus CEC Stainless Steel Dicer w Loader

Used Treif Taurus Dicer with: Includes: Stainless hopper (2) Feed screws Adjustable front feed Trolley loader All stainless steel construction Approximate overall dimensions (inches):...

AE50002-D photo
Carruthers Advantedge AE50002D SS Slicer and Dicer

Used Carruthers 2D Dicer with: Capacity: up to 5,000 pounds per hour, depending on product Capabilities: Dice Slice Strip cut Products: Cheeses Tropical fruits & produce...

J9-A photo
Urschel J9A Stainless Steel Dicer and Strip Cutter

Used Urschel Dicer with: Capabilities: Dices Strip-cuts Products: Vegetables Frozen-tempered meats Conveyor infeed width: 9 inches Types of cuts: Circular knife...

RA-A photo
Urschel RA A SS Dicer Slicer and Strip Cutter

Used Urschel Dicer with: Continuous operation Maximum product size: 3.5 inches in any dimension Output size: Slice thickness: 1/16 - 3/8 inches, knob adjustable Circular knife cuts: 1/8 -...

Derby CE photo
Treif Derby CE Stainless Steel Meat Dicer

Used Treif Derby CE Dicer with: Used to cut cubes, bars, strips, slices, and chips. Ideally used for boneless meat, sausages, ham, bacon, fish, fat, and vegetables and fruit. Output: up to 2,600 pounds...

Diversacut Sprint photo
Urschel Diversacut Sprint SS Continuous Dicer

Used Urschel Dicer with: Application: dicer for meats, vegetables & fruits Maximum product size: 6.5 inches in any dimension Capabilities: Dices Strip cuts Flat slices Crinkle slices...

SR2 photo
Koch SR2 Turbo Stainless Steel High Tech Cutter

Used Kock SR2 Turbo High Tech Cutter with: Speed: Up to 3000 kilograms Height of shaft: 120 millimeters Length of shaft: 500 millimeters Width of shaft: 120 millimeters Section length: .5 - 32...

RA-D photo
Urschel RA D Stainless Steel Dicer Strip Cutter

Used Urschel Dicer Strip Cutter with: Output: 5,000 to 8,000 pounds per hour Maximum product thickness: 3.5 inches Slicing range: 1/16 inch to 3/8 inches Product hopper: ...

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