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A machine that cuts food into small cubical pieces.

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Urschel Comitrol MG 30 Horsepower Stainless Steel Slicer

Used Urschel Dicer with: 30 horsepower Drive motor: 3600 RPM Controls Mounted on stand Stainless steel construction Electrical: 230/460 volts, 60 hz, phase 3

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Urschel RA Dicer

Used Urschel RA Dicer with: Cuts in three dimensions High speed centrifugal slicer for thickness, with screw adjustment Revolving corrugated feed drum and opposing feed spindle knives for positive feed...

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Urschell Model GK-A Crinkle Cut Dicer

Used Urschel GK-A Stainless Steel Crinkle Cut Dicer with: Application: produces uniform dices, straight cut strips and slices a variety of soft, ripe frutes and brittle root vegetables Maximum product entering...

Nut Butter Machine Stainless Steel Dicer

Used Nut Butter Machine with: Infeed: 40 inches Hopper dimensions: Diamter: 17 inches Depth: 12 inches Discharge: 16.5 tall Width: 2.5 Height: 1.5 Overall dimensions: ...

Mehrzweckschneider MHS-850 Automatic Dicer

Used Mehrzweckschneider MHS-850 Automatic Dicer with: Output rate: 850 killograms per hour Cutting speed: 560 cuts per minute Suitable for: Slicing Cubing Dicing Electrical: 208 volts,...

Urschel GK-A Stainless Steel Slicer and Dicer

Used Urschel Dicer with: Application: Variety of fruits & vegetables Especially suited for production of crinkle frency fry strips (with change parts) Maximum product size: 5.5 inches in any...

Urschel Model M Stainless Steel Dicer

Used Urschel Dicer with: Application: heavy duty dicer for fresh, frozen or tempered & cooked meats, poultry and fisch Output: up to 4,500 pounds per hour Belt feed: Speed: up to 381 feet per minute...

Bettendorf Stanford 3200 Bread Cuber and Dicer

Used Bettendorf Standard Dicer/Cuber with: Output: up to 20 - 30 loaves per minute Cube size: 0.5 x 1 inches Loaf size: Minimum (inches): 6 long x 3 wide x 3 high Maximum (inches): 20 long x 5.5 wide...

GK-A photo
Urschel GK-A Dicer

Used Urschel Dicer with: Accepts products up to: Length: 5.5 inches Width: 5.5 inches Height: 5.5 inches Cutting style: Crinkle dices or crinkle cuts Construction: stainless steel

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Urschel G-A Stainless Steel Dicer with 2 Hp Motor

Used Urschel Stainless Steel Dicer with: Model: G-A Stainless steel Maximum slice thickness: 10.3 mm .40 inch Electrical: volts: 208 hertz: 60 phase: 3 Motor: Reliance 2 Horsepower...

492 photo
Urschel Model G-A Stainless Steel Dicer

Used Urschel Dicer with: Model: G-A Stainless steel Feed chute Opening: 18 inch x 12 inch Rotary wheel Cutting blade Guards Chutes Control panel Motor: 2 Hp Electrical: volts:...

G-A photo
Urschel GA Slicer Strip Cutter and Dicer

Used Urschel Dicer with: Output: up to 13,000 pounds per hour, depending on product and cut Maximum product size: 5.5 inches in any dimension Types of cuts: Slices Dices Strip cuts Julienne strips...

850-90 photo
MHS 850-90 Multi-Purpose Dicer

Used MHS 850-90 Multi-Purpose Dicer with: Ideal for producing strips and cubes for beef, pork, chicken and other meats Production output rate: Up to 1,800 punds per hour Ergonomic single-hand operation...

Koch Stainless Steel Auto Multifunctional Dicer

Used Koch Dicer with: For products: Meats Cheeses Vegetables Dice/slice thickness: 0.125 - 1 inch One or two way stationary cutting knives: Oscillating motion Variable speed hydraulic...

H-A photo
Urschel HA SS Dicer Slicer and Strip Cutter

Used Urschel Dicer with: Continuous operation Hopper fed Capabilities: Dices Slices Strip cuts Maximum product size: 5.5 inches in any dimensions Output size: Slice thickness:...

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