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Flakers and shredders are designed to break apart blocks of product, including frozen meats and cheeses. There are different methods these machines can use for processing the product. The machine can push the block of product into a rotating bladed drum to shave flakes from the block or two toothed, counter-revolving wheels shear the product and force it through a pre-defined space.

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Combi flaker/slicer photo
Genmac Stainless Steel Frozen Block Hydrauflaker

Used Genmac Hydrauflaker with: Capacity/output: up to 3 blocks per minute Maximum block size (inches): 10 x 24 x 24 Includes: Built-in loading table Automatic air operated ram feed system ...

HP 20 photo
Cavecchi Enzo HP 20 Stainless Steel Cheese Grater

Used Cavecchi Enzo HP 20 Stainless Steel Cheese Grater with: Ideal for grating mixed cheeses Last used for: cheese Production output rate: up to 3,300 pounds per hour, product dependent Aperture...

FBC-4800 photo
Biro FBC 4800 SS Tempered Frozen Block Chipper

Used Biro Frozen Block Chipper with: Application: chipping & flaking tempered frozen meat blocks Product: Maximum block size (inches): 8 x 16.5 x 19.5 Recommended temperature: 15 - 25°...

Unicut 547 photo
Magurit Unicut 547 3D Frozen Block Cutting Line

Used Magurit Unicut 547 3D Frozen Block Cutting Line with: Unicut 547: Block size: 47 inches x 25 inches x 14 inches Cutting width: 26 inches Thickness: .4 to 2.3 inches Air pressure: 6...

FL-660 photo
NandN Stainless Steel Frozen Meat Flaker Shredder

Used N&N Flaker with: Capacity/output: Up to 15,400 pounds per hour Up to 7,000 kilograms per hour Frozen product: Meats Fish Vegetables Maximum block size up to:...

PS800 photo
Stokkermill PS800 50 HP Flaker Shredder

Used Stokkermill Flaker Shredder with: 50 horsepower shredder Shredder dimensions: 8 inch diameter x 30 inches long Feed hopper above shredder: 31 inches wide x 24 inches high x...

RE-15-K7E328 photo
Rietz RE15 Stainless Steel Extructor Grinder

Used Rietz Extructor with: Capacity/output: Up to 15,000 pounds per hour Reduction of up to 60 pound blocks Low rpm, high torque system to reduce frozen blocks including: Meats ...

Roto Form 3000 photo
Sandvik Process System Rotoform 3000 SS Flaker

Used Sandvik Process System Rotoform 3000 Flaker with: Right hand type orientation with low viscosity design Stainless steel construction Belt speed: 20 to 120 feet per minute Belt width: 32 inches...

Hydrauflaker Stainless Steel Frozen Block Flaker

Used Hydrauflaker with: Frozen block braker & flaker Drum: Stainless steel Dimensions: Length: 28 inches Diameter: 12 inches Driven by 7.5 horsepower, 1725 rpm motor through chain...

Power Cutter photo
A and K Hand Fed Stainless Power Cutter for Corn

Used A & K Hand Fed Power Cutter with: Capacity: up to 4 tons per hour depending on materials application One set of 3AR knives 3AR cutter head Height of kernel discharge: 35 inches Height...

24 Inch Diameter Stainless Steel Shredder

Used Shredder with: Diameter: 24 inches Discharge height: 37.5 inches Infeed height: 70 inches (2) 1.5 horsepower motor Stainless steel construction Mounted on casters

Stainless Steel Frozen Block Flaker

Used Frozen Block Flaker with: Infeed: Height: 46 inches Width: 27 inches Discharge height: 29 inches 2 sets of blades included Bin for product collection: Width: 44...

Stainless Steel Electric Frozen Block Flaker

Used Flaker with: Flaking drum width: 29 inches Previous application: frozen meat Manual product feed Electric motor Stainless steel construction

S722755 photo
Vanmark Corporation S722755 Potato Peeler

Vanmark Corporation S722755 Potato Peeler with: Production output rate: 100 to 550 rotations per minute (6) Six long abrasive disc rolls dimensions: 5 inch diameter...

GuiloRiver Model 20 photo
Fitzmill GuiloRiver Model 20 SS Frozen Pre Breaker

Used Fitzmill Frozen Pre-Breaker with: Rotation roll: Stainless steel With riving pins Dimensions: Diameter: 14 inches Length: 14 inches Infeed hopper: Stainless...

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