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Cutter and slicer equipment cuts and processes various types of product using various styles of knives to reduce the size of the size of the product. This equipment is commonly used to process cheese, meat, fruits and vegetables, and other foods. Different blades and knives are used for different products depending on if the final product needs to be sliced, chopped, peeled, shredded, or some other type of process.

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BH-20 photo
Kasel Slice N Tact Stainless Steel Slicer

Used Kasel Slicer with: Application: single pass, end-to-end slicer Product capabilities: Fresh Cooked Bone-in Boneless Output: Up to 10 strokes per minute Up to 7,500...

FBC-4800 photo
Biro FBC 4800 SS Tempered Frozen Block Chipper

Used Biro SS Tempered Frozen Block Chipper with: Product: Maximum block size (inches): Length: 8 inches Width: 16.5 inches Height: 19.5 inches Recommended temperature: ...

500 Liter photo
Laska 500 Liter Stainless Steel Bowl Chopper

Used Laska 500 Liter Stainless Steel Bowl Chopper with: Previously used in the cheese industry but also suitable for: Cooked sausage, emulsions, soups, and sauces Capacity: 500 liters ...

M6 photo
Urschel Model M6 Stainless Steel Dicer

Used Urschel Dicer with: Capabilities: Dicing Shredding Strip cutting Cuts sizes: Circular knives: 3/16 - 1.5 inches Crosscut knives: 1/8 - 3 inches Conveyor: ...

SAF-15-CE photo
FoodTools SAF15 CE Cheese and Butter Block Cutter

Used FoodTools Block Cutter with: Output: up to 120 blocks per hour Pneumatically powered Wire grid cutter Product size ranges 17" x 22" Rectangle Standard 40 pound blocks ...

UM60 photo
Stephan UM60 Universal Mixer Cutter

Used Stephan UM60 Universal Mixer Cutter with: Includes 2 mixing arms, one with new scraper Bowl content: 60 liters Batch size: 10 - 40 liters Stainless steel bowl

8-Mark-1 photo
Armstrong-Blum MFG CO 8-Mark-1 Metal Bandsaw

Used Armstrong-Blum MFG CO Mark-1 with: Straight and angle capability Variable speed band saw 50 to 450 RPM 94 W x 84.5 H x 42 (inches) overall Approximately 33 D x 34 H (inches)...

1700,1700 photo
Urschel Commitrol 1700 40 Hp Stainless Processor

Used Urschel Cutter Slicer with: Model: 1700 Cutting head designed for dry and semi dry free flowing product textured vegetable protein, chicken slurries, baby food, dehydrated potato flakes,...

22SS photo
Biro 22SS Stainless Steel Power Meat Saw Bandsaw

Used Biro Bandsaw with: Application: ideal for small meat shops, grocery stores & fish shops Blade speed: up to 3,000 feet per minute Standard blade: Length: 91 inches Width: 0.625 inches...

Puma photo
Treif Puma Stainless Steel Meat and Cheese Slicer

Used Treif Slicer with: Capacity/output: up to 400 cuts per minute Product: Cheese Boneless or bone-in meats Fresh or frozen - down to 25° Fahrenheit Capabilities: Slice...

CS-10TWWA photo
FoodTools CS-10TWWA Cake Bar Bakery Slicer

Used FoodTools Slicer with: Automatic sheet cake slicer Output: up to 150 cakes per hour Product size range: Up to 32 inches square Up to 5 inches high Portion size range:...

HSL-5HE-90-75 photo
UBE HSL-5HE-90-75 Stainless Steel Bread Slicer

Used UBE 90-75 Stainless Steel Band Bread Slicer with: Capacity: up to 75 loaves per minute, depending on the bread Slice thickness range: 3/8 - 5/8 of an inch Minimum loaf size: 6 inches long x 3 inches...

A330 photo
Bizerba A330 Automatic Meat Slicer

Used Bizerba A330 Bacon Slicer with: Automatic Meat Slicer Tabletop model Digital controls Product feed slider 12 inch diameter cutting blade Stainless steel construction Less shingling/takeaway...

G A photo
Urschel GA Stainless Slicer Strip Cutter and Dicer

Used Urschel Dicer with: Output: up to 13,000 pounds per hour, depending on product and cut Maximum product size: 5.5 inches in any dimension Types of cuts: Slices Dices Strip cuts...

Model M photo
Urschel M Belt Fed Dicer Strip Cutter Shredder

Used Urschel M Dicer Strip Cutter Shredder with: Versatile machine designed for dicing and strip cutting a variety of products including fresh, tempered frozen or cooked meat, poultry, fish, bread and greens...

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