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Cutter and slicer equipment cuts and processes various types of product using various styles of knives to reduce the size of the size of the product. This equipment is commonly used to process cheese, meat, fruits and vegetables, and other foods. Different blades and knives are used for different products depending on if the final product needs to be sliced, chopped, peeled, shredded, or some other type of process.

979-32 photo
Oliver 797 32 Bread Slicer with Bagger
Inventory #: D9519

Used Oliver Bread Slicer and Bagger with: Model 797-32 Slicer Output: up to 200 loaves per hour Maximum loaf size: Length: 16 inches Height: 5 inches Slice thickness: 0.75 inches...

MB 7/16 photo
Berkel Equipment MB 7/16 Counter top Bread Slicer
Inventory #: D9095

Used Berkel 7/16 slicer with: Slice thickness: 7/16 inch Counter top Slicing is completed in approximately 8 seconds per loaf depending on bread size and type Loaf dimensions: Length: 15.5...

VCM 44 A/1 photo
Berkel VCM 44 Stainless 47 Quart Vertical Cutter
Inventory #: D9094

Used Berkel Vertical Cutter with: Capacity: 47 quarts Rotates 90 degrees forward Stainless steel cover 1 Speed 7.5 horse power motor Knifes rotate : 1750 RPMs 99 minute digital timer

Blixer 23 photo
24 Quart Robot Coupe Blixer 23 Bowl Chopper
Inventory #: D8263

Used 24 quart Robot Coupe Blixer Bowl Chopper with: 0 - 15 minute timer 24 quart capacity Stainless steel 2 speeds 1800 rotations per minute 3600 rotations per minute 6...

HCM 150 photo
Hobart HCM450 Vertical 45 Quart Bowl Chopper
Inventory #: D9114

Used Hobart HCM450 Vertical 45 Quart Bowl Chopper with: Capacity: 45 quarts Knife speed: 1140 RPM 20 degree tilt 5 minute timer Hold and jog settings Stainless steel construction Electromechanical...

R60T photo
Robot Coupe R60T Mixer and Vertical Cutter
Inventory #: D9252

Used Robot Coupe Mixer/Cutter with: Bowl capacity: 63 quarts Speeds: 1800 / 3600 rotations per minute Utility/functions: Grinding Emulsion Kneading Coarse chopping Blades:...

SL-400 photo
Grasselli SL400 Inline Multi Blade Slicing System
Inventory #: D9181

Used Grasselli Slicer with: Applications - fresh: Fish Meats Poultry Slicing bar (inches): 15 wide x 4 high Adjustable cutter Fully guarded Chamber dimensions (inches): 11.8...

Roto Claw II photo
Reiser Roto Claw II Frozen Block Breaker Shredder
Inventory #: D9127

Used Reiser Frozen Block Breaker with: Application: breaking/shredding frozen blocks of meat, poultry & seafood Output: up to 10,000 pounds per hour Maximum block size: Width: 21 inches...

Puma 700 CE photo
Treif Puma 700 CE Stainless Steel Slicer
Inventory #: D9098

Used Treif Slicer with: Output: up to 200 cuts per minute Product: Cheese Boneless or bone-in meats Fresh or frozen Aperture (inches): 8.5 x 7 Cross-section of product (inches):...

T 2000 photo
Spirocut Equipment T 2000 Sprial Ham Slicer
Inventory #: D9047

Used Spirocut Slicer with: Output: 60 rotations per minute Cycle for 14 pound ham: 65 seconds Slice thickness: 0.16 inches Adjustable spring tension of blade Retractable blade guard...

Model J photo
Urschel Model J 5 Horsepower Stainless Steel Dicer
Inventory #: D8394

Used Urschel Model J Dicer with: 5 horsepower motor Conveyor belt width: 11 inches Delta VFD-B Variable frequency drive Digital VFD display Discharge height: 47 inches Stainless steel construction...

6801 photo
Hobart 6801 Stainless Steel Meat Bandsaw
Inventory #: D8988

Used Hobart Bandsaw with: Drive: 3 Horsepower fully enclosed motor Direct gear drive transmission Blade speed: 4150 feet per minute Cutting clearance: Depth: 15.75 inches Height:...

3334-SS FH photo
Biro 3334 SS FH Stainless Steel Bandsaw
Inventory #: D8650

Used Biro Bandsaw with: Applications: Fish Meat Throat depth: 15 inches Blade size: Length: 124 inches Width: .625 inches Thickness: .022 inches Blade speed: 4000 feet...

M photo
Urschel M Dicer Strip Cutter and Shredder
Inventory #: D8666

Used Urschel Dicer with: Application: heavy duty dicer for fresh, frozen or tempered & cooked meats, poultry and fish Output: up to 4,500 pounds per hour Belt feed: Speed: up to 381...

3334 photo
BIRO 3334 Stainless Steel Band Saw
Inventory #: D8250

Used Biro 3334 Band Saw with: Throat depth: 15 inches Carriage dimensions: 17 inches x 25.5 inches Stationary table dimensions: 38 inches x 18.5 inches Standard blade: 124 inches long x .625 inches...

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