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Caloritech Engineered Electric Heat Unit w Control
Inventory #: C9421

Used Caloritech Engineered Electric Heat Unit w Control with: Previously used to heat tallow to a semi-liquid form MAWP: 150 PSI at 500 degrees Fahrenheit MDMT: -20 degrees Fahrenheit at 150 PSI ...

Cyclone photo
Sealed Air Cyclone Inflatable Packaging System
Inventory #: D2155

Used Sealed Air Inflatable Packaging System with: Produces 65 feet of inflatable void fulled cushions per minute No shop air required: just plug in and load with film to begin Film is available in four...

P600SPEC-SHA photo
Vapor Compression P600SPEC-SHA Distilling Plant
Inventory #: D1406

Used Vapor Compression P600SPEC-SHA Distilling Plant with: Capacity: 600 gallons per hour 3 immersion heaters Digital control panel Steel construction

WT4000 photo
Foamatic WT4000 Walk-Through Sanitizer
Inventory #: D1325

Used Foamatic WT4000 Walk-Through Sanitizer with: HACCP approved to prevent cross contamination Automatic on/off upon entering and exiting Over all dimensions: 53 inches wide x 43 inches high x 36 inches...

Stainless Steel Pasteurizing System
Inventory #: D1703

Used Stainless Steel Pasteurizing System with: Heat exchange 3-way diverter valves 50 gallon over-flow tank Stainless steel construction 3 horse power pump

Clean-Out-Of-Place (COP) Parts Washer
Inventory #: D1593

Used Clean-Out-Of-Place Parts Washer with: Steam injection 304 Stainless steel construction Overall Dimensions: 72 inches long x 24 inches Wide x 41 inches height Adjustable leveling feet

8525CN100A1100 photo
Thermco 8525 Food Packaging Gas Mixer
Inventory #: D1489

Used Thermco Food Packaging Gas Mixer with: Flowrate: 0-750 SCFH Accuracy: +2 percent carbon dioxide over 50 degrees to 80 degrees fahrenheit (15-27 degrees celsius) temperature range +3 percent...

MD1532HD photo
Hobart MG1532 Mixer Grinder
Inventory #: D1197

Used Hobart MG1532 Mixer Grinder with: Foot pedal New bearings, oil seals, and belts Capacity: 150 pounds depending on the type of product Can be used on fresh or frozen meat Counterbalanced...

00PSN800012803 photo
Carrier 00PSN800012803 Air Conditioning System
Inventory #: C8693

Used Carrier 00PSN800012803 Air Conditioning System with: Requires R-134A coolant Maximum allowable working pressure: 220 PSI Minimum design metal temperature: -20 degrees Fahrenheit Steel construction...

6561PM photo
Josef Kilhberg 6561PM Stappler
Inventory #: C8651

Used Josef Kilhberg 6561PM Stappler with: Foot pedal operation Previously used to staple straps together

EHT82MC photo
Stanley Bostitch EHT82MC Stapler
Inventory #: C9847

Used Stanley Bostitch EHT82MC Stapler with: Working surface dimensions: 21 inches wide x 16.75 inches long Feed height: 43.25 inches Foot petal controls Steel construction

502T2 photo
Boy 50T2 50 Ton Injection Molding Machine
Inventory #: C9413

Used Boy 50T2 50 Ton Injection Molding Machine with: 50 Tons of closing force 83,138 hours Brand new never used mold head Hydraulic closing Platen inside tie bars 305 x 305 millimeters Max...

Commercial Water Softener System
Inventory #: C9816

Used Commercial Water Softener System with: Application: Removal of calcium and magnesium compounds in water Eliminates scaling in piping, process equipment and heat exchange systems ...

Manitoba Machine Semi-Automatic MDF Panel Cutter
Inventory #: C9776

Used Manitoba Machine Semi-Automatic MDF Wood Panel Cutter with: Application: Cuts panels of MDF or wood into strips, then pieces Programmable board for sizes Manually Feed the sheet on to the platform,...

Fred 02 photo
Diversitech Fred 02 Dual Arm Fume Extractor
Inventory #: C9774

Used Diversitech Fred 02 Dual Arm Fume Extractor with: Application: eliminating smoke, dust and fumes from the air Portable, on casters Removes particulates as small as 0.5 micron with MERV 15 rated...

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