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We have buyers needing the specific equipment below.

If you have any of the following equipment, or similar, available for sale, please contact the SIGMA Sales Team or click to submit your equipment online. Wanted requests are active for 30 days or until found.

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Item Needed Category Added
Fuji Formost FW3400 Horizontal Flow WrapperPrint Registered Film Flow Wrapper/ Horizontal Flow Wrapper/ Wrapper9/13/2017Sell Print Registered Film Flow Wrapper
Bobst Alpina 130-A3 Automatic Folder/GluerPrinting Industry9/13/2017Sell Printing Industry
United Silicone Wraparound Labeler for ArrowsWraparound Pressure Sensitive/ Pressure Sensitive Labeler/ Labeler9/13/2017Sell Wraparound Pressure Sensitive
Technogel Mantegel 50 Batch FreezerChiller, Cooler, Freezer, and Refrigerator9/13/2017Sell Chiller, Cooler, Freezer, and Refrigerator
Stick Pack Machine for Semi-Viscous Liquids, 1ozLiquid and Paste Filler VFFS/ Vertical Form Fill Seal/ Form, Fill and Seal9/12/2017Sell Liquid and Paste Filler VFFS
Mactec MT125X Blister Packaging MachineInline Blister Sealer/ Blister Sealer/ Blister Clamshell and Skin Packaging9/12/2017Sell Inline Blister Sealer
Werner and Pfleiderer Combi U Long MoulderMoulder/ Bakery Equipment9/12/2017Sell Moulder
Deck Oven 53 - 160 Square Feet Baking AreaDeck Oven/ Oven9/11/2017Sell Deck Oven
Marel CG60 Compact Grader6+ Inches Checkweigher Belt Width/ Checkweigher, Belt/ Product Inspection9/11/2017Sell 6+ Inches Checkweigher Belt Width
Glue Cartoner for Cajun MixesCartoner and Sleever and Tri-Seal9/11/2017Sell Cartoner and Sleever and Tri-Seal
Videojet Excel 2000 Opaque PrinterInk Jet Coder/ Coder9/11/2017Sell Ink Jet Coder
Roberts 1500 or 1250 HFFS Rollstock Pouch BaggerHorizontal Pouch HFFS/ Horizontal Form Fill Seal/ Form, Fill and Seal9/11/2017Sell Horizontal Pouch HFFS
Syntron MF 400 Vibratory FeederIngredient Feeder/ Feeder9/11/2017Sell Ingredient Feeder
Cincinnati Milacron 250T Injection MolderInjection Molding9/11/2017Sell Injection Molding
Ross or Myers 200 Gallon Double Planetary Mixer200+ Quarts Planetary Mixer/ Planetary Mixer/ Mixer and Blender9/8/2017Sell 200+ Quarts Planetary Mixer
Shrink Sleeve Tunnel w/Aperture 8" wide x 10" tallShrink Sleeve Heat Tunnel/ Shrink Sleever9/8/2017Sell Shrink Sleeve Heat Tunnel
Buhler SFL1300 or SFG1300 Chocolate Refiner 5 RollMill9/7/2017Sell Mill
Taylor Products TE-10 Net Weigh BaggerVibratory Feeder - Linear/ Feeder9/7/2017Sell Vibratory Feeder - Linear
Econocorp E2000 End Load CartonerHorizontal End Load Cartoner/ Cartoner and Sleever and Tri-Seal9/6/2017Sell Horizontal End Load Cartoner
Arpac VT 122272 Heat TunnelHeat Shrink Tunnel/ Shrink Equipment9/6/2017Sell Heat Shrink Tunnel
Lock Ferrocheck Metal Detector Differentiates AlumMetal Detector, Conveyor/ Product Inspection9/6/2017Sell Metal Detector, Conveyor
Ever Roll EC-701 Auto Uniform Carton SealerTop and Bottom Manual Case Taper/ Manual and Semi Automatic Case Taper/ Case Sealer, Tape9/6/2017Sell Top and Bottom Manual Case Taper
Doboy Scotty II 2 Up Print Reg. Flow WrapperPrint Registered Film Flow Wrapper/ Horizontal Flow Wrapper/ Wrapper9/6/2017Sell Print Registered Film Flow Wrapper
15' Long Auger Conveyor with 10hp MotorAuger Conveyor/ Conveyor9/6/2017Sell Auger Conveyor
Arpac L-26 , Automatic L-Bar SealerL-Bar Sealer, Automatic/ Shrink Equipment9/6/2017Sell L-Bar Sealer, Automatic

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