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This type of bakery equipment shapes dough to create consistent food products. Moulders can produce high volumes of product at a time and easily adjust for a variety of products. They shape the dough by either rolling or using a stamp or press. This equipment can be used for breads, cookies, pastries, and other bakery products.

R 265 B photo
Cappelletti R 265 B Tortellini Machine 3 Punch
Inventory #: G6920

Used Cappelletti R 265 B with: Application: production of tortelloni pasta Tortelloni die Hopper included Stuffer auger not included

CG/300 photo
Polin CG-300 Bagel Former 4000 Bagels per Hour
Inventory #: G6087

Used Polin CG-300 Bagel Former with: Stainless steel construction Casters Can do approximately 4000 bagels per hour Can do from 1 ounce to 5 ounce bagels Adjustable pressure molding plate...

DP1100 photo
Doughpro DP1100 Manual Pizza Dough Press
Inventory #: G6916

Used Doughpro DP1100 with: Manual pizza dough press Presses up to an 18 inch crust Dough thickness: paper thin up to 0.25 inch thick Manually operated, no motor or compressors required Counter...

DXA photo
DoughXPress DXA Air Automatic Pizza Dough Press
Inventory #: G6915

Used DoughXPress DXA with: Commercial air-automatic pizza dough press No flour needed Heated upper platen Variable thickness control Production: 18 inch platen allows for making variable crust...

38B-XL photo
Bloemhof 38B XL Conveyor Moulder
Inventory #: G6312

Used Bloemhof Moulder with: Applications/ideal for: Baguettes Hoagies Soft Pretzels Bagels Bread sticks Belt width: 38 inches Moulding plate: 38 inches wide Rollers: 3.5 inches...

HLT-700XL photo
Anko HLT 700 XL SS Filling and Forming Machine
Inventory #: G6258

Used Anko Filler & Former with: Application: filling & forming various filled dough products Output: 3,000 - 30,000 pieces per hour, depending on product Product applications include: ...

Omatic Minor photo
Crypto Peerless Omatic Minor 5 Head Pie Press
Inventory #: G6234

Used Crypto Peerless Omatic Minor Pie Press with: 5 station rotary pie press Manual and automatic modes Guarding Previously used for 7 centimeter diameter pies

CG102 photo
Cinelli Esperia CG102 2 Pocket Stamper Former
Inventory #: G6008

Used Cinelli Esperia Stamper with: Capacity/output: up to 4,000 pieces per hour Dough portion range: Minimum: 1 ounce Maximum: 4 ounces Includes discharge conveyor Stainless steel...

FPM photo
Benier FBM Stainless Steel French Bread Moulder
Inventory #: G6007

Used Benier Moulder with: French bread moulder Capacity/output: up to 1,800 pieces per hour, depending on dough type Process range: Minimum: 6 ounces Maximum: 3 pounds Conveyor width:...

Lombi Ravioli Machine for 1.75" x 1.75" Ravioli
Inventory #: G4821

Used Lombi Ravioli Machine for 1.75" x 1.75" Ravioli with: 6 spout ravioli machine Produces 1.75 inch x 1.75 inch ravioli Produces approximately 1200 pounds per hour with 3 operators, 500...

Quadro-Fit photo
Kemper Quadro-Fit Ciabatta Square Bun Moulder
Inventory #: G2157

Used Kemper Quadro-Fit Ciabatta Square Bun Moulder with: Kemper quadro fit bun roll line with humidification and sprinkle equipment Suitable for square buns and Ciabatta Includes 4 different cutting...

C6/300L photo
Polin C6/300L Semi Automatic Bagel Former
Inventory #: G3515

Used Polin C6/300L Semi Automatic 1-5 Ounce Bagel Former with: Approximately 4000 bagels per hour 1 ounce to 5 ounce bagels - extra sets forming shoes - 2oz, 3.5-4oz, mini bagel Adjustable pressure...

Quadro photo
Kemper Quadro 5 Row Square Dough Line
Inventory #: G2640

Used Kemper Quadro 5 Row Square Dough Line with: 5 row line Dough weight: 25 - 150 gram (0.88 - 5.29 ounces) Up to 10,000 pieces per hour

FAC3000 photo
ABS FAC3000 French Bread Long Baguette Moulder
Inventory #: G1813

Used ABS FAC3000 French Bread Long Baguette Moulder with: Produces 1 to 1.5 pound loaves Long moulder Previously ran white and rye doughs Previously used for baguettes

Rondo Bakery Equipment 19" x 19" Dough Press
Inventory #: D9941

Used Rondo Dough Press with: Auto cycle Manual up/down Casters Press board dimensions: 19 inches x 19 inches

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