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This type of bakery equipment shapes dough to create consistent food products. Moulders can produce high volumes of product at a time and easily adjust for a variety of products. They shape the dough by either rolling or using a stamp or press. This equipment can be used for breads, cookies, pastries, and other bakery products.

300 photo
Dial O Matic 300 Pie Press with 8 Inch Pie Dies
Inventory #: G6488

Used Dial O Matic 300 Pie Press with 8 Inch Pie Dies with: Heated die press presses uniform shells without the need for flour dusting or greasing and without scrap dough Current pan size: approximately...

LT1800BH photo
AM Manufacturing LT1800BH Pizza Dough Press
Inventory #: G6641

Used AM Manufacturing LT1800BH Pizza Dough Press with: Press force: up to 1000 PSI Pizza crust size range: 5 inches to 16 inches in diameter Fully adjustable dwell time Temperature range: ambient...

C6412000-6 photo
Cinelli Esperia C6412000-6 Ciabatta Moulder
Inventory #: G7219

Used Cinelli Esperia Ciabatta Moulder with: 30 kg (66.14 pounds) dough capacity Perfect for dough with up to 90% water Independent adjustable working speed for up and down conveyor Vibrator option...

C61DRAS2+2 photo
Cinelli Burger Bun Rounder and Moulder
Inventory #: G7220

Used Cinelli Rounder and Moulder with: Dual drum to make small size (20 grams to 45 grams) and larger size (45 grams to 200 grams) 35 kg (77.16 pound) dough capacity hopper Could be used with the moulder...

TXM-SS-220U photo
Hix Corporation TXM-SS-220U XPRESS Dough Press
Inventory #: G7446

Used Hix Corporation TXM-SS-220U XPRESS Dough Press with: Heated dough press All stainless steel food grade construction Table top design Pressing surface dimensions: 21 inches x 17 inches Wing...

Combi E photo
WP Combi E Long Moulder 1,500 Pieces Per Hour
Inventory #: G7349

Used WP Combi E Long Moulder with: Weight range: 200 to 2000 grams Maximum capacity: 1,500 pieces per hour, depending on product weight Suitable for wheat, wheat/rye doughs (up to 60% rye) Precise...

HLT-700XL /EA-100K photo
Anko SS Filling and Forming Production Line
Inventory #: G7245

Used Anko Filling & Forming Line with: Application: filling & forming various filled dough products Product applications include: Ravioli Samosa Dumpling Fry dumpling Plus others...

R 265 B photo
Cappelletti R 265 B Tortellini Machine 3 Punch
Inventory #: G6920

Used Cappelletti R 265 B with: Application: production of tortelloni pasta Tortelloni die Hopper included Stuffer auger not included

CG/300 photo
Polin CG-300 Bagel Former 4000 Bagels per Hour
Inventory #: G6087

Used Polin CG-300 Bagel Former with: Stainless steel construction Casters Can do approximately 4000 bagels per hour Can do from 1 ounce to 5 ounce bagels Adjustable pressure molding plate...

DP1100 photo
Doughpro DP1100 Manual Pizza Dough Press
Inventory #: G6916

Used Doughpro DP1100 with: Manual pizza dough press Presses up to an 18 inch crust Dough thickness: paper thin up to 0.25 inch thick Manually operated, no motor or compressors required Counter...

DXA photo
DoughXPress DXA Air Automatic Pizza Dough Press
Inventory #: G6915

Used DoughXPress DXA with: Commercial air-automatic pizza dough press No flour needed Heated upper platen Variable thickness control Production: 18 inch platen allows for making variable crust...

HLT-700XL photo
Anko HLT 700 XL SS Filling and Forming Machine
Inventory #: G6258

Used Anko Filler & Former with: Application: filling & forming various filled dough products Output: 3,000 - 30,000 pieces per hour, depending on product Product applications include: ...

Omatic Minor photo
Crypto Peerless Omatic Minor 5 Head Pie Press
Inventory #: G6234

Used Crypto Peerless Omatic Minor Pie Press with: 5 station rotary pie press Manual and automatic modes Guarding Dies are 70 mm diameter x 10 mm deep

CG102 photo
Cinelli Esperia CG102 2 Pocket Stamper Former
Inventory #: G6008

Used Cinelli Esperia Stamper with: Capacity/output: up to 4,000 pieces per hour Dough portion range: Minimum: 1 ounce Maximum: 4 ounces Includes discharge conveyor Stainless steel...

FPM photo
Benier FBM Stainless Steel French Bread Moulder
Inventory #: G6007

Used Benier Moulder with: French bread moulder Capacity/output: up to 1,800 pieces per hour, depending on dough type Process range: Minimum: 6 ounces Maximum: 3 pounds Conveyor width:...

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