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A bakery proofer is a piece of equipment that warms the air around yeast dough, allowing it to rise at the proper temperature. The temperature must be warm enough to encourage fermentation, yet cool enough that the dough does not bake. This temperature range is typically 70-115 degrees Fahrenheit. A proofer also maintains proper humidity. A proofer can be used for the first rise of dough, known as bulk fermentation, or the final rise.

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PRO L2232G photo
Benier USA PRO L2232G Proofer

Used Benier USA PRO L2232G Proofer with: Capacities: up to 2,250 pieces per hour Dough weights: 100 to 1,200 grams Net loading: 192 pieces Sliding collecting trays in the lower frame ...

Proofer 2 Door photo
Baker's Aid 2 Door Stainless Steel Proofer

Used Baker's Aid 2 Door Proofer with: Moist air high humidity coills Refrigerant: R22 INterior dimensions: 29 inches deep x 30 inches wide Electrical: 115 volts / 1phase / 60 hz / 20 amp...

Bakers Aide 27" W x 28 L x 71" H Retarder Proofer

Used Bakers Aide Retarder Proofer with: Capacity: 1 Single Rack Stainless Steel Construction Electric Specs: 208-220v/60Hhz/1ph Interior Dimensios: 27 inches wide x 28 inches deep x 71 inches...

TM600 photo
Belshaw TM600 Stainless In Line Donut Proofer

Used Belshaw TM600 Donut Proofer with: Electronically controlled proofer environment Basket dimensions: 24 inches wide x 4 inches long Basket capacity: 6 donuts per basket Automatically controlled proofing...

F7V3-2R-7M60--5/7-RD photo
Farhat Pita Bread Proofer and Sheeter

Used Farhat Pita Bread Proofer and Sheeter with: Proofer to sheeter line: Hopper Depositor/divider Proofer Sheeter Final proofer Production: 600-800 pieces/hour Weight: 1,900...

WB7000 photo
Convotherm WB7000 Holding Proofing Cabinet

Used Convotherm WB7000 Holding Proofing Cabinet with: 218,400 BTU per hour Steam generator: 109,200 BTU per hour Natural gas 8 sets tray slides with 27 adjustable slots Insulaed split doors ...

670052 photo
Kemper Intermediate 670052 Overhead Proofer

Used Kemper Intermediate 670052 Overhead Proofer with: Output: up to 1,480 pieces per hour (depending on product) # of pockets: 420 Dough weight range: 200 grams to 1,200 grams Number of...

4001-H photo
McCall 4001-H Stainless Steel 38 Cubic Foot Proofer

Used McCall Proofer with: Capacity: 38 cubic feet (approximately) Internal dimensions: Width: 26 inches Depth: 26 inches Height: 66.5 inches Max temperature: up to 160° F Stainless...

ER236 photo
Doyon ER236 Double Door Roll-In Rack Proofer Retarder

Used Doyon Proofer Retarder with: Capacity: 2 single roll-in racks Includes: 1/4" Water inlet Heat & humidity control Electronic countdown timer Proofer temperature range:...

LBC Bakery Equipment LRP2 2 Door Stainless Steel Proofer

Used LBC Proofer with: 2 Door proofer Capacity: 4 Single racks Or 2 double racks Inside dimensions: Width: 68 inches Depth: 38 inches Height: 86 inches Stainless...

Hobart/Vulcan 4 Rack Roll-in Proofer

Used Hobart/Vulcan Proofer with: Capacity: 2 Door 4 Roll-in racks Includes interior lights Water line connection Adjustable temperature control Electrical specs: 220 volts, 60...

PR014111L photo
Benier PR014111L Intermediate Proofer

Used Benier Intermediate Proofer with: Maximum proofer operating speed: 1,000 pieces per hour depending on materials and application Infeed style: single spacer Process range: Maximum: 3 pounds Minimum:...

S64803D1073020 photo
Accutemp S64803D1073020 Steamer

Used Accutemp S64803D1073020 Steamer with: Water shield 12 pan capacity Width: 12 inches Length: 20 inches Height: 2.5 inches 8 pan capacity Width: 12 inches Length: 20 inches ...

LRPR1 photo
LBC LRPR1 Roll in Proofer

Used LBC Roll In Proofer With: Output: 7000 BTU per hour Single door Programmable start times Digital temperature readout interior light

30 Foot Long x 62 Wide Proofer

Used Proofer with: Approximate dimensions: Length: 30 feet Internal width: 62 inches Two Baldor fan motors Exhaust piping

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