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A bakery proofer is a piece of equipment that warms the air around yeast dough, allowing it to rise at the proper temperature. The temperature must be warm enough to encourage fermentation, yet cool enough that the dough does not bake. This temperature range is typically 70-115 degrees Fahrenheit. A proofer also maintains proper humidity. A proofer can be used for the first rise of dough, known as bulk fermentation, or the final rise.

031030GA photo
Anderson & Dahlen Pocket Dough Divider and Proofer
Inventory #: G6106

Used Anderson and Dahlen Pocket Divider with: Speeds up to 50 strokes/minute Capacity up to 18,000 pieces per hour Fully adjustable hydraulic main piston, assuring accurate scaling with minimal dough...

LRP1-40 photo
LBC LRP1-40 Single Door Single Rack Proofer
Inventory #: G6299

Used LBC LRP1-40 Single Door Single Rack Proofer with: Rack capacity: 1 side load single rack or 1 end load single rack Inside dimensions: 33 inches long x 35 inches wide x 33 inches high Overall dimensions:...

BAR 30/280 photo
Bartech BAR 30/280 Overhead Proofer 20 Ounce Balls
Inventory #: G3991

Used Bartech BAR 30/280 Overhead Proofer with: 280 baskets Infeed on the right side Pocket measurements: 5.75 inch diameter, 3 inches deep Previously used for pie dough and breads Largest dough...

175-120-B photo
Cres Cor 175-120-B Hot Cabinets
Inventory #: G2957

Used Cres Cor 175-120-B Hot Cabinets with: Application: holding temperature of prepped foods for banquets or other catered events Interior dimensions: 51 inches tall x 4 feet wide x 2 feet deep Each...

XOP-4 photo
Nu-Vu XOP-4 Stainless Steel Oven and Proofer
Inventory #: G2929

Used Nu-Vu XOP-4 Oven and Proofer with: V-Air technology Vented dual pane oven door AutoMist humidity system in proofer - eliminates the need for a water pan or reservoir Closed loop humidity control...

DCA Food Industries 20" Wide Donut Proofer
Inventory #: G2203

Used DCA Food Industries Donut Proofer with: Previous application: Donuts Proofing tray width: 20 inches Steal wire mesh belt Belt width: 20.5 inches Stainless steel construction

M158 photo
Baxter M158 Double Door Proofer
Inventory #: G1578

Used Baxter M158 Double Door Proofer with: Fits 6 rows of racks, 3 accross (racks not included) Direct feed water source Temperature range: 65 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit Humidity range: 65 to 99 ...

RP100 photo
Baxter RP100 Stainless Steel Retarder Proofer
Inventory #: G1026

Used Baxter RP100 Stainless Steel Retarder Proofer with: Stainless steel construction Modular design Digital controls Programmable 24-hour timer for bake-off up to one week in advance Space-saving...

TZ-17 photo
Belshaw TZ-17 18 Rack 28.5" x 24" Pan Proofer
Inventory #: D9940

Used Belshaw Proofer with: 18 racks 3 inch rack spacing Steam operated Mounted on casters Rack dimensions (inches): 28.5 depth x 24.5 width Overal inside dimensions (inches): 29 depth x 25...

MUSG photo
Gemini KB System Proofer and Dough Divider
Inventory #: D8162Featured

Used Gemini KB System Proofer and Dough Divider with: Gemini KB System 4RI Proofer Proofer pockets: 3.5 inches wide Belt width: 18 inches Discharge height: 38 inches Allen-Bradley Panel...

BXPR2-M30 photo
Baxter BXPR2 M30 Two Door Proofer Retarder
Inventory #: D6981

Used Baxter Proofer with: Capacity: 2 single racks or 1 double rack Door opening width: 51 inches Electrick specs: 2 supplies required Self contained refrigeration unit Condensing unit: 6,250...

CG482/1000 photo
G. Cinelli CG482/1000 Over Head 4 Pocket Proofer
Inventory #: D5294Featured

Used G. Cinelli CG482/1000 Proofer with: Over head design 4 pockets per row $ inch diameter pockets Discharge height: 48.75 inches Push-button type controls Stainless steel contact parts ...

PC151DD photo
Baxter PC151DD Single Rack Proofer Retarder
Inventory #: D5696

Used Baxter Proofer/Retarder with: Single rack proofer Interior depth: 38 inches Stainless steel construction Overall dimensions: 38 inches wide x 49 inches deep x 101.5 inches high

Baxter 2 Door Stainless Steel Proofer
Inventory #: D4834Featured

Used Baxter Proofer with: Stainless steel construction Modular design Digital controls Perfect compliment to rotating rack or revolving tray oven Individual rack timers Easy access humidity...

Hobart Proofing Cabinet
Inventory #: D1215

Used Hobart Proofing Cabinet with: Variable humidity controls Variable temperature controls 11 shelves Stainless steel construction

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