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A Depositor portions dough, fillings, and batters onto moving or stationary lines. This type of equipment can be used for soft doughs to make spritz or drop cookies. A depositor can be paired with a guillotine to slice hard dough as it is extruded. Depositors can use pneumatic, pistons, servo/pistons and pumps to flow content through the unit.

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6P-08A photo
Hinds-Bock 6P-08A Six Piston Batter Depositor

Used Hinds-Bock Depositor with: 6 piston valves Size range: 1 - 8 ounces (with proper change parts) 40 gallon stainless hopper Air operated piston filler Mounted over a conveyor ...

Food Spray Application System photo
Unifiller Compact Depositor with Spray System

Used Unifiller Depositor with: 3-Spot spray system Conveyor: Length: 72 inches Width: 12 inches Height: 40 inches Vinyl smooth belt Product hopper: Electrically heated 220...

5P-08WT photo
Hinds Bock 5P08WT SS Tabletop Muffin Depositor

Used Hinds Bock Depositor with: Output: up to 1,200 muffin deposits per hour Deposit volume: Minimum: 2 ounces Maximum: 8 ounces Cylinders can be "ganged" for greater weight per deposit...

SP-160 photo
Hinds Bock SP-160 Piston Depositor Fill Station

Used Hinds Bock SP-160 Piston Depositor Fill Station with: Hopper: Capacity: 20 gallons Diameter: 27 inches Height: 25 inches Adjustable fill volume: 32 - 160 oz per...

65-S photo
Champion 65 S Wire Cut Cookie Depositor

Used Champion Depositor with: Output: 35 - 70 strokes per minutue Stainless steel hopper: Capacity: 30 quarts Dimensions (inches): 16 long x 9 wide x 10.75 deep Includes (7)...

WPD0628CA photo
Fedco Peerless WPD0628CA 6-Spot Depositor

Used Fedco Peerless WPD0628CA 6-Spot Depositor with: Cantilever design, sits over an existing conveyor line Height clearance: 37 inches Hopper dimensions: 46 inches long x 31 inches wide x 19 inches...

4P-01S photo
Hinds-Bock 4P-01S High Speed Meal Kit Depositor

Used Hinds-Bock 4P-01S High Speed Meal Kit Depositor with: Designed for the high speed depositing of sauce pellets for meal kits and for the high speed depositing of sauce, condiments and fillings into thermo...

27 Inch Wide Wire Cut Depositor

Used Wire Cut Depositor with: 27 inch roller 5 horsepower motors (2) In-feed opening: 28 inches long x 29.5 inches wide height: 72 inches Discharge opening:...

PF-10 photo
Fedco PF-10 Stainless Steel Piston Depositor

Used Fedco PF-10 Stainless Steel Piston Depositor with: Hopper capacity: 23 gallons Stroke: 10 inches Piston diameter: 3.5 inches Discharge height: 50 inches Throat depth: 14 inches Air...

Multidrop CE46MTR/FCC II photo
Polin CE-46-MTR-FCC II Multidrop Cookie Depositor
Can Rent

Used Polin CE-46-MTR-FCC II Multidrop Cookie Depositor with: Used multi drop machine designed to drop, inject or extrude dough Perfect for a multitude of products from cookies to biscotti Fully programmable...

FG-60-6 photo
Fritsch FG-60-6 Dough Depositor

Used Fritsch FG-60-6 Dough Depositor with: 6 head dough depositor Pistons force product through depositing heads, missing one piston Cantilever design, easily fits over pre-existing production line...

6P-08 photo
Hinds Bock 6P08 Depositor with Denester and Cupper

Used Hinds Bock Denester and Depositor with: Tray denester with reciprocating vacuum picker Tray dimensions: 12.5 inches wide x 16.75 inches long Precision Automated Cup Denester ...

HANDY photo
Magna HANDY Single Lane Wire Cut Dough Depositor

Used Magna HANDY Depositor with: Wire dough cutting Stainless steel hopper Hopper capacity: 20 quarts Single Lane Maximum tray width: 19 inches Rubber conveyor belts Table length: 72 inches...

Multidrop photo
Polin Multidrop Compact 46 FL Junior Depositor

Used Polin Depositor with: Output: Up to 20 strokes per minute 20 strokes x 8 nozzles: 160 deposits per minute Pump head for soft doughs PLC touch screen controls Wire cut attachment...

YX1200 photo
Colborne SS Semi Automatic Strip Pump Depositor

Used Colborne Depositor with: Single nozzle depositor Includes: Jabsco Hy-Line pump Foot pedal Product hopper: 22 x 24 inches Allen Bradley SLC 500 PLC Allen Bradley DTAM Plus controller...

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