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This type of equipment takes a large quantity of dough and divides it into pieces of equal weight and/or volume. Dividers are fed large quantities of dough into a gravity hopper where the dough is metered into the divider chamber or extruder, depending on the specific design. Dough dividers come in a variety of number of pockets, producing from 1 to 20 individual dough pieces.

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B8411 photo
Benier B84 Single Pocket Automatic Dough Divider

Used Benier B84 Single Pocket Automatic Dough Divider with: Output: Up to 1500 pieces per hour Scaling range: Minimum: 1 ounce Maximum: 38 ounces Stainless steel hopper Hopper capacity: 130 pounds...

S400 photo
AM Manufacturing Scale O Matic S400 Stainless Steel Dough Divider and Rounder

Used AM Manufacturing Dough Divider and Rounder with: The original Scale-O-Matic model S400 from A.M. Manufacturing company is a single pocket automatic dough divider / rounder combination that will accurately...

Parta SN photo
Werner and Pfleiderer Parta SN Stainless Steel Dough Divider

Used WP Parta SN Dough Divider with: Output: 500-1600 strokes per hour Portion weight: Single pocket mode: 7 - 63.5 ounces Dual pocket mode: 1.75 - 17.5 ounces Hopper Capacity: 135lbs Conveyor...

CGU/4000 photo
Cinelli CGU/4000 Stainless Steel Single Rotary Knife Dough Divider

Used Cinelli CGU/4000 Dough Divider with: Output: up to 4,000 pieces per hour, depending on materials Weight range: between 43-171 grams depending on dough specifications (4) Caster wheels Electrical...

RK4200 photo
AM Manufacturing RK4200 Dual Bank Rotary Knife Bagel Divider/Former

The model RK4200 is a dual bank rotating knife divider. It can acheive rates of 11,600 pieces per hour (depending on application). Its versatile, yet simple design make it both labor saving and cost effective....

Imperator-II photo
Emil Kemper Imperator II Dough Divider

Used Kemper Dough Divider with: Output: 800 pieces per hour Hopper capacity: approx 100 kilograms Weight range: 300 to 1,800 grams depending on dough

DKM photo
Oshikiri DKM 6 Pocket Dough Divider

Used Oshikiri DKM Dough Divider with: Output: 3,600 to 9,000 pieces per hour Scaling weight range: 8 ounces to 37 ounces Strokes per hour: 10 - 25 stepless variable 6 pockets Stainless steel...

PBD-6,PBD 6 photo
Peerless PBD 6 Bread and Dough Divider

Used Peerless PBD 6 Bread and Dough Divider with: Stainless steel Hopper: 28 inches long x 26 inches depth x 16 inches width Roller width: ...

CGU-16000 photo
Cinelli Esperia Inc. CGU 16000 Ciabatta Machine

Used Cinelli Esperia Inc. CGU 16000 Ciabatta Machine with: Automatic divider operation with (4) four rows Portion weight range: 1 to 5.5 ounces 28 to 156 grams Digital controls ...

KSF-300S photo
Excellent KSF-300S Bagel Former

Used Excellent KSF-300S Bagel Former with: Speed: up to 4000 bagels per hour (depending on product specifications) Single divider and former Forming horn diameter: 5 inches Max belt width: 10 inches...

Classic Rex photo
Konig Classic Rex 5 Lane Stainless Steel Automatic Dough Divider, Rounder, And Panner

Used Konig Dough Divider And Rounder: Gentle dividing of dough by means of dough pusher and dividing pistons Nominal hourly capacity: up to 7500 pieces (5 lanes), 6000 pieces (4 lanes) depending on application...

CG/300 photo
Cinelli CG/300 Stainless Steel Bagel Rolling Machine

Used Cinelli Bagel Rolling Machine with: Production speed: up to 300 dozen per hour, depending on application End product: 1 - 5 ounces, with change parts Packing volume: 78.5 cubic feet Infeed...

ABSHDD20 photo
ABS Hydraulic 20 Portion Dough Divider

Used ABS Dough Divider with: Capacity: 20 Part divider 16 Kilograms or 35 pounds dough Dough weight range: 100 - 800 grams 3.5 - 28 ounces Stainless steel panels &...

CG/VBD2 photo
G. Cinelli CG/VBD2 Stainless Steel Volumetric Dough Divider

Used G. Cinelli Volumetric Dough Divider: Production rate: up to 1200 pieces per hour depending on product size Dough weight range: Minimum: 7 ounces Maximum: 60.5 ounces Automatic ...

PC20 photo
Panirecord PC20 Dough Divider

Used Dough Divider with: Output: up to 1000 pieces an hour at 20 divisions Number of divisions: 20 Division size: Length: 120 millimeters Width: 80 millimeters Dough piece weight...

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