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Lamination refers to the process of alternating layers of dough and butter and is often used in pastry baking. Generally, butter is spread on a thin layer of the dough, and then the dough is folded and rolled out repeatedly to create many alternating layers. Many laminators put little to no stress on the dough while reducing the amount of dusting flour needed and helping achieve more volume during the bake. Stress-free dough feeding systems allow you to gently feed the dough through reduction rollers thereby limiting stress and damage to the dough itself.

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12 Ft x 5 ft Laminator

Used Laminator with: Production speed: approximately 18 feet per minute Working surface dimensions: Length: 12 feet Width: 5 feet Analog controls Painted steel construction Air...

Rheon Dough Laminating and Stretching System

Used Rheon Dough Laminating and Stretching System with: Pile Up Table Model number: PC 011 Serial number: 166 Parallel Piler Model number: LM 404 Serial number:...

Black Bros Co. Hot Roll Paper Laminator

Used Black Bros Co. lamniator with: Roller dimensions: Length: 48 inches Diameter (3): 7 inches 6 inches 2 inches (2) Motors: 1.5 horsepower Stainless Steel...

Siama Pasta Laminator With 75 Pound Mixing Tank

Used Siama Pasta Laminator with: 75 pound mixing tank Last used for: fresh pasta sheets Operation type: semi-automatic Maximum Dough sheet width: 11.8 inches Layer capacity: 1

MM System photo
Rheon MM System SS Laminator and Piler Line

Used Rheon Laminator Line with: Rheon MM303 Laminator/Sheeter: Output: up to 3,300 pounds per hour Belt width: 18 inches Independent hoppers for dough and shortening Motor: 200v, 7.985kw ...

GB 4/3 photo
Griggio GB 4 3 Automatic Edgebander

Used Griggio Edgebander with: Applications: PVC ABS Veneer Laminated Solid Wood Feed speed: 26 feet per minute Speed: up to 26 feet per minute Edgeband thickness range: 0.015 - 0.12 inches...

Complete Laminator and Mixer

Used Complete Laminator and Mixer: Previously used for danish pastry, 2 tiers

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