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Bakery equipment can be any type of equipment that is specifically designated for handling dough. Some examples are dough chunkers, depositors, laminators, sheeters, moulders, and dividers/rounders. This classification also includes specialized equipment such as topping applicators. Automation of these processes often results in greater consistency of baked foods and helps regulate the amount of dough stress.

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Fritsch RDP-400-MV-L Dough Feeding Machine

Used Fritsch RDP-400-MV-L Dough Feeding Machine with: Working width: 400 millimeters Includes Fritsch model FA-900-1300 Both manufactured in 2001 Electrical: 220 volts, 3 phase, 60 hertz

440B photo
Moline 440B Sheeter Moulder

Used Moline Sheeter Molder with: Automatic Double pass Moulding plates: (1) 6 inches (1) 9 inches (1) 12 inches (1) roller chain PLEASE NOTE: Moulding chain size can be specified by buyer...

Tortilla Forming Machine

Used Tortilla Forming Machine with: Overall dimensions: Length: 96 inches Width: 4 feet Height: 90 inches Number of forming platforms: 4 Platform diameter: 37 inches Portioned dough incline...

Moline FB-32 Dough Sheeter

Used Moline FB-32 Dough Sheeter with: Overall dimensions: Length: 13 feet Width: 67 inches Height: 53 inches Dough perforator attachment width: 25 inches Conveyor belt width: 31.5 inches...

Moline Dough Laminator

Used Moline Dough Laminator with: Overall dimensions: Length: 163 inches Width: 53 inches Height: 70 inches Infeed height: 21 inches Dough roller dimensions: Width: 31.5 inches Diameter:...

Mile Hi 77/100 Dough Portioner & Depositor

Used Mile Hi 77/100 Dough Portioner & Depositor with: Overall dimensions: Length: 102 inches Width: 44 inches Height: 67 inches Number of deposits: 6 Outfeed diameter: 1 inch Portion...

1180-306 photo
FEMC 4 Head Stainless Steel Piston Filler

Used FEMC Piston Filler: 4 head sliding filler Opening dimensions: 0.75x4 (inches LxW) Blender hopper Length: 36 inches Width: 18 inches Depth: 28 inches B&R Touch screen controls...

Deco-Mate 3 photo
Unifiller Deco-Mate 3 Depositor

Used Unifiller Depositor: Hopper capacity: 10 gallons Output: Up to 17fl ounces per stroke depending on application Hand depositing nozzle Hand nozzle balancer Air requirements: 20-80...

Quantum Sauce Depositor

Used Quantum Sauce Depositor with: Overall dimensions: Length: 55 inches Width: 37 inches Height: 81 inches Working width: 20 inches Vacuum attachment to hose length: 3 feet Hose length:...

Handy V photo
Triumph Handy V 17" Cookie Depositor

Used Triump Depositor with: Speed: up to 1250 dozen cookies per hour Adjustable width: 16 - 19 inches Variable speed cut off 30-70 strokes per minute Separate pan speed control Stainless steel hopper...

DIV-R 20C photo
JAC DIV-R 20C Dough Divider

Used JAC DIV-R 20C Dough Divider with: Last used for gluten free bars Production output rate: up to 900 portions per minute, product dependent Can divide up to 20 pieces at a time Stainless steel square...

P300 photo
Casadei Marino Sheeter with Cleated Incline Conveyor

Used Sheeter with Cleated Incline Conveyor with: First sheeter Infeed dimensions Height: 46 inches Width: 8 inches Roller dimensions: Width: 9 inches Diameter: 11 inches Conveyor width:...

Classic II photo
Konig Rex Automat Classic II 4 Row Dough Divider

Used Konig Rex Automat Classic II Dough Divider with: Infeed height: 74 inches Scaling range: 80-200 grams Hopper dimensions: Length: 2 inches Width: 2 inches Height: 12 inches Depositing dimensions ...

Univex Dough Divider

Used Univex Dough Divider with: 16 part dough divider for small cakes Semi automatic operation Stainless steel Push button operation Electrical: 110 volts, 60 hertz, 1 phase Overall dimensions: ...

Mini Rex photo
Konig Mini Rex Futura Stainless Dough Divider

Used Konig Mini Rex Dough Divider with: Speed: up to 4000 pieces per hour Weight range: 13-160 grams depending on application and change parts Hopper capacity: approximately 15 kilograms 2 row...

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