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Bakery equipment can be any type of equipment that is specifically designated for handling dough. Some examples are dough chunkers, depositors, laminators, sheeters, moulders, and dividers/rounders. This classification also includes specialized equipment such as topping applicators. Automation of these processes often results in greater consistency of baked foods and helps regulate the amount of dough stress.

R1200 photo
Formatic R1200 Automatic Forming Depositor Machine

Used Formatic Depositor with: Capacity/output: Single drop: up to 2,400 per hour Double drop: up to 4,800 per hour Maximum size: Single drop: 4 inches diameter Double drop: 2 inches...

10-Up photo
Lombi Stainless Steel 10 Up Square Ravioli Maker

Used Lombi Ravioli Machine with: Output: up to 600 pounds finished product per hour Fill product: Meat Cheese Meat & cheese together 10-Up / 10 lanes accross Currently set up...

88-4 photo
Acme 88 4 Stainless Steel Roll Dough Sheeter

Used Acme Sheeter with: Conveyor table: Width: 24 inches Length: 48 inches Rollers: Hard chrome, precision ground Top rollers (inches): 3.5 diameter x 10 long Bottom rollers (inches):...

Scale-O-Matic S300 photo
AM Scale O Matic SS Dough Divider Rounder

Used AM Divider with: Capacity/output: up to 2,000 portions per hour Scaling range: Minimum: 2 ounces Maximum: 32 ounces Scale accuracy: ± 0.25 ounces Horsepower: Divider:...

Parta SN-D photo
Werner and Pfleiderer Parta SND SS Dough Divider

Used Werner & Pfleiderer Divider with: Capacity/output: Output: 500 - 1,600 strokes per hour Portion weight: Single pocket mode: 7 - 63.5 ounces Dual pocket mode: 1.75 - 17.5 ounces ...

Machintek Stainless Steel Two Roll Dough Sheeter

Used Machintek Sheeter with: Two roller sheeter Roller dimensions: 18 inch diameter x 42 inches wide Jacketed rollers Heat exchanger Top mounted feed hopper Remove electrical enclosure ...

Hinds Bock 6P 08A Stainless Steel Depositor

Use Hinds Bock 6P 08A Depositor with: 6 piston valves Size range: 1 - 8 ounces (with proper change parts) 40 gallon stainless hopper Air operated piston filler Mounted over a conveyor ...

12P08 photo
Hinds-Bock 12P08 Muffin Batter Depositing Line

Used Hinds-Bock 12P08 Depositor with: Set up to run 6 rows Capacities: up to 12,000 pounds per hour Large port openings for gentle handling of particulates Tilt hopper for easy sanitizing Stainless...

Handy photo
Triumph Handy 17 Wire Cut Cookie Depositor

Used Triumph Wire Cut Cookie Depositor with: Output: up to 1,250 dozen deposits per hour 30 to 70 strokes per minute Separate pan speed control Stainless steel dough hopper 17 inches wide Approximate...

Industrie Rex photo
Konig Industrie Rex II 4 Row Dough Divider Rounder

Used Konig Divider with: Capacity/output: Up to 12,000 pieces per hour Up to 50 strokes per minute Weight range: Minimum: 1.16 ounces Maximum: 3.35 ounces Preportioning hopper...

Mini Rex Multi photo
Konig MiniRex Multi Compact SS Dough Divider

Used Konig Divider with: Number of rows: 2 - 4 Output/capacity (depending on rows used & dough type): 1,200 - 4,800 portions per hour Weight range: Minimum 0.28 ounces Maximum: 11.6...

12P-07 photo
Hinds Bock 12P-07 12 Head Automatic Depositor

Used Hinds Bock 12P-07 12 Head Piston Depositor with: Application: high speed accurate depositing of muffin, cake and snack batters with or without particulates. Can also be used for gluten free products...

330DD photo
Acme 330DD Stainless Steel Donut Production Table

Used Acme Donut Table with: Conveyor: Width: 22 inches Speed: 2 - 20 feet per minute FDA approved for food contact Rollers/cutters: Length: 23 inches Diameter: 3.75 inches (3)...

Stainless Steel 28 Inch Wide Dough Chunker Divider
Can Rent

Used Stainless Steel 28 Inch Wide Dough Chunker Divider with: Infeed height: 53.5 inches Hopper dimensions: 21 inches wide x 23.5 inches long x 22.5 inches deep Outfeed conveyor dimensions: 28 inches...

SFA 612 photo
Rondo SFA 612 Stainless Steel Dough Sheeter

Used Rondo SFA 612 Dough Sheeter with: Conveyor: Width: 22 inches Length: 62 inches Maximum dough width: 21 inches Thickness: Minimum: 0.4 inches Maximum: 1.5 inches...

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