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Bakery equipment can be any type of equipment that is specifically designated for handling dough. Some examples are dough chunkers, depositors, laminators, sheeters, moulders, and dividers/rounders. This classification also includes specialized equipment such as topping applicators. Automation of these processes often results in greater consistency of baked foods and helps regulate the amount of dough stress.

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Bertolini 160 MM Double Hopper Pasta Sheeter
Inventory #: G4816

Used Bertolini Pasta Sheeter with: Top hopper capacity: 10 gallons Second hopper capacity: 15 gallons Manual switches Conveyor belt width: 8 inches Pasta width: 160 millimeters Stainless steel...

SFS 611C photo
Rondo Compass SFS611C Reversible Dough Sheeter
Inventory #: G5759

Used Rondo Sheeter with: Automatic operation Variable speed: set for dough type Dough thickness range: Minimum: 0.2 millimeters Maximum: 45 millimeters Maximum dough width: 24...

LDR11 photo
Lucks LDR11 36 Pocket Dough Divider Rounder
Inventory #: G5193

Used Lucks LDR11 36 Pocket Dough Divider Rounder with: Divides and rounds into 36 equal parts Bulk dough weight range Three (3) to nine (9) pounds Individual dough weight range One (1) to four...

Arcobaleno Cappelletti Pasta Dough Extruder
Inventory #: G4814

Used Arcobaleno Cappelletti Pasta Dough Extruder with: Application: production of Cappelletti, Tortelloni, Ravioli, and Agnollotti pasta Cappelletti dies Adjustable pasta thickness Production capacity:...

Pan-Glo Four Pocket Baking Pans
Inventory #: G5612

Used Pan-Glo Four Pocket Baking Pans with: Approximately 1776 pans available. Priced individually Pocket dimensions: 8.5 inches long x 5.75 inches wide x 3 inches deep Four pockets per pan Steel...

RK2100 photo
Gemini RK2100 Stainless Steel Bagel Divider Former
Inventory #: G5421

Used Gemini Bagel Divider & Former with: RK2100 Divider: Output: up to 400 dozen per hour, depending on size Scaling range: 1 - 7 ounces Teflon coated stainless steel knife BF100...

P3U photo
Nussex P3U 36 Pocket Manual Dough Rounder
Inventory #: G5194

Used Nussex P3U Dough Rounder with: 36 pocket rounder .75 horsepower motor Manual operation Painted steel construction

Benier Conical Top Discharge Dough Rounder
Inventory #: G5142

Used Benier Dough Rounder with: Conical design 1.5 horsepower motor Discharge height: 41.5 inches 3 rounding tiers Bottom infeed Manual switches

SC-3026 photo
Hinds-Bock SC-3026 Indexing Conveyor & Depositors
Inventory #: G5125Featured

Used Hinds-Bock SC-3026 Indexing Conveyor & Depositors with: (3) 4P-01 depositors designed for high speed depositing of sauce, condiments and fillings into vacuum formers or pre made cups ...

4-36 photo
Fortuna 4-36 36 Pocket Dough Divider and Rounder
Inventory #: G5192

Used Fortuna 4-36 Dough Divider Rounder with: Number of cuts: 36 Scaling range: 1.15 to 2.5 ounces Total weight range: 2.5 to 5.5 pounds Molds pieces of dough with alternating larger and smaller...

Custom Made 23 Inch Wide Sheeter For Empanadas
Inventory #: G4957

Used Custom Made 23 Inch Wide Sheeter For Empanadas with: Designed for production of pasta and dough in a continuous cycle, for the preparation of thousands of empanadas, disks for empanadas, cookies and...

CE-46-MTR-FCC II photo
Polin CE-46-MTR-FCC II Multidrop Cookie Depositor
Inventory #: G4906Featured

Used Polin CE-46-MTR-FCC II Multidrop Cookie Depositor with: Designed to drop, inject or extrude dough Previously used for bread loaves, approximately 2 pounds each Includes inserts for bread and cookies...

Lombi Ravioli Machine for 1.75" x 1.75" Ravioli
Inventory #: G4821

Used Lombi Ravioli Machine for 1.75" x 1.75" Ravioli with: 6 spout ravioli machine Produces 1.75 inch x 1.75 inch ravioli Produces approximately 1200 pounds per hour with 3 operators, 500...

C LTT photo
Savage Bros. Liftiltruk C Kettle and Bowl Lift
Inventory #: G4732

Used Savage Bros. Bowl Lift with: Capacity: Up to 450 pounds Up t o 240 quart bowls Maximum lift height: 96 inches Column height: 100 inches Push-button controlled tilt On-board...

Mini Rex 4000 / GS2000 photo
Konig Mini Rex 4000 Divider and GS2000 Proofer
Inventory #: G4758

Used Konig Divider Rounder and Proofer with: Output: up to 2,500 pieces per hour Number of rows: 2 Portion weight: Minimum: 0.9 ounces Maximum: 4 ounces Hopper with infeed rollers...

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