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Bakery equipment can be any type of equipment that is specifically designated for handling dough. Some examples are dough chunkers, depositors, laminators, sheeters, moulders, and dividers/rounders. This classification also includes specialized equipment such as topping applicators. Automation of these processes often results in greater consistency of baked foods and helps regulate the amount of dough stress.

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Rondo Over Line Stainless Steel Dough Divider
Inventory #: G4810

Used Rondo Dough Divider with: Over line design Hopper agitation Allen-Bradley PanelView Q600 PLC Stainless steel construction Previous application: Donut dougn Hopper dimensions: 48 inches...

MDD 2040-10 photo
Belshaw MSPF/MF6 6 Head Donut Dough Depositor
Inventory #: G4811

Used Belshaw MSPF/MF6 Dough Depositor with: 6 depositing heads Digital display In line design Adjustable height Manual switches Stainless steel contact parts Welded tubular frame

DP1100 photo
Doughpro DP1100 Manual Pizza Dough Press
Inventory #: G6916

Used Doughpro DP1100 with: Manual pizza dough press Presses up to an 18 inch crust Dough thickness: paper thin up to 0.25 inch thick Manually operated, no motor or compressors required Counter...

DXA photo
DoughXPress DXA Air Automatic Pizza Dough Press
Inventory #: G6915

Used DoughXPress DXA with: Commercial air-automatic pizza dough press No flour needed Heated upper platen Variable thickness control Production: 18 inch platen allows for making variable crust...

Mini photo
Unifiller Mini Single Head SS Piston Depositor
Inventory #: G6600

Used Unifiller Depositor with: Output: Up to 90 cuts per minute Up to 5,400 desposits per hour Hopper capacity: 35 pounds Rotary cutoff valve: Various die sizes available Currently...

SP-64 photo
Hinds Bock 1 Piston Depositor with Agitated Hopper
Inventory #: G6597

Used Hinds-Bock Depositor with: Output: Up to 60 deposits per minute Up to 3,600 deposits per hour Maximum deposit volume: 36 ounces Hopper: Capacity: 12 gallons Agitation: (2)...

Omega 400/450 photo
Mono Omega 400/450 Wire Cut Depositor
Inventory #: G6402

Used Mono Omega 400/450 Wire Cut Depositor with: Mono cookie machine with wire cut Soft dough depositing head Wire cut drive for use with hard dough, wire cut templates and wire cut fingers Nozzle...

SP-64 photo
Hinds Bock SP64 SS Single Piston Batter Depositor
Inventory #: G6419

Used Hinds-Bock Depositor with: Output: Up to 60 depposits per minute Up to 3,600 deposits per hour Deposit volume range: up to 64 ounces Piston: Diameter: 1.875 Length: 7...

MDDRF-6 photo
Belshaw MDDRF6 Multimatic SS Donut Depositor
Inventory #: G6311

Used Belshaw Depositor with: Output: 6 deposits per cycle Hopper capacity: 130 pounds (3) Rotoflex heads Deposits cycles automatically synchronize with fryer All stainless steel construction...

LRP1-40 photo
LBC LRP1-40 Single Door Single Rack Proofer
Inventory #: G6299

Used LBC LRP1-40 Single Door Single Rack Proofer with: Rack capacity: 1 side load single rack or 1 end load single rack Inside dimensions: 33 inches long x 35 inches wide x 33 inches high Overall dimensions:...

HLT-700XL photo
Anko HLT 700 XL SS Filling and Forming Machine
Inventory #: G6258

Used Anko Filler & Former with: Application: filling & forming various filled dough products Output: 3,000 - 30,000 pieces per hour, depending on product Product applications include: ...

Twin Valve Piston Filer photo
MRM Elgin 2 Head Automatic Piston Depositor 48 oz
Inventory #: G6248Featured

Used MRM Elgin 2 Head Piston Depositor with: Up to 30 strokes per minute 48 ounce deposits per piston Piston size: 12 inches long x 3 inch diameter Conveyor: 84 inches long 5 inch...

Omatic Minor photo
Crypto Peerless Omatic Minor 5 Head Pie Press
Inventory #: G6234

Used Crypto Peerless Omatic Minor Pie Press with: 5 station rotary pie press Manual and automatic modes Guarding Dies are 70 mm diameter x 10 mm deep

CG102 photo
Cinelli Esperia CG102 2 Pocket Stamper Former
Inventory #: G6008

Used Cinelli Esperia Stamper with: Capacity/output: up to 4,000 pieces per hour Dough portion range: Minimum: 1 ounce Maximum: 4 ounces Includes discharge conveyor Stainless steel...

FPM photo
Benier FBM Stainless Steel French Bread Moulder
Inventory #: G6007

Used Benier Moulder with: French bread moulder Capacity/output: up to 1,800 pieces per hour, depending on dough type Process range: Minimum: 6 ounces Maximum: 3 pounds Conveyor width:...

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