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A dough sheeter or roller is an automatic machine that rolls and cuts the dough to the users measurements while creating a smooth, hole-free dough sheet ready for further thickness reduction or lamination. It works in much the same way as a manual roller works, but uses an automated process to feed the dough through rollers turning it into sheets until the desired thickness is reached.

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SM224-9 photo
LVO SM224-9 Stainless Steel Dough Sheeter

Used LVO Dough Sheeter with: Conveyor dimensions: Length: 108 inches Width: 24 inches Roller width: 20 inches Discharge height: 35.5 inches Left-to-right product flow Adjustable speed Stainless...

330 DC photo
Moline Machinery 330 DC Sheeter and Donut Cutter

Used Moline Machinery 330 DC Sheeter and Donut Cutter with: Two sets of chrome rollers Roller dimensions: Length: 23 inches Diameter: 3.75 inches Donut cutter diameter: 3 inches Infeed conveyor...

SFA6127H photo
Rondo SFA6127H Automatic Dough Floor Sheeter

Used Rondo Dough Sheeter with: Belt dimensions: Length: 120 inches Width: 25.5 inches Floor mounted Stainless steel construction Touch screen HMI 100 program operation Automatic...

SFS 611 photo
Rondo SFS 611 Reversible Dough Sheeter 24"W x 10'L

Used Rondo SFS 611 Dough Sheeter with: Automatic, reversible dough sheeter Conveyor dimensions: 24.75 inches wide x 130 inches long Conveyor arms fold upwards for easy machine storage Dough thickness...

440B photo
Moline 440B Sheeter Moulder

Used Moline Sheeter Molder with: Automatic Double pass Moulding plates: (1) 6 inches (1) 9 inches (1) 12 inches (1) roller chain PLEASE NOTE: Moulding chain size can be specified by buyer...

100 photo
Moline 100 Double Pass Automatic Sheeter Moulder

Used Moline Sheeter Moulder with: Double pass Automatic Belt width: 24.25 inches Roller width: 24 inches Moulding plates: (1) 6 inches (1) 10 inches (1) 13 inches Includes (1) roller chain:...

STM 513 photo
Rondo STM 513 Reversible Tabletop Bench Sheeter

Used Rondo STM 513 Bench Sheeter with: Designed for small size bakeries and food service kitchens Conveyor speed: 1,200 inches per minute Conveyor belt width: 18.75 inches wide Table width: 19.25...

MRS11 photo
Acme MRS11 Stainless Steel Dough Sheeter

Used Acme Dough Sheeter with: Production speed: 400 to 500 pieces per hour, depending on operator and appliation Max product diameter: up to 18 inches Roller sizes: Top rollers: Diameter:...

LSA516 photo
Doyon LSA516 Stainless Steel Tabletop Reversible Dough Sheeter

Used Doyon Dough Sheeter with: Dough capacity: 22 pounds Clearance height: 6 inches (152 mm) Adjustable thickness range: Minimum: 0.03 inches (1 mm) Maximum: 1.5 inches (40 mm) Conveyor dimensions: ...

MLR-30 photo
Manufacturas Lenin MLR--30 Tortilla Machine

Used Tortilla Machine with: Production speed: up to 24 torillas per minute, depending on application Tortilla diameter: Minimum: 10 centimeters Maximum: 20 centimeters Conveyor width:...

SSO 67 photo
Rondo SSO 67 Dough Sheeter

Used Rondo SSO 67 Dough Sheeter with: Discharge Speed: 23.5 inches per second Flour hopper capacity: 4 kilograms Belt Dimensions: Length: 60 inches Width: 24 inches (2) Roller Dimensions:...

Rol-Sheeter 8 photo
Acme Rol-Sheeter 8 Stainless Steel Sheeter

Used Acme Rol-Sheeter with: Conveyor table: Length: 36 inches Width: 20 inches Processing rollers: Top: Diameter: 3.5 inches Length: 10 inches Bottom: ...

PR150 photo
Italgi PR150 Stainless Steel Ravioli Maker

Used Italgi ravioli maker with: Speed: up to 120 pieces per hour (depending on product specifications) Dough sheeter: Infeed height: 66 inches Hopper dimensions: Depth: 13.75 inches ...

CDR-500 photo
Somerset Industries CDR-500 Stainless Steel Tabletop Dough Sheeter

Used Somerset Tabletop Sheeter with: Sheets dough up to 20 inches wide Sheets 500-600 pcs. per hour Rollers: Diameter: 3.5 inch Length: 20 inch Scrapers: Synthetic Spring...

Moline Sheeter

Used Moline Sheeter with: Belt dimensions: Length: approximately 24 feet Width: 24 inches Height: 36 inches 7 Separating wheels 3 inches between wheels Guillotine cutter...

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