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Used Sheeter Equipment

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A dough sheeter or roller is an automatic machine that rolls and cuts the dough to the users measurements while creating a smooth, hole-free dough sheet ready for further thickness reduction or lamination. It works in much the same way as a manual roller works, but uses an automated process to feed the dough through rollers turning it into sheets until the desired thickness is reached.

SFA6127 photo
Rondo Compass 3000 Automatic Sheeter
Inventory #: D7512

Used Rondo Compass 3000 Automatic Dough Sheeter with: Automatic PLC controlled sheeter Automatic stainless steel flour duster Dough thickness Minimum 0.2 millimeter Maximum 45 millimeters...

SM031 photo
Rheon SM031 Stress Free Dough Stretcher
Inventory #: D5775R

Used Rheon SM031 Dough Stretcher with: Stress free rollers Dough thickness range: approximately 5 - 60 millimeters (.19 inch to 2.3 inches) Auger agitated flour hopper to prevent dough from sticking...

G.J. Joosten 19" Wide x 72" Long Sheeter
Inventory #: D6709

Used G.J. Joosten Sheeter with: Conveyor: Width: 19 inches Length: 72 inches Height: 41 inches Product clearance: 3 inches

Compas 2000 SFS 69 photo
Rondo Compas 2000 SFS 69 Reversible Dough Sheeter
Inventory #: D6734

Used Rondo Dough Sheeter with: Smooth belt conveyor Conveyor dimensions: Side 1 length: 64 inches Side 2 length: 69 inches Width: 25 inches Adjustable height Live roller between conveyors...

RondoMat SSO-6407 photo
Rondo Mat SSO 6407 Dough Sheeter
Inventory #: D6650

Used Rondo Dough Sheeter with: Floor mounted sheeter Conveyor: Width: 25.25 inches Length: 60 inches both sides Fold up tables Roller gap: .001 - 1.75 inches Roller length: 26...

Compas 3000 SFA612 photo
Rondo SFA612 Computerized Dough Sheeter
Inventory #: D6649

Used Rondo Dough Sheeter with: Automatic operation Process dough blocks up to 44 pounds Variable speed: set for dough type Dough thickness range: Minimum: 0.2 millimeter Maximum: 45...

SMK-64 photo
Rondo SMK64 Reversible Dough Sheeter
Inventory #: D6535

Used Rondo Dough Sheeter with: Reversible Conveyor belt width: 24 inches Conveyor length per wing: 63.5 inches Includes 1 extra of each: Belt Cutter Roller Stainless steel...

21.5 inch x 39 inch Moline Sheeter
Inventory #: D5588

Used Moline Sheeter with: Conveyor dimensions: Width: 21.5 inches Height: 39 inches .5 horsepower motor

Simplex 28" W Dual Row Dough Sheeter
Inventory #: D6006

Used Simplex Dough Sheeter with: Manual thickness adjustments Push button controls Conveyor width: 28 inches wide 2 roller design

AMRI Dough 4 Lane Dough Sheeter
Inventory #: D5543

Used AMRI Dough Dough Sheeter with: 4 sheeting lanes Flour duster Stainless steel flour hopper Lane width: 4 inches Adjustable height

AMRI 30" W Dough Sheeter and Flour Duster
Inventory #: D5542

Used AMRI Dough Sheeter with: Conveyor belt width: 30.5 inches Flour duster Stainless steel flour hopper Hopper dimensions: 5 inches long x 29.5 inches wide x 5 inches high Adjustable height ...

SWL-67-C photo
Bongard SWL 67 C Reversible Dough Sheeter
Inventory #: D5201

Used Bongard Dough Sheeter with: Reversible dough sheeter Dual cutting station Croissant cutters Table width: 24 inches Total table length: 132 inches

SSO64C photo
Rondo SSO64C Reversible Dough Sheeter
Inventory #: D5193

Used Rondo Dough Sheeter with: Automatic head Cutting station Table width: 24 inches Total table length: 7 feet

Moline 3-Roll Stainless Steel Automatic Sheeter
Inventory #: D1890R

Used Moline Sheeter with: 3 roll dough sheeter Roller diameter: 4.5 inches Adjustable sheeting speed Adjustable dough thickness Allen-Bradley power disconnect switch Stainless steel construction...

Dodge photo
Rondo Dodge 24" Sheeting Line
Inventory #: D4696

Used Rondo Dodge Sheeting Line with: In feed conveyor with three flour Dusters Extruder 12" Multi roller and control panel Cross roller Two reduction stations Flour duster Side trim...

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