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The development of the automated food production technology by Rheon was the result of this observation. As a true pioneer in its field, the work of Rheon has had immeasurable effects on the food production industry throughout the world.

MM System photo
Rheon MM System SS Laminator and Piler Line
Inventory #: G3691

Used Rheon Laminator Line with: Rheon MM303 Laminator/Sheeter: Output: up to 3,300 pounds per hour Belt width: 18 inches Independent hoppers for dough and shortening Motor: 200v, 7.985kw ...

VX432 photo
Rheon VX432 SS Stress Free Dough Feeder
Inventory #: G3682

Used Rheon Dough Feeder with: Output: up to 2,200 pounds per hour Portioner: Hopper capacity: 80 liters Star cutter length: 27.5 inches (2) Extruding dough widths: 11.8 inches...

Rheon Dough Laminating and Stretching System
Inventory #: D5776

Used Rheon Dough Laminating and Stretching System with: Pile Up Table Model number: PC 011 Serial number: 166 Parallel Piler Model number: LM 404 Serial number: 149...

MM-303 photo
Rheon MM-303 Dough Laminator
Inventory #: D5774Featured Can Rent

Used Rheon MM-303 Dough Laminator with: Stress free laminator and dough stretcher Conveyor width: 18 inches Extruders product from 2 auger fed hoppers and then stretches dough to desired thickness...

SM031 photo
Rheon SM031 Stress Free Dough Stretcher
Inventory #: D5775Can Rent

Used Rheon SM031 Dough Stretcher with: Stress free rollers Dough thickness range: approximately 5 - 60 millimeters (.19 inch to 2.3 inches) Auger agitated flour hopper to prevent dough from sticking...

VX-202 photo
Rheon VX 202 Stress Free Twin Dough Divider
Inventory #: D5998

Used Rheon Divider with: Stress free, 1 or 2 lane dough divider Capacity: up to 880 pounds per hour Self adjusting belt scale Hopper capacity: 110 pounds Flour duster Central oiling Digital...

MD011 photo
Rheon MD011 Continuous Screw Type Depositor
Inventory #: D4817

Used Rheon MD011 Continuous Screw Type Depositor with: Application: Continuous depositor with screw feeder 4 depositing heads Maximum dough width: 15.75 inches Adjustable depositing amount: .7 ounce...

VX121 photo
Rheon V4 SFD VX121 Stress Free Dough Divider
Inventory #: C6062

Used Rheon V4 SFD VX121 Stress Free Dough Divider with: Uniformly divides dough without damaging its structure Applications: wide variety of artisan breads with natural yeast, sour bread, ciabatta, brioche,...

V4 photo
Rheon Stress Free V4 Dough Feeder
Inventory #: C4499

Used Rheon Stress Free V4 Dough Feeder with: Output capability: 1200 kg/Hour (2645.55 pounds per hour) Output dough width: 200 mm (7.87 inches) Output dough thickness: 20 mm (0.79 inches) Length...

V4 photo
Rheon V4 Dough Sheeting Line Stress Free Roller
Inventory #: B7104Can Rent

Used Rheon Dough Sheeting Line with: Labor free dough supply production for various type of product Stress free dough sheet can be constantly fed even extremely delicate dough Transform your existing...

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