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Filling machines are used to fill a bottle, pouch, or other container with a product. This equipment is commonly used in the food industry. Fillers can be used to dispense a variety of products including liquids, pastes, chunky products, powders, granules, tablets, capsules, etc. Most filling machines are available from semi-automatic tabletop versions all the way up to high-speed production line machines.

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U2/25PEX photo
Crandall Filling Machinery U2/25PEX Semi-Automatic Net Weight 5-Gallon Pail Filler

Used Crandall Filling Machinery U2/25PEX Semi-Automatic Net Weight 5-Gallon Pail Filler with: Containers per hour, depending on product: 4 Liter (1 gallon): 700 10 Liter (2.5 gallon): 440 20 liter (5...

GKF 1500 photo
Bosch GKF 1500 Stainless Steel Capsule Filler Up To 2000 Capsules Per Hour

Used Bosch Capsule Filler: Output: up to 2000 capsules per hour Capsule size range: 00 to 4 (change parts needed) Hopper Discharge station Electrical: Volts: 230/460 Frequency: 60 Hz Phase 3...

NM610 photo
Norden Machinery AB NM610 Tube Filler

Used Norden Machinery NM610 Tube Filler with: Running capacity: 60 tubes per minute, depending on tube size and material, filling product and quality fo tube and fililng material Nozzle dimensions: Length:...

SL 1X6 photo
Modern Packaging SL 1X6 Stainless Steel Single Index 6-Lane Cup Filler

Used Modern Packaging SL 1X6 6-Lane Cup Filler with: Capacity: 30 to 180 container per minute, depending on materials and applications Adjustable filling volume (change parts may be needed) Cup disperser...

AOFS-6 photo
KISS Packaging Systems AOFS-6 Stainless Steel In-Line Gravity and Pressure Filler

Used Kiss Packaging System AOFS-6 Gravity Filler with: (4) Fill nozzles: Diameter: 4.75 inches Length: 46 inches Drip tray Allen-Bradley PLC Stainless steel table top chain conveyor: Width:...

K150i photo
Index Encapsulation K150i Capsule Filler Up To 150,000 Capsules Per Hour

Used Index Encapsulation Equipment Capsule Filler: Output: up to 150,000 capsules per hour depending on application Currently with size 00 change parts Cpsule transfer Vacuum pump Touchscreen controls...

AK6030D photo
Cotuplas AK6030D 12 Station Plastic Tube Filler with Stainless Steel Contact Parts

Used Cotuplas AK6030D 12 Station Plastic Tube Filler with: Piston output: 4 ounces Tube orienting Embossing style coding Bulk hopper infeed Full safety cover Air tube cooling Electrical requirements: ...

CB50C photo
Pneumatic Scale Angelus CB50C Counter Pressure 6 Head Filler With Single Head Seamer Up To 50 CPM

To meet growing demand for hard seltzers, sparkling wines, and higher-carbonation beers, you need a counter pressure canning line. Part of the CB Series of integrated fillers/seamers, the CB50C provides canning...

DAB-16 photo
National Instruments DAB-16 Filamatic Twin Piston Filler with Stainless Steel Hopper

Used National Instruments DAB-16 Twin Piston Filler with: Twin 520CC pistons Ball and weight check valves Suck back control vales on each piston Stainless steel hopper with: 1.5" bottom discharge...

unknown photo
Elgin Corp. Stainless Steel Conveyorized Twin Piston Filler with Variable Speed Drive

Used Elgin Corp. Twin Piston Filler with: Maximum fill: 3.3 ounces, depending on product (2) Pistons Diameter: 1 inch Length: 5 inches Cone bottom hopper: Diameter: 12 inches Depth: 11 inches...

60YP photo
ZHY 60YP Automatic Tube Filler

Used ZHY 60YP Automatic Tube Filler with: Output: 30 to 60 tubes per minute up to 3,000 units every hour Tube material: plastic, compound, aluminium, lead Filling volume: 5 ml to 250 ml Tube...

Volumetric Technologies 6 Lane Volumetric Filler

Used Volumetric Technologies 6 Lane Volumetric Filler with: Approximate hopper capacity: 20 gallons 6 nozzles 9 inches long .25 inch diameter Discharge outlet diameter: 1.5 inches Stainless steel...

3500S photo
Spee-Dee 3500S Stainless Steel Servo Auger Filler With Touch Screen Controls

Used Spee-Dee Auger Filler: Hopper capacity: approximately 16 gallons Hopper diameter: 22 inches Foot pedal operator control Touch screen controls with 100 program memory Servo driven Electrical: ...

00 32 photo
Packaging Technologies 00 32 Cup Filler, Foil Seal, Lidder

Used Packaging Technologies 00 32 Cup Filler, Foil Seal, Lidder with: The QC-32 Cup Filler is a fast, efficient, automatic packaging system that runs with minimal operator and maintenance experience. The basic...

M53-2R/1S/1A photo
M.A.R. M53 Monobloc Intermittent Motion Vial Filling And Capping System Up To 120 Vials Per Minute

M.A.R. intermittent motion machine model M53 represents great innovation in pharmaceutical packaging machine design. This latest machine model offers the capability to handle glass and plastic bottles and vials,...

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