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Filling machines are used to fill a bottle, pouch, or other container with a product. This equipment is commonly used in the food industry. Fillers can be used to dispense a variety of products including liquids, pastes, chunky products, powders, granules, tablets, capsules, etc. Most filling machines are available from semi-automatic tabletop versions all the way up to high-speed production line machines.

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CBS-194 photo
Spee-Dee CBS-194 Stainless Steel Volumetric Filler

Used Spee-Dee Volumetric Filler with: 4 pocket rotary filler Hopper capacity: 1.5 cubic feet Works with up to 4 inch diameter cups Fill volume 0.5 to 170 cubic inches Stainless steel construction...

BS-600 photo
All Fill BS-600 Auger Filler

Used All Fill Filler with: Hopper capacity: 10 gallons Stainless steel hopper Single fill trial calibration Free flowing auger setup Emergency stop Stainless steel construction Electrical:...

A-100 photo
AMS A100 Single Semi Automatic Auger Filler

Used AMS A100 Auger Filler with: Output: 10 to 15 cartons per minute Hopper: 16 gallons 22 inch diameter straight sided stainless steel Heavy duty wall thickness and sanitary finish Dust proof...

Electronic Liquid Fillers 6 Head Gravity Filler

Used Electronic Liquid Fillers Filler with: 6 head filler Pneumatic drip tray Adjustable nozzle centers: Minimum: 3.5 inches Maximum: 9.5 inches 13 gallon holding tank Stainless steel construction...

F40-12-top-5673 photo
Accutek Biner Ellison F40 Automatic Stainless Steel 12 Head Rotary Filler

Used Accutek Biner Ellison F40 Automatic Stainless Steel 12 Head Filler with: Model: F40 Type: Rotary Overflow Capabilities: up to 240 containers per minute depending on materials and application ...

JRSEA Two Head Aerosol Filling Machine with Crimping Head

Used JRSEA Aerosol Filler with: Two head filler Stainless steel construction Worm infeed Crimping station Controls

PWC photo
Flex Weigh Corp PWC Net Weight Filler

Flex Weigh Corp net weight filler with: Syntron Magnetic Feeder Foot pedal activation Tubes need to be replaced Last product ran: nuts Electrical: 115 volts, 60 Hz, .9 amps

RL-502D photo
RoboCAP RL-502D Liquid Capsule and Cartridge Filler

Used RoboCAP capsule and cartridge filler with: Production rate: up to 2000 cartirdges per hour Teach Pendant LCD touch screen controls Embedded storage disk capacity: 512 MB Working temperature: 0-40°...

VF100-E photo
All-Filll VF100E Stainless Steel Vibratory Filler

Used All-Fill Vibratory Filler with: Output: up to 12 - 15 container fills per minute, depending on application Weigh bucket size: 3 liters Hopper capacity: 3 ft³ Controls: Embedded controller...

Automatic 20-Head In-line Piston Filler

Used Automatic piston filler with: (2) rows of 10-heads Nozzle diameter: 5/16 inches Previously ran: condiments and sauces Stainless steel manifold with bottom openings Food grade flexible hose Food...

C 100 S photo
Comadis C 100 S Metal Tube Filler

Used Comadis C 100 S Metal Tube Filler with: Fill volume: 10 to 210 cubic centimeters 11 station rotary table Tube magazine Tube loader Pneumatic tube cleaner Locator Piston diameter: 52 millimeter...

NM 700 photo
Norden NM 700 Tube Filler

Used Norden NM 700 Tube Filler with: Automatic loading Tube Cleaning station Indexing Piston filler diameter: 42 millimeters Nozzle diameter: 22 millimeters Hot air sealing station Tube sealing/coding...

NM 400 photo
Norden NM 400 Automatic Tube Filler

Used Norden NM 400 Automatic Tube Filler with: Speed: up to 40 tubes per minute Tube diameter size range: 10-50 millimeters Tube height range: 50-245 millimeters (16) tube holder carriers on elliptical...

B 620 photo
TGM B 620 Automatic Plastic Tube Filler

Used TGM B 620 Automatic Plastic Tube Filler with: Speed: up to 6,000 tubes per hour Metal tube diameter: 10-42 millimeters Plastic tube diameter: 10-50 millimeters Tube length: 50-240 millieters Hot...

VCVSV600  photo
All-Fill VCVSV600 Volumetric Cup Filler

Used All-Fill VCVSV600 Volumetric Cup Filler with: Features feed disc assembly with turret Adjustable turret height Includes touch screen controls Never used Purchased with the intent of running quinoa...

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