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This type of filling equipment weighs product as it is dispensed into a container. Typically, the container is weighed first, and then the a scale continues to monitor the weight as the product fills the container. A net weight filler helps ensure consistency and accuracy.

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DL-115 photo
Dura-Pack DL-115 Automated Vibratory Filling Machine

Used Vibratory Filling Machine with: Hopper Capacity: 3 cubic foot capacity Adjustable door Tool-less removal Vibratory Feeder High displacement drive Tool-less removable...

2060-C photo
SchurStar 2060-C Fill and Seal Packaging System

Used SchurStar Packaging System with: Designed for opening, filling, and sealing pre-made SchurStar box bags Funneling system compatible with single drop scale Low drop height for gentle product handling...

VFN-9902 photo
Slidell Fischbein Big Bag Filling and Sealing System

Used Slidell and Fischbein Bag Filling Sealing System with: Bag filling and filling system for free flowing product Semi-automatic - operator places bag to be filled on the bag hanger underneath the weigh...

4219 photo
Chantland 4219 VibraWeigh Open Mouth Bag Filler

Used Chantland 4219 VibraWeigh Open Mouth Bag Filler with: Scale Beam gross weigh Vibratory bag fill Vibratory feeder with variable frequency Manual start with bag-in-place switch 2 speed drive...

787DM photo
Stonepak 787DM Bag Filler with Hopper

Used Stonepak Bag Filler with: Speed: up to 4 bags per minute (depending on production) 5.5 inches fill valve Set up for 50 pounds Pasted Valve Contact surface: 304 stainless steel Year: 2011...

F-100A photo
Tridyne F-100A Single Lane Scale with Indexing Conveyor

Used Tridyne F-100A Single Lane Scale with Indexing Conveyor with: Hopper dimensions: Length: 12.5 inches Width: 24 inches Hopper infeed height: 74 inches Conveyor dimensions: ...

Crandall A1 25PEX Top Fill Single Head Filler

Used Crandall Filler with: Fill volume capacity: Minimum: 1 quart Maximum: 5 gallons Containers per hour: 1 Quart: up to 350 per hour 1 Gallon: up to 320 per hour 2 Gallons:...

Tridyne F-206 Stainless Steel Dual Lane Net Weight Filler

Used Tridyne Net Weight Filler with: Output: up to 100 fills per minute depending on product size and machine configuration Filling capacity: up to 6.5 pounds Hopper capacity: 1.5 to 6 cubic feet ...

VF110-E photo
All-Fill VF110-E Vibratory Multi Head Weigher

All-Fill VF110-E Vibratory Multi Head Weigher with: Bucket volume: 3 liters Pan size: 3.5 cubic feet Fill opening: 4 inches Electric dribble gate 5 Inch touchscreen controller 50 Setup programs...

SY-P photo
Leepack SY-P Series Automatic Net Weigher

Used Leepack Net Weigher with: Speed: up to 30 cycles per minute dependant on product characteristics 2 lane granular feed Weigh accuracy: ±1% Stainless steel construction Mounted on casters ...

PrimoLinear V5 photo
New Weighpack PrimoLinear V5 Linear Net Weigher with Floor Stand

New Weighpack PrimoLinear V5 Linear Net Weigher with: Output: up to 25 dispenses per minute depending on product Weigh capabilities: 8 ounce, 12 ounce, and 16 ounces Twin Lane...

HS20 photo
Semi-Automatic Net Weight Filler

Used Semi-Automatic Net Weight Filler with: Infeed height: 80 inches from ground Triangle hopper dimensions: Length: 24 inches Width: 20 inches Depth: 16 inches Circular hopper...

2M2 photo
Ohlson 2M2 Dual Lane Linear Weigh Filler

Used Ohlson Filler with: Linear net weigh filler Number of lanes: 2 Hopper: Capacity: 2.3 cubic feet Manually adjustable flow gates (to feed pans) Dimensions (inches): 18 long x 16 wide...

REAR-POST Bulk Bag Filler with Roller Conveyor photo
Flexicon Rear-Post Bulk Bag Weigh Filler

Used Flexicon Bulk Bag Filler with: Rear-post Forklift fill head height adjustment Inflatable collar Pneumatically retractable bag strap hooks Vent port Roller conveyor Controls

Taylor IBC-3000 Bulk Bag Filler

Used Taylor Bulk Bag Filler with: Weight capacity: up to 3000 pound super sack Lift and vibrate lift table Load cells (4) loop hanging brackets PLC controls Stainless steel contact parts ...

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