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This type of bagger uses bread clips, tape, or twist ties to close a bag. Bread baggers package baked bread. Typically, the bread has been sliced.

UBE 1216 Autoload Bread Slicer Bagger System
Inventory #: G8116

Used UBE 1216 Autoload Bread Slicer Bagger System with: Line includes: UBE 1216L Autoload with 6 lane aligner-grouper UBE 99IS hinge slicer LeMatic horizontal band slicer Capable of running...

1405 photo
Pack All 1405 Wicketed Bag Opener
Inventory #: G5376

Used Pack All 1405 Wicketed Bag Opener with: A spurt of air opens the wicketed bag, then the operator loads the product into the bag and removes the bag 3050 revolutions per minute

GT4EWLH photo
Formost GT4EWLH Flour Tortilla Bagger
Inventory #: D8995

Used Formost GT4EWLH Flour Tortilla Bagger with: Previously used to bag 6 inch and 12 inch tortillas at up to 45 bags per minute Speed range: 5 - 100 packs per minute Length of product: 6 - 16 inches...

Dash II photo
Formost Fuji Bread Bagger with Bread Slicer
Inventory #: D8980

Used Formost Fuji Bread Bagger and Slicer with: UBE 90-75 Bread Slicer Output: up to 65 loaves per minute Loaf size range: Minimum (inches): 6 long x 3 wide x 3 high Maximum (inches): 15.625...

67-3F photo
UBE 67-3F 3 Paddle Bread Bagger
Inventory #: D6011

Used UBE 67-3F Bread Bagger with: 3 bagging paddles Conveyor centers: 24 inches Conveyor belt width: 19 inches Stainless steel construction

Formost 4 Paddle Automatic Bread Bagger
Inventory #: D6010

Used Formost Bread Bagger with: 4 bagging paddles Adjustable lane width Digital counter Push button controls

1216AL photo
UBE 1216AL 4 Paddle Bread Bagging Wrapper
Inventory #: D5533

Used UBE 1216 AL Bread Bagging Wrapper with: 4 bagging paddles Magnetek PLC controls Infeed conveyor width: 10 inches Right hand product flow Stainless steel construction Variable speed ...

67-2P,60-7 photo
UBE Bagger with Burford Tyer
Inventory #: D1774

Used UBE Bagger with Burford Tyer with: UBE Bagger: Automatic infeed timing of random flow of product Positive bag blow up system Double bag changer 30-60 packages per minutes Package...

Mark 50 3-190 photo
AMF Bakery Mark 50 Bread Bagger
Inventory #: C8835

Used AMF Bakery Mark 50 Bagger with: Run Rate Bags up to 50 loaves of bread per hour Stainless steel on casters Exit conveyor instead of push arm

67-2A photo
United Bakery Equipment 67-2A Bread Bagger
Inventory #: C4371

Used United Bakery Equipment 67-2A Bread Bagger with: Infeed conveyor: 44 inches long x 17 inches wide Push arm moves product through bagging plow Air blown bag opening Outfeed conveyor: 60 inches...

502 photo
Pacemaker 502 Table Top Telescoping Bread Bagger
Inventory #: B9768

Used Pacemaker 502 Table Top Telescoping Bread Bagger with: Adjustable lane width: currently set at 6.5 inches Guards: 3 inches tall Extension plate: 7 inches wide x 7 inches long Stainless steel...

Hoba Holly Bag Loader
Inventory #: B2113

Used Hoba Holly Bag Loader with: Extended conveyor Capacity: Up to 35 pcs per minute Product size: Minimum: 140 millimeters length x 80 millimeters wide x...

1279 photo
Oliver 1279 Bread Bagger
Inventory #: A8018

Used Oliver 1279 Bread Bagger With: Adjustable Funnels 2 1/4 Inch to 3 1/2 Inch. Bag Width: 4 Inch to 13 Inch (Wicketed Bags Only). All Stainless Steel.

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