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Equipment in the Meat Processing category includes any equipment used in the processing of meat products. Some examples include patty formers, meat injectors, tenderizers, and smokers.

FGM 88F SW photo
Fomaco FGM 88F SW Brine Injector with Brine Filter
Inventory #: H3757

Used Fomaco FGM 88F SW Brine Injector with: Production output rate: Needle head 1-70 strokes per minute Capacity: 3748 to 4409 pounds per hour 1700 to 2000 kilograms per...

DMM 10 photo
Stork Townsend DMM 10 Deboner
Inventory #: H3538

Used Stork Townsend DMM10 Deboner with: Production output rate: 80 liters per minute Product size: Pre-cut portions Deboning method: Gentle pressure scrape 10 millimeter...

SC 200 SM photo
Southern Pride Smoke Chef 200 SM Smokehouse
Inventory #: H3514

Used Southern Pride Smoke Chef 200 Smoker Oven with: Capacity: 200 pounds 1 truck design Smoke generation: Wood chip burner Digital thermostat: 80...

F-6 photo
Formax F6 SS Patty Former Portioner w Tender Form
Inventory #: H3352

Used Formax Patty Former with: Production output: up to 65 strokes per minute Hopper: Positive feed Capacity: 300 pounds Usable mold plate area: Width: 6 inches Front to back:...

CHU-350-E photo
Enviro Pak CHU 350 E Single Truck Smokehouse
Inventory #: H3321

Used Enviro-Pak Cvu 350E Smokehouse with Smoke Injector with: Single truck capacity In-door unit Interior dimensions: 48 inches wide x 51.5 inches deep x 82 inches high Exterior dimensions: 54 inches...

320222 photo
Koch 320222 Electric Wood Pellet Smoke Generator
Inventory #: H3184

Used Koch 320222 Smoke Generator with: Heating source: electric Location: indoor Smoke generation: wood chip burner Small footprint

200 photo
Hollymatic 200 Patty Former and Portioner
Inventory #: H2772

Used Hollymatic 200 Patty Former and Portioner with: Capacity: up to 1900 patties per hour Weight range: 1 - 5 1/3 ounces Thickness range: 3/16 - 3/4 of an inch Maximum diameter: 4 3/4 inches ...

GTH 128/576 photo
Garos GTH 128 / 576 Injector and Tenderizer
Inventory #: H3160

Used Garos Meat Injector and Tenderizer with: Product clearance dimensions: 21.65 x 12.2 (inches) 550 x 310 (millimeters) Needle injector: 64 double needles 128 needles...

Enviro-Pak 6 Truck Smokehouse
Inventory #: H2026

Used Enviro-Pak 6 Truck Smokehouse with: 6 truck smokehouse Horsepower motor: 32/8 horsepower Revolutions per minute: 1944/967 Gas: 600 CFH at 3 inches - 6 inches W.C. Water cold: 34 gallons per...

MRS-20P photo
Protecon Systems Stainless Steel Deboner
Inventory #: H2962

Used Protecon Separator/Deboner with: Capacity/output: Poultry: up to 2,600 pounds per hour Pork, beef: up to 1,300 pounds per hour Output diameter: 7.9 inches Push-button controls...

JS 2850/ RE981 photo
Kerres JS2850 Smokehouse and RE 981 Generator
Inventory #: H2924

Used Kerres Universal Smokehouse and Sawdust Burner Generator with: Sawdust smoke generator: 1 truck unit 16 wide x 32 long x 54 high (Inches) 406 wide x 813 long x 1371 high (Millimeters) ...

710 photo
Nutec 710 Stainless Steel Patty Former
Inventory #: H2853

Used Nutec Patty Former with: Capacity/output: up to 3,600 patties per hour Maximum patty size: 10 ounces Hopper: 90° Tilt Capacity: 250 pounds (2) Augers (inches): 4 diameter x 24 long...

720 photo
Nutec 720 Stainless Steel Patty Former
Inventory #: H2850

Used Nutec Patty Former with: Hydraulic operation with vane pump forming system Capacity/output: Up to 65 strokes per minute Up to 7,800 patties per hour Hopper: Capacity: 300...

F6 photo
Formax F6 6 Station Automatic Patty Former
Inventory #: H2452

Used Formax F6 Patty Former with: Hydraulic compression system that controls product flow High speed mold plate drive powers at variable rates up to 65 strokes/min. Single horizontal plunger covering...

C 240 photo
Bridge Machine C 240 Automatic Patty Former
Inventory #: H2451

Used Bridge Machine C 240 Automatic Patty Former with: Current application: 4 ounce patties 6 patties per row Stainless steel construction Welded tubular frame Casters Change parts available...

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