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Deboners remove bones from meat, this includes beef, poultry, fish, and pork. There are several different methods for this process. A belt conveyor or hanging system brings product to an operator station. Operators debone the meat, saved desired pieces, and discard the scraps. Another method is a punch method which forces the bone out through a hole and leaves behind the meat. The scrape method holds the bone in place and removes the meat from the bone. Finally, the separator method uses a squeezing belt to feed the product to a perforated drum and presses the soft components through the holes of the drum. The solid components remain outside the drum, thereby separating the meat from the bones.

G 450/650 photo
Marel 16 Station G 450/650 Processing Conveyor

Used Marel G 450/650 Product Processing Conveyor with: 16 operator stations Pneumatic swing arms divert product from the infeed conveyor to an operator station. The operator processes product to desired...

Pro-MM-Bin S ,  TR-11 photo
Marel 6 Station Cutting Weighing Sorting Conveyor

Used Marel Pro-MM-Bin S Manual Product Processing Conveyor with: 6 operator stations Pneumatic swing arms divert product from the infeed conveyor to an operator station. The operator processes product...

M3000 photo
Marel M 3000 SS Dual Line Batcher and Grader

Used Marel Grader with: Output: up to 180 pieces per minute, depending on product size Products: Fish Meats Poultry Number of batch bins: 16 Hopper scale in each batch bin ...

RSBF02 photo
Weiler Beehive Pirana Stainless Steel Deboner

Used Beehive Deboner with: Capacity/output: 500 - 1,000 pounds per hour Includes: Hopper: Stainless steel 5.5 cubic feet capacity Twin feed screw pump Horsepower: 5 Stainless...

22 photo
Paoli Model 22 Stainless Steel One Step Deboner

Used Paoli Deboner with: Product input: 250-600 pounds per hour Products: Red meat Poultry Fish & shellfish Product yeilds: Poultry - necks, wings, backs and carcasses: up...

189 photo
Baader 189 SS Filleting Machine for Whitefish

Used Baader Filleting Machine with: Output: up to 34 fish per minute Fillet for fish: Cod Hake Pollack Haddock Fish size range: Length: 15.75 - 33.46 inches Weight:...

697 photo
Baader 697 Stainless Steel Meat and Bone Separator

Used Baader Separator with: Application: designed to separate bone fragments from meat, chicken, fish or pork Output: up to 2,200 pounds per hour Drum perforation: 3 mm Electrical: 3 x 380 volt,...

Gutmaster 1200 photo
Kroma Gutmaster 1200M Gutting and Grinding Machine

Used Kroma Gutmaster 1200M Automatic Gutting Machine with: Designed for gutting: Trout Sea bass Mackerel Fish size ranges: 5.64 to 42 ounces 160 to 1200...

M3.0 photo
Meyn WLD M3.0 Stainless Steel Whole Leg Deboner

Used Meyn WLD M3.0 Whole Leg Deboner with: Production rate: 4,200 legs/hour depending on materials/application Simultaneously handles left and right legs with or without skin Minimum product weight:...

23 photo
Paoli Model 23 One Step Deboner with Mobile Stand

Used Paoli Model 23 One Step Deboner with: Separates edible meat, poultry, and fish Average separation yield on poultry necks: 65 - 70 percent Production rate: 2000 pounds/hour depending...

601-501 photo
Baader 601 Stainless Steel Soft Separator Deboner

Used Baader Separator with: Applications: Desinewing from pre-cut meats, fish & poultry Puree and juice production from fruits & vegetables Output: up to 1,700 pounds per hour ...

IM7-14 photo
Baader 600 Mini All Rounder Deboner Soft Separator

Used Baader Soft Separator with: Designed for mincing of different raw products including: Fillet with or without skin Skin strips and trimmings Whole main bones and collar bones Includes:...

DMM 10 photo
Stork Townsend DMM 10 Deboner

Used Stork Townsend DMM10 Deboner with: Production output rate: 80 liters per minute Product size: Pre-cut portions Deboning method: Gentle pressure scrape 10 millimeter...

MRS-20P photo
Protecon Systems Stainless Steel Deboner

Used Protecon Separator/Deboner with: Capacity/output: Poultry: up to 2,600 pounds per hour Pork, beef: up to 1,300 pounds per hour Output diameter: 7.9 inches Push-button controls...

185 photo
Baader 185 Stainless Steel Filleting Machine

Used Baader Filleting Machine with: Output: Up to 32 fish per minute Up to 11,000 pounds per hour Types of whitefish: Cod Saith Haddock Minimum fish length with head:...

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