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Deboners remove bones from meat, this includes beef, poultry, fish, and pork. There are several different methods for this process. A belt conveyor or hanging system brings product to an operator station. Operators debone the meat, saved desired pieces, and discard the scraps. Another method is a punch method which forces the bone out through a hole and leaves behind the meat. The scrape method holds the bone in place and removes the meat from the bone. Finally, the separator method uses a squeezing belt to feed the product to a perforated drum and presses the soft components through the holes of the drum. The solid components remain outside the drum, thereby separating the meat from the bones.

697 photo
Baader 697 Stainless Steel Meat and Bone Separator

Used Baader Separator with: Application: designed to separate bone fragments from meat, chicken, fish or pork Output: up to 2,200 pounds per hour Drum perforation: 3 mm Electrical: 3 x 380 volt,...

Gutmaster 1200 photo
Kroma Gutmaster 1200M Gutting and Grinding Machine

Used Kroma Gutmaster 1200M Automatic Gutting Machine with: Designed for gutting: Trout Sea bass Mackerel Fish size ranges: 5.64 to 42 ounces 160 to 1200...

M3.0 photo
Meyn WLD M3.0 Stainless Steel Whole Leg Deboner

Used Meyn WLD M3.0 Whole Leg Deboner with: Production rate: 4,200 legs/hour depending on materials/application Simultaneously handles left and right legs with or without skin Minimum product weight:...

23 photo
Paoli Model 23 One Step Deboner with Mobile Stand

Used Paoli Model 23 One Step Deboner with: Separates edible meat, poultry, and fish Average separation yield on poultry necks: 65 - 70 percent Production rate: 2000 pounds/hour depending...

601-501 photo
Baader 601 Stainless Steel Soft Separator Deboner

Used Baader Separator with: Applications: Desinewing from pre-cut meats, fish & poultry Puree and juice production from fruits & vegetables Output: up to 1,700 pounds per hour ...

IM7-14 photo
Baader 600 Mini All Rounder Deboner Soft Separator

Used Baader Soft Separator with: Designed for mincing of different raw products including: Fillet with or without skin Skin strips and trimmings Whole main bones and collar bones Includes: ...

DMM 10 photo
Stork Townsend DMM 10 Deboner

Used Stork Townsend DMM10 Deboner with: Production output rate: 80 liters per minute Product size: Pre-cut portions Deboning method: Gentle pressure scrape 10 millimeter...

MRS-20P photo
Protecon Systems Stainless Steel Deboner

Used Protecon Separator/Deboner with: Capacity/output: Poultry: up to 2,600 pounds per hour Pork, beef: up to 1,300 pounds per hour Output diameter: 7.9 inches Push-button controls...

185 photo
Baader 185 Stainless Steel Filleting Machine

Used Baader Filleting Machine with: Output: Up to 32 fish per minute Up to 11,000 pounds per hour Types of whitefish: Cod Saith Haddock Minimum fish length with head:...

4CXX photo
Trifisk 4CXX Stainless Steel Fish Deboner

Used Trifisk 4CXX Stainless Steel Fish Deboner with: Application: removing fish scale and used to work on salmon fillets Types of fish that can be processed: red snapper, salmon, cod, haddock, white fish,...

FR-9000 photo
Pisces FR-9000 Stainless Steel Filleting Machine

Use Pisces FR-9000 Filleting Machine with: Belt speed: 40 feet per minute Operators: 1 Blade diameter: 12 inches Air usage: .5 cubic feet per minute at 80 PSI Water usage: 5 US gallons per minute...

185 photo
Baader 185 SS Filleting Machine with Skinner Unit

Used Baader Filleting Machine with: Output: Up to 32 fish per minute Up to 11,000 pounds per hour Types of whitefish: Cod Saith Haddock Minimum fish length with head:...

DH100/225 photo
Simo Industries DH100/225 Bone Separator

Used Simo Industries DH100/225 Bone Separator with: Up to 5,000 pounds of meat per hour Stainless steel contact parts Reset/ motor overload alarm Manual/automatic switch Adjustable pump speed...

2612/20 photo
Marel Carnitech 2612.20 SS Pin Bone Remover

Used Carnitech Deboner with: Four lane deboner Output: Up to 72 filets per minute Up to 4,320 filets per hour Filet size range: 1 - 9 pounds Water consumption: 6 gallons per minute...

EM-102 photo
Kaj Oleson EM-102 SS Dual Lane Pin Bone Remover

Used Kaj Oleson Deboner with: Applications: fresh or smoked salmon and trout filets Output: Up to 30 filets per minute Up to 2,645 pounds per hour All adjustable: Pulling angle...

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