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This type of equipment is used to add seasoning or saline into meat evenly. Injectors can be used on beef, pork, duck, fish, ham, sausage, etc.

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PI54-105MC2R photo
Koch 105-Needle Injector w/ Brine Tank

Used Koch Pickle Injector: Maximum output: up to 50 strokes per minute 105 needles Injector pattern: 3 rows of 17 3 rows of 18 Needle area: Length: 3 inches Width: 13.5...

AC-15-FCB-12-SP photo
Budzar Evaporator Brine Chiller

Used Budzar Evaporator Brine Chiller With: Stainless steel reservoir Aluminum tank level gauge Placed on 4 casters Powder coated cabinet

Wolfking Belam MI-450/210 Meat Injector

Used Wolfking Injector with: Infeed: Width: 17.5 inches (8) Bottom rows on 2" spacing Product clearance: approximately 9 inches Injection chamber: (2) Sections (6) Rows...

HPI 350 photo
Henneken HPI 350 Stainless Steel Adjustable Brine Injector

Used Henneken HPI 350 Brine Injector with: Application: for bone-in and boneless products Previously used for: injecting tuna loins Needles :102 Pneumatic needle retraction Stroke height: 7.78...

Wolf-tec 420 ECO Chicken Brine Injector

Used Wolftec 420 ECO Chicken Brine Injector with: Overall dimensions: Length: 8 feet Width: 4.5 feet Height: 7 feet Discharge height: 48 inches Conveyor width: 15 inches Number...

140 RCB photo
MEPSCO 140 RCB UltraCAT Junior Injector

Used MEPSCO Injector with: Injector speed: 55 strokes per minute Needle configuration: 140 Centrifugal brine pump: Horsepower: 10 Stainless steel motor Brine holding tank capacity:...

Alis photo
Arcall Alis Food Flavorizer

Arcall Alis Food Flavorizer: Stainless steel construction Used for flavorizing foods Mounted on casters Ball valve controls

IR59 photo
Ruhle IR59 Stainless Steel Curing Injector

Used Ruhle Injector with: Output: Up to 8,800 pounds per hour Up to 4,000 kilgrams per hour Variable speed: 24/48 strokes per minute Needle specs: Two rows of needles Number of needles: 59...

FGM 20/40 photo
Fomaco Stainless Steel Brine Injector for Meat

Used Fomaco Injector with: Output/speed: up to 65 strokes per minute Needles: Single head 20 Double needles Product: Bone-in Boneless Maximum product height: 18...

PL 81/184 MC2R photo
Gunther PL 81/184 MC2R Brine Injection Machine

Gunther PL 81 / 184 MC2R Brine Injection Machine with: Injection needles: 81 / 184 Injection rate: 60 strokes per minute Conveyor dimensions: 84.5 length x 18.8 width (inches) Product clearance:...

FGM 44/88 photo
Fomaco 44 88 Stainless Steel Meat Injector

Used Fomaco Injector with: Output: up to 70 strokes per minute Needles: Number of needles: 44/88 Diameter: 4mm Product: Bone-in Boneless Maximum product height: 9 inches...

MSK 44 photo
Promax MSK 44 Stainless Steel Injector

Used Promax MSK 44 Injector with: Number of injection needles: 44 Walking beam width: 14 inches Speed: up to 50 strokes per minute Product clearance: 10.75 inches Injection volume: 5 -60% Pressure...

1450 photo
Townsend 1450 Automatic Brine Injector 175 Needle

Used Townsend 1450 Automatic Brine Injector with: Injection needles: 175 Previous application: beef Conveyor belt width: 14 inches Conveyor height: 41 inches Steel wire mesh conveyor belt Manual...

N61 photo
Helmut Schroder GmbH N 61 Injector

Used Helmut Schroder GmbH N 61 Injector with: 61 injecting needles: 4 millimeter needles Product clearance: 17 length x 9.8 height (inches) 440 length x 250 height (millimeters)...

FGM 26/52 photo
Fomaco FGM 26/52 Stainless Steel Injector

Used Fomaco FGM 26/52 Stainless Steel Injector with: 52 injection needles 20 to 70 strikes per minute Double needle patterns Pump capacity: 14 gallons per minute 55 liters per...

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