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Equipment in the Meat Processing category includes any equipment used in the processing of meat products. Some examples include patty formers, meat injectors, tenderizers, and smokers.

350100 photo
Koch Grand Prize II Propane Gas Meat Smokehouse
Inventory #: D7958

Used Koch Grand Prize II Propane Gas Meat Smokehouse with: Inside Dimensions:: 42 inches L x 42 inches W x 60 inches H Outside Dimensions:: 50 inches L x 49 inches W x 90 inches H Requires 110 electrical...

1411 photo
Anco 1411 15 x 34 Inch Platen Bacon Press
Inventory #: D8036

Used Anco Bacon Press with: Application: press bacon to uniform thickness & width to maximize slicing yields Operation modes: Manual Automatic Press chamber dimensions: 15 inches...

Vemag Stainless Steel Dumper for Bowl Chopper
Inventory #: D7994Rental Option

Used Vemag Buggy Dumper with: Dump height: 36 inches Complete with hydraulic cylinder Heavy duty construction with stainless steel contact parts Overall footprint: 55 inches long x 32 inches wide...

F26 photo
Formax F26 Patty Former and Portioner
Inventory #: D7971

Used Formax F26 Patty Forming Machine with: Rotating touchscreen HMI Mold plate strokes per minute: 25 - 100 Mold plate thickness: Minimum: 3/16 inches Maximum: 2 5/8 inches ...

Stork Gamco 38 Cone Deboning Line
Inventory #: D7856

Used Stork Deboning Line with: Application: poultry deboning Number of cones: 38 Maximum output: up to 4,000 birds per hour Conveyor width: 8.6 inches Stainless steel construction Overall dimensions...

3AP photo
Bridge Accupat 3AP Semi-Automatic Patty Former
Inventory #: D7813

Used Bridge Accupat 3AP Semi-Automatic Patty Former with: USDA accepted Stainless steel T-304 construction 2-HP motor High-speed rotating propeller Product takeaway conveyor 200-lb. infeed...

AD114 photo
Seydelmann AD114 Stainless Steel Automatic Grinder
Inventory #: D7779

Used Seydelmann Grinder with: Maximum output: up to 3,300 pounds per hour Hole plate diameter: 4.5 inches Hopper capacity: 55 pounds 2-Speed working worm Feeding worm: 2 speeds Conical,...

8/65 Roto-FLOW photo
Hollymatic Roto-FLOW Patty Forming Machine
Inventory #: D7785

Used Hollymatic Patty Former with: Maximum output: 30 - 70 cycles per minute Up to 3,900 portions per hour Hopper: Conical indexing Capacity: 200 pounds Interleaver:...

FBC-4800 photo
Biro FBC 4800 Tempered Frozen Block Chipper
Inventory #: D7757

Used Biro Block Chipper with: Application: can reduce a 60 pound meat block in less than 60 seconds 5 Horsepower motor Operation: Maximum block size (inches): 16.5 long x 8 wide x 19.5 high ...

SH20001 photo
Carruthers SH20001 Automatic Meat Shredder
Inventory #: D7570

Used Carruthers Shredder with: Maximum output: up to 1,500 pounds per hour Pitched horizontal chamber: Auger fed Manually adjustable Internal flight assembly with scraper Dimensions: 48...

Alkar 2 Truck Natural Gas Smokehouse
Inventory #: D7498

Used Alkar Smokehouse with: Capacity: 2 trucks Truck dimensions: 42 inches x 44 inches x 70 inches high Microprocessor controls Sawdust burning smoke producer 4 trucks Heat source: natural...

SH25003 photo
Carruthers Table Top Meat and Poultry Shredder
Inventory #: D7491

Used Carruthers Shredder with: Application: shreds cooked meats for "hand pulled" look Maximum output: up to 200 pounds per hour Table top unit with stand All stainless steel construction...

Protege photo
Patty-O-Matic Protege Patty Forming Machine
Inventory #: D6881

Used Patty-O-Matic Protege Patty Forming Machine with: Stainless steel construction Forms, interleave paper between, and stack food patties Weight range of patties 2 ounces to 8 ounces Single...

F2000EHN photo
BIRO F2000EHN Food/Patty Forming Machine
Inventory #: D6791

Used BIRO F2000EHN Food/Patty Forming Machine with: Extended Product Hopper: 10.5 gallons 60 pounds Standard stainless steel feed paddles Adjustable setting for thickness of...

PI 54/105 photo
Gunther PI 54 105 Automatic Reversible Injector
Inventory #: D6617

Used Gunther Injector with: Number of injection needles: 54 Maximum output: up to 50 strokes per minute Project clearance: 7.8 inches Variable stroke height selection Variable injection pattern...

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