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We have buyers needing the specific equipment below.

If you have any of the following equipment, or similar, available for sale, please contact the SIGMA Sales Team or click to submit your equipment online. Wanted requests are active for 30 days or until found.

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Item Needed Category Added
Commercial Sandwich Wedge Cutting Machine KS1400Slicer/ Cutter and Slicer10/10/2017Sell Slicer
Front & Back Bottle Labeler, Clear Label & BottlesFront, Back Pressure Sensitive/ Pressure Sensitive Labeler/ Labeler10/10/2017Sell Front, Back Pressure Sensitive
Starview Model PHS6-1418Blister Clamshell and Skin Packaging10/10/2017Sell Blister Clamshell and Skin Packaging
Pallet InverterPallet Inverter/ Forklift and Warehouse Equipment10/10/2017Sell Pallet Inverter
Belshaw Mark II Robot Gas Automatic Donut FryerFryer10/10/2017Sell Fryer
Marel Stainless Steel Tumble DryerDryer10/10/2017Sell Dryer
Kawagasi KMv180/140 Injection Molding MachineInjection Molding10/10/2017Sell Injection Molding
Rondo Compass 3000 SFS611 Automatic Dough SheeterSheeter/ Bakery Equipment10/10/2017Sell Sheeter
60 HP Vertical Steam BoilerBoiler10/9/2017Sell Boiler
Texwrap 2201SS Side Seal Horizontal Shrink WrapperSide Sealer/ Shrink Equipment10/9/2017Sell Side Sealer
Silverson 2500 Disintegrator 6-8K GallonsLiquefier Blender/ Mixer and Blender10/9/2017Sell Liquefier Blender
Deighton Formatic 1200 or 2200 Cookie DepositorDepositor/ Bakery Equipment10/9/2017Sell Depositor
Electric Kettle, 60-80 Gallons<99 Gallon Stainless Steel Kettle/ Kettle10/9/2017Sell <99 Gallon Stainless Steel Kettle
Kisters Kayat TP50 Automatic Tray PackerTray Packer/ Case Packer and Tray Packer10/9/2017Sell Tray Packer
LeMatic Bun and Roll SlicerSlicer/ Cutter and Slicer10/9/2017Sell Slicer
150-250 Gal Dual Compartment Jacketed SS Tank <249 Gallon SS Jacketed Tanks/ Jacketed Tanks/ Tank, Stainless Steel10/6/2017Sell  <249 Gallon SS Jacketed Tanks
Gallas or Mark Andy 22 Inch Flexo PressPrinting Industry10/6/2017Sell Printing Industry
Schutte WA8HSS Hammer MillMill10/6/2017Sell Mill
Cup Filler and Sealer for HummusCup Filler/ Filler10/6/2017Sell Cup Filler
Whole Ear Cob SawComplete Line10/5/2017Sell Complete Line
Pallet Gravity Roller Conveyor 120 FeetGravity Roller Conveyor/ Roller Conveyor/ Conveyor10/5/2017Sell Gravity Roller Conveyor
25Gal Jacketed Vessel - Lined with Glass or TeflonTank, Non-Stainless Steel10/5/2017Sell Tank, Non-Stainless Steel
Retracting Conveyor For Bakery ProductsPlastic Mat-Top Conveyor/ Conveyor10/5/2017Sell Plastic Mat-Top Conveyor
Transfer Pump for Pumpkin Pie FillingPositive Displacement Pump/ Pump10/5/2017Sell Positive Displacement Pump
Simplex 2 or 4 Head Piston Filler Gallon CapacityPiston Filler/ Filler10/5/2017Sell Piston Filler

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