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RV600-W-FDC photo
Bryan RV600-W-FDC Gas-Fired Hot Water Boiler
Inventory #: G9249

Used Bryan RV600-W-FDC Natural Gas Watertube Boiler with: Output: 5040 MBH Relief valve setting: 125 PISG Heating surface: 722 square feet Maximum allowable working pressure: 160 PSIG Maximum...

WL-60 photo
Columbia WL-60 Series 20 Horsepower Steam Boiler
Inventory #: G9706

Used Columbia WL-60 Series 20 Horsepower Steam Boiler with: Oil-fired burner 15 PSI Steam Gross SBI output: 693,000 BTUH 20 horsepower Net SBI steam: 521,052...

SF-12 photo
TVI Corporation SF-12 Portable Flash Water Heater
Inventory #: G9244

Used TVI Corporation SF-12 Portable Flash Water Heater with: Electronic thermostat burner Adjustable ASTM thermostat with readout gauge Uses diesel #1, #2, arctic, JP or kerosene Burner operates...

135 S photo
Rite 135 S Steam Heating Boiler Natural Gas 15 PSI
Inventory #: G9238

Used Rite Steam Heating Boiler Natural Gas 15 PSI with: Atmospheric boiler Gas fired Maximum BTU input per hour: 1,350,000 MAWP, steam: 15 PSI Maximum water temperature: 250 degrees Fahrenheit...

TF-80E-(W) photo
Volcano TF-80E-W 15 PSI Steam Watertube Boiler
Inventory #: G6396

Used Volcano "ThermoFlo" TF-80E-W Watertube Steam Boiler with: Webster Combustion forced draft burner Natural gas fired Low pressure steam (15 PSI) Operating and high limit pressure controls...

MPH-30 photo
Columbia MPH-30 30 HP, 15 PSI Steam Boiler
Inventory #: G5152

Used Columbia MPH-30 low pressure steam boiler with: Power Flame gas burner Modified scotch, three-pass fire tube design Low pressure steam operation (15 PSI) 30 HP boiler capacity Honeywell flame...

VW 0715 IN 09 C 1A CJ photo
Teledyne Laar Natural Gas Fired Hot Water Boiler
Inventory #: G6130

Used Teledyne Laar Natural Gas Fired Hot Water Boiler with: Natural gas fired Input: 715,000 BTU per hour Output: 579,150 BTU per hour Maximum gas orifice size: 44 DMS Altitude from 0 to 2000...

K 4.0-192-X photo
Kewanee K4.0-192-X 52 HP Firebox Steam Boiler
Inventory #: G4485

Used Kewanee K 4.0-192-X FireTube Boiler with: Firetube boiler 52 horsepower 1749 pounds per hour Natural gas burner Power flame brand burner Fireye flame safeguard control system Boiler...

MHB24E photo
Vulcan MHB24E 24 KW Electric Steam Boiler
Inventory #: G2650

Vulcan MHB24E 24 KW Modular Electric Steam Boiler with 6 inch adjustable legs 15 PSI kettle connection 1/2 inch cold water connection 1/8 inch cold water condenser 1 - 1/4 inch drain connection...

150WINE 250A-TP photo
PVI Gas Fired 250 Gallon Hot Water Boiler
Inventory #: G1072

Used PVI Natural Gas Fired Hot Water Boiler with: Natural gas fired 6,000,000 BTU input 5,300,000 BTU output 50 PSI working pressure 115v Control voltage 460v Motor voltage

CL-75W-FDG photo
Bryan CL75W 75 HP Flexible Tube Gas Fired Boiler
Inventory #: G1428

Used Bryan Hot Water Boiler with: Horsepower: 75 Output (BTU's per hour): 600,000 Heating surface: 90 square feet Maximum working pressure water: 30 psi (hot water) Minimum relief valve capacity:...

MPH-100 photo
Columbia MPH-100 Oil-Fired 15 PSI Steam Boiler
Inventory #: D9120

Used Columbia Oil Fired Steam Boiler with: Power Flame Oil Burner Model CR3-0 #2 oil 7.4 - 30 gallons per hour 3 horsepower motor 4,200,000 Btu per hour input 3,444,000 Btu...

ICS-60 photo
Fulton ICS 60 Natural Gas Vertical Steam Boiler
Inventory #: D8863

Used Fulton ICS 60 Boiler with: Vertical design Natural gas fired Pounds of steam: 2070 pounds per hour (60 HP) Pressure rating: 15 PSI Steam UL listed Integral burner Fireye flame safe...

15AA-4 photo
ESG Corp 15AA-4 2HP Electric Steam Boiler
Inventory #: D7519

Used Electric Steam Generator Corporation model 15AA-4 "SPEEDYLECTRIC" electric steam boiler with: Steam output: 2 boiler horsepower Low pressure steam - 15 PSI Electric, 480v 37 amps Water...

Mighty Therm HH1430 photo
Teledyne Laars Mighty Therm Hot Water Boiler
Inventory #: D6990

Used Teledyne Laars HH1430-IN-09-L-1A-SX Hydronic Boiler with: Gas fired hot water boiler for indoor installation Copper finned heat exchanger Natural Gas Gas connections: 1.25 inches Input: 1,430,000...

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