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Equipment in this category heats fluids to a specific temperature. The heated or vaporized fluid exits the boiler for use in various processes or heating applications. Boilers can be used for sanitation, food preparation, or to heat buildings. Boiler equipment comes in a variety of sizes.

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CT photo
Columbia CT 150 PSI High Pressure Steam Boiler

Used Columbia CT Boiler with: Input: 1,470,000 BTU per hour Maximum working pressure: 150 psi Rating horsepower: 35 Oil input: 10.50 gallons per hour Water capacity: 90 gallons Valve capacity: 1208...

S2-G-200-150 photo
Hurst Boiler 150 PSI 200 Horsepower 6900 Pounds Of Steam Per Hour

Used Hurst Boiler: Max psi: 150 Steam output: 6900 pounds per hour BTU per hour: 8,080,000-8,400,000 Gas heating source

148 BF photo
Lattner Electric Boiler MAWP 125 PSI

Used Latner 148 BF Electric Boiler with: Boiler type: Electric Maximum design steaming capacity: 518 MAWP: 125 Heating surface:...

Cleaver-Brooks 300 HP High Pressure Steam Boiler

Used Cleaver-Brooks Boiler with: 4-Pass dryback Horsepower: 300 Output: 10,350 pounds per hour Pressure: 150 psi Fuel: natural gas or #2 oil Burner: CB integral Approximate overall dimensions...

5P 60 50 G GP photo
Burnham 5P 60 50 G GP 60 Horsepower Commercial Boiler

Used Burnham 5P 60 50 G GP Commercial Boiler with: 60 horsepower Gross output: 60 BHP Gas input: 2500 MBH Maximum working pressure: 150 PSI Steam 2,070 pounds per hour Gordon-Piatt gas fired...

FB-020-A photo
Fulton FB-020-A Vertical Gas Fired 20 Horsepower Steam Boiler

Used Fulton FB-020-A Boiler with: Last used in dry cleaning facility Natural gas fired Maximim BTU: 840,000 Gas pressure: minimum 7 in WC, maximum 1/2 PSI Maximum manifold gas pressure: 3.2 in...

FB-015-LE photo
Fulton 150PSI Natural Gas-Fired Steam Boiler System with Infeed Tank and Blowdown Separator

Used Fulton Steam boiler system with: Capacity: 518 pounds of steam per hour (15 Horsepower) Maximum allowed working pressure: 150 PSI Water capacity: 77 Gallons Water conditions: pH: 8.5-10.5...

Hurst 500 HP 150PSI Waste Heat Recovery Boiler

Used Hurst boiler with: 500 HP 150 PSI For boiler output of 17,250 PPH/unit Blow-down valves Access platform with handrails and ladder OM19 Deaerator VFD controlled feed water pumps ...

Pacific Clean Air BP300 15 HP / 150 PSI Steam Boiler

Used Pacific Clean Air Boiler with: Capacity: BTU input: 630,000 Steam output: 518 pounds per hour Horsepower: 15 Maximum pressure: 150 psi Includes ancillary equipment such as blowdown...

Cleaver-Brooks CB-700-200 200 Horsepower Hot Water Boiler

Used Cleaver-Brooks Boiler with: 200 horsepower MAWP: 30 psi hot water Output: 6900 pounds per hour Natural gas fired

Fulton 15-E 15 HP Gas Fired Steam Boiler

Used Fulton Boiler with: Capacity: Horsepower: 15 Steam: 525 pounds per hour Maximum BTUH: 649,000 Two-pass Natural gas fired Maximum manifold pressure: 14 IN.W.C. Maximum...

X6-5-2500-S150 photo
Superior X6-5-2500-S150 High Pressure Steam Boiler

Used Superior Steam Boiler with: Design pressure: 150 PSI Steam capacity: 17250 pounds per hour Heat surface area: 2514 square feet Minimum valve capacity: 17250 pounds per hour 500 horsepower...

Superior 150 Horsepower Hurst Natural Gas Boiler

Used Superior 150 Horsepower Hurst Natural Gas Boiler with: Design Pressure: 150 PSI Includes PowerFlame natural gas burner Horsepower: 150 Gas type: natural

FT-0600C photo
Fulton FT-0600C Thermal Fluid Heater

Used Fulton FT-0600C Thermal Fluid Heater with: Maximum working pressure: 150 psi Maximum operating temperature: 750 degrees fahrenheit Gas type: natural Maximum input: 7,494,000 BTU per hour Electrical:...

Miura 200 Horsepower Gas Fired Boiler

Used Miura Boiler with: Gas fired Maximum input: 7483 x 1000 BTU per hour Minimum input: 2500 x 1000 BTU per hour Gas inlet pressure: Minimum: 3 psi Maximum: 5 psi Maximum allowable...

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