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Equipment in this category heats fluids to a specific temperature. The heated or vaporized fluid exits the boiler for use in various processes or heating applications. Boilers can be used for sanitation, food preparation, or to heat buildings. Boiler equipment comes in a variety of sizes.

TL80-199 NS photo
Teledyne Laars TL80-199 NS Hot Water Boiler
Inventory #: H1772

Used Teledyne Laars TL80-199 NS Hot Water Boiler with: Automatic circulating water heater/automatic instantaneous water heater "mighty stack" Natural gas fueling Input rate: 199,000 btu per...

CSG125DE photo
Prometco CSG125DE Steam Generator w Sussman Boiler
Inventory #: H1773

Used Prometco CSG125DE Steam Generator Sussman Electric Steam Boiler with: Clean steam generator Manufacturer's performance rating: 125 pounds of steam per hour at 45 psig average Stainless steel...

FB-020-LE photo
Fulton FB020LE 20 HP 150 PSI SS Vertical Boiler
Inventory #: H1040

Used Fulton Boiler with: Natural gas fired vertical boiler Output: 150 PSI 20 Horsepower MAWP: 150 psi Steam: 690 pounds per hour Burner: 230 volt, 60 Hz, single phase, 10 amps...

Mohawk 4-X-508 photo
Superior Mohawk 4X508 100 HP 150 PSI Boiler
Inventory #: H1038

Used Superior Boiler with: Natural gas or oil fired horizontal boiler Output: 150 PSI 100 horsepower Steam output: 3,450 pounds per hour Industrial Combustion burner Modulation:...

RV600-W-FDC photo
Bryan RV600-W-FDC Gas-Fired Hot Water Boiler
Inventory #: G9249

Used Bryan RV600-W-FDC Natural Gas Watertube Boiler with: Output: 5040 MBH Relief valve setting: 125 PISG Heating surface: 722 square feet Maximum allowable working pressure: 160 PSIG Maximum...

WL-60 photo
Columbia WL-60 Series 20 Horsepower Steam Boiler
Inventory #: G9706

Used Columbia WL-60 Series 20 Horsepower Steam Boiler with: Oil-fired burner 15 PSI Steam Gross SBI output: 693,000 BTUH 20 horsepower Net SBI steam: 521,052...

Hurst 1500 HP Biomass Boiler photo
Hurst Wood-Fired Boiler System, Two 1500HP Boilers
Inventory #: G9594

Used Hurst Wood-Fired Boiler System with: (2) 1500 HP biomass boilers Hybrid design Currently configured for wood fuel 51,750 steam pounds per hour (Per boiler) 9,750 square feet of heating surface...

HRT photo
Columbia HRT 30 Horsepower High Pressure Boiler
Inventory #: G9643

Used Columbia HRT Boiler with: High pressure steam boiler 30 horsepower Maximum working pressure: 150 PSI Heating surface: 200 square feet Shell thickness: 5/16 inch National board number:...

RH-72 photo
Reimers RH-72 7.2 Horsepower Electric Boiler
Inventory #: G9352

Used Reimers RH-72 Electric Boiler with: Power source: Electric Boiler horsepower: 7.2 Maximum allowable working pressure: 100 PSI Digital display Water level gauge High pressure feed pump...

SF-12 photo
TVI Corporation SF-12 Portable Flash Water Heater
Inventory #: G9244

Used TVI Corporation SF-12 Portable Flash Water Heater with: Electronic thermostat burner Adjustable ASTM thermostat with readout gauge Uses diesel #1, #2, arctic, JP or kerosene Burner operates...

24 SC-15-200-600-3-60-SS304 photo
Acme 24 SC 15 200 600 3 60 SS304 Electric Boiler
Inventory #: G9302

Used Acme Electric Steam Boiler with: Flange mounted, incoloy sheathed heating elements with magnetic contactors Heavy duty SS 304 vessel shell and connections Magnetic water level gauge with flag...

CBH 700-60 photo
Cleaver Brooks CBH 700-60 60 HP 150 PSI Boiler
Inventory #: G9298

Used Cleaver Brooks 60 Horsepower 150 PSI Boiler with: 60 boiler horsepower capacity 4 pass boiler Maximum pressure 150 PSI 2511000 BTU/ hour Natural gas

135 S photo
Rite 135 S Steam Heating Boiler Natural Gas 15 PSI
Inventory #: G9238

Used Rite Steam Heating Boiler Natural Gas 15 PSI with: Atmospheric boiler Gas fired Maximum BTU input per hour: 1,350,000 MAWP, steam: 15 PSI Maximum water temperature: 250 degrees Fahrenheit...

LOWNOX photo
Lattner G5-25-LN LOWNOX Gas 25 HP Steam Boiler
Inventory #: G8697Featured

Used Lattner G5-25-LN Boiler with: Boiler type: vertical Fuel source: natural gas Burner: Riello Output capacity: 863 lb/hr (25 HP) Boiler design pressure: 150 psi Low NOx Boiler feed tank...

Fulton 15 HP 150 PSI Gas Vertical Steam Boiler
Inventory #: G8978

Used Fulton Boiler with: Natural gas fired vertical boiler Output: 15 horsepower 150 PSI Includes: Low emissions burner Feed tank Pump Blow down separator tank ...

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