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Equipment in this category heats fluids to a specific temperature. The heated or vaporized fluid exits the boiler for use in various processes or heating applications. Boilers can be used for sanitation, food preparation, or to heat buildings. Boiler equipment comes in a variety of sizes.

MHB24E photo
Vulcan MHB24E 24 KW Electric Steam Boiler
Inventory #: G2650

Vulcan MHB24E 24 KW Modular Electric Steam Boiler with 6 inch adjustable legs 15 PSI kettle connection 1/2 inch cold water connection 1/8 inch cold water condenser 1 - 1/4 inch drain connection...

Eclipse High Temperature Liquid Phase Heater
Inventory #: G3277

Used Eclipse Liquid Phase Heater with: Output: 1,630,000 BTU per hour Input: 2,159,593 BTU per hour Natural gas fueled Transfer media: therminol 66 Maximum temperature: 750 degrees Fahrenheit...

Pedco 12000 Pound Rotary Cascading Boiler 600 PSI
Inventory #: G2687

Used Pedco 12000 Pound Rotary Cascading Boiler 600 PSI with: 1.5 megawatt 12,000 pound steam boiler Turbine Design capacity: Combustion of up to 35 tons per day of processed acceptable fuel...

4VT-G-80-150 photo
Hurst 4VT-G-80-150 80 HP 150 PSI Steam Boiler
Inventory #: G2706

Used Hurst 4VT-G-80-150 80 HP 150 PSI Steam Boiler with: Fuel source: natural gas 80 horsepower 3,360,000 BTU per hour Design pressure: 150 PSI Power Flame burner Includes boiler feed unit...

FB-030-LE photo
Fulton 30 HP 150 PSI Steam Gas-Fired Boiler
Inventory #: G2660

Used Fulton FB-030-LE Fuel-Fired Steam Boiler 150 PSI with: 30 HP 150 PSI design pressure Fuel type: Natural gas Honeywell flame safeguard control

PFTA-1000-4 photo
Johnston 1000 HP 4 Pass Steam Boiler
Inventory #: G2495

Used Johnston Boiler with: Natural gas fired Ratings: 1000 Horsepower Design pressure: 150 psi Steam output: 33,487 pounds per hour 4 pass design

Super Seminole photo
Superior 1300 HP 3 Pass High Pressure Steam Boiler
Inventory #: G2497

Used Superior Boiler with: Natural gas fired 3 Pass design Ratings: 1300 Horsepower Design pressure: 200 PSI Steam output: 44,850 pounds per hour Heating surface: 6,554 square...

150WINE 250A-TP photo
PVI Gas Fired 250 Gallon Hot Water Boiler
Inventory #: G1072

Used PVI Natural Gas Fired Hot Water Boiler with: Natural gas fired 6,000,000 BTU input 5,300,000 BTU output 50 PSI working pressure 115v Control voltage 460v Motor voltage

55-P2-60-150 photo
Hurst 55-P2-60-150 60 HP Gas Fired Steam Boiler
Inventory #: G1429

Used Hurst 55-P2-60-150 60 HP Gas Fired Steam Boiler with: Firetube type Steam output Natural gas fueled Produces 2070 steam pounds per hour 150 psi pressure rating Power Flame Burner 60...

CL-75W-FDG photo
Bryan CL75W 75 HP Flexible Tube Gas Fired Boiler
Inventory #: G1428

Used Bryan Hot Water Boiler with: Horsepower: 75 Output (BTU's per hour): 600,000 Heating surface: 90 square feet Maximum working pressure water: 30 psi (hot water) Minimum relief valve capacity:...

4VT-G-20-150 photo
Hurst 50 HP 4 Pass Vertical Steam Boiler
Inventory #: G1380

Used Hurst Boiler with: Natural gas fired 50 Horsepower Maximum working pressure: 150 psi Steam output: 863 pounds per hour Heating surface: 61 square feet BTU's per hour: Minimum:...

VMP-50 photo
Fulton VMP 50 HP 150 PSI Steam Boiler
Inventory #: G1028

Used Fulton Boilder with: Horsepower: 50 Fuel: Natural gas Steam: 150 PSI MBH output: 1658 Steam output: 1708 pounds per hour Stainless steel skin Water capacity (operating): 219 gallons...

LB-150 photo
ElectroSteam LB 150 Electric Steam Generator
Inventory #: D9427

Used Electro-Steam Steam Generator with: Steam capacity: Pounds: 517.50 per hour Kilograms: 234.73 per hour Water Consumption: Gallons: 62 per hour Liters: 234.7 per hour...

MPH-100 photo
Columbia MPH-100 Oil-Fired 15 PSI Steam Boiler
Inventory #: D9120

Used Columbia Oil Fired Steam Boiler with: Power Flame Oil Burner Model CR3-0 #2 oil 7.4 - 30 gallons per hour 3 horsepower motor 4,200,000 Btu per hour input 3,444,000 Btu...

CB200-50 photo
Cleaver Brooks CB200 50 150 PSI 50HP Steam Boiler
Inventory #: D8396

Used Cleaver Brooks CB200-50 Boiler with: Firetube "Scotch Marine" design Fuel type: Light Oil and Gas 50 Horsepower Design pressure: 150 PSI Fireye Flame Safeguard System BTU: 2,092,000...

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