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Equipment in this category heats fluids to a specific temperature. The heated or vaporized fluid exits the boiler for use in various processes or heating applications. Boilers can be used for sanitation, food preparation, or to heat buildings. Boiler equipment comes in a variety of sizes.

4-X-508 photo
Superior 4-X-508 150 PSI Gas Fired Steam Boiler
Inventory #: G8644

Used Superior 150 PSI Steam Boiler Gas Fired GP Burner with: Firetube steam boiler 100 horsepower Gordon-Piatt model "S" gas-fired burner Heating surface: 513 square feet Design pressure:...

MPH-80 photo
Columbia MPH-80 Gas Boiler, 80 HP, 15 PSI Steam
Inventory #: G8175

Used Columbia MPH-80 Low Pressure Steam Boiler with: Firetube type steam boiler Natural gas fueled Input: 3,360,000 BTU/hour Output Capacity: 2,755,200 BTU/hour 15 PSI boiler design pressure ...

KR7-H4626-V3HM photo
Vapor Corporation KR7-H4626-V3HM Steam Boiler
Inventory #: G8001

Used Vapor Corporation KR7-H4626-V3HM Steam Boiler with: Firetube boiler Fuel sources: gas and oil Output capacity: 100 BHP Maximum working pressure: 900 PSI Honeywell flame safeguard control...

Williams & Davis 40HP Oil Fired Boiler, 150 PSI
Inventory #: G7856

Used Williams and Davis 40 HP WD 150 PSI Boiler with: Scotch marine "firetube" design 40 horsepower boiler 150 PSI design pressure Industrial-Combustion 2 oil fired burner (forced draft)...

Johnston 50 Horsepower 150 PSI Steam Boiler
Inventory #: G7696

Used Johnston Boiler with: 50 horsepower 150 PSI Steam Gas Feed tank Pump Blow down tank

CBLE700-800 photo
Cleaver-Brooks CBLE700-800 Steam Boiler
Inventory #: G5963

Used Cleaver-Brooks CBLE700-800 Firetube Boiler with: Refurbished Cleaver Brooks Firetube Boiler, model CBLE700-800, constructed in 1991 in accordance with the ASME Code Section I, for a design pressure...

4YT-G-30-150 photo
Hurst Gas Fired Steam Boiler 30 HP 150 PSI
Inventory #: G6246

Used Hurst Boiler Steam Boiler with: 1035 steam pounds per hour 150 max working pressure 66 surface cubic feet B.T.U per hour minimum: 750,000 maximum: 1,250,000 PowerFlame...

CB700-125 photo
Cleaver Brooks CB700 125 HP 150 PSI Steam Boiler
Inventory #: G6455

Used Cleaver-Brooks "Ohio Special" Boiler with: 125 Horsepower 150 PSI Steam output: 4,300 pounds per hour BTU input: 5,230,000 Natural gas Heating surface: 359 square feet Passes:...

TF-80E-(W) photo
Volcano TF-80E-W 15 PSI Steam Watertube Boiler
Inventory #: G6396

Used Volcano "ThermoFlo" TF-80E-W Watertube Steam Boiler with: Webster Combustion forced draft burner Natural gas fired Low pressure steam (15 PSI) Operating and high limit pressure controls...

767 photo
Williams and Davis 767 10 Horsepower Steam Boiler
Inventory #: G6353

Used Williams & Davis Boiler with: Boiler size: 10 horsepower BTUs: 420,000 firing rate Maximum pressure: 150 psi Includes: Feed water tank Reconditioned pump Reconditioned blow...

MPH-30 photo
Columbia MPH-30 30 HP, 15 PSI Steam Boiler
Inventory #: G5152

Used Columbia MPH-30 low pressure steam boiler with: Power Flame gas burner Modified scotch, three-pass fire tube design Low pressure steam operation (15 PSI) 30 HP boiler capacity Honeywell flame...

VW 0715 IN 09 C 1A CJ photo
Teledyne Laar Natural Gas Fired Hot Water Boiler
Inventory #: G6130

Used Teledyne Laar Natural Gas Fired Hot Water Boiler with: Natural gas fired Input: 715,000 BTU per hour Output: 579,150 BTU per hour Maximum gas orifice size: 44 DMS Altitude from 0 to 2000...

CBEX-E 200-500-150ST photo
CleaverBrooks CBEX-E 200-500-150ST Firetube Boiler
Inventory #: G5135Featured

Used Cleaver-Brooks CBEX-E 200-500-150ST Firetube Steam Boiler with: Firetube, natural gas fired boiler with integrated burner control Maximum working pressure: 150 PSI "Linkage-less" parallel...

K 4.0-192-X photo
Kewanee K4.0-192-X 52 HP Firebox Steam Boiler
Inventory #: G4485

Used Kewanee K 4.0-192-X FireTube Boiler with: Firetube boiler 52 horsepower 1749 pounds per hour Natural gas burner Power flame brand burner Fireye flame safeguard control system Boiler...

CB Series photo
Cleaver Brooks 250 HP 150 PSI Steam Boiler
Inventory #: G4484

Used Cleaver-Brooks Packaged Steam Boiler with: Horsepower: 250 Design pressure: 150 PSI Fuels: Natural gas Number 2 oil Includes CB Hawk Control System (First Generation) ...

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