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Combination scales are used to combine individual product weights to reach the desired total weight. There are multiple weight heads that weigh the product. The scale adds each head and when the proper weight is acquired, the product is discharged from the scale to continue through the production process.

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Ohlson 10 Head Stainless Steel Smooth Bucket Computer Combination Weigher

Used Ohlson 10 Head CCW with: Production speed: up to 25 weighs per minute, depending on application Product fill range: 5-8 ounces Style: 10 head scale Smooth bucket Infeed pan dimensions (inches): ...

ADW-214SD photo
Yamato 14 Head Smooth Bucket CCW

Used Yamato CCW: Output: up to 140 weighs per minute depending on application Weighing capacity (single drop): 2-200 Grams 14 head smooth buckets Touch screen controls 300 preset recipe memory Applications: ...

RW112W photo
Bilwinco RW112W 12 Head Dimple Bucket Stainless Steel Scale

Used Bilwinco RW112 Dimple Bucket Scale with: Capacity: up to 90 weighings per minute, depending on product and conditions Last running 5 kilogram bags of chicken at up to 20 bags per minute Number of...

12 Head Stainless Steel CCW with Z conveyor Infeed, and Takeaway Conveyor

Used CCW with: Hopper infeed: Length: 24 inches Width: 24 inches Z-Bucket Conveyor: Bottom length: 32 inches Incline: 120 inches Top length: 72 inches Infeed height; 32 inches Discharge...

ADW-814SV photo
Yamato ADW-814SV 14 Head Dimpled Bucket Combination Scale

Used Yamato Combination Scale 14 dimpled buckets Up to 80 weighs per minute Weight range: 40-5000 grams Touch screen HMI Cleated incline Intralox conveyor Electrical: Volts: 240 Frequency: 6...

PrimoWeigher 360 photo
Combi-Scale Primoweigher 360 14-Head Dimpled Bucket CCW

Used PrimoWeigher 360 CCW: Output: up to 200 weighs per minute depending on application 14 head dimpled bucket Approximately 2.5 liter buckets Weight range: 1 ounce - 18 pounds Electrical: ...

CCW-R-214W-1S/20-WP-SH-SF photo
Ishida 14-Head Stainless Steel Screwfeeder Dimpled Bucket CCW

Used Ishida 14-Head CCW: Weighing of difficult to handle sticky products by using rotary screw feeders that steadily move product across the top of the weigher to prevent product build-up Ideal applications ...

CCW-RS-214W-1S/30-WP photo
Ishida 14 Head Dimpled Bucket Stainless Steel CCW

Used Ishida CCW: Output: up to 110 weighs per minute depending on product shape and density 14 dimpled weigh buckets Bucket volume: 3 liters Single dump weight: 14-454 grams Accuracy of +/- 1...

Combi photo
WeighPack Combi Dimpled 14 Bucket CCW Stainless Steel

Used WeighPack Combi CCW: 14 buckets: dimpled Bucket volume: approximately 5 liters Length: 7 inches Width: 6 inches Depth: 8 inches Vibratory cone feeder Electrical: Volts: 220 Frequency:...

WS18/36 S-II photo
Parson Eagle WS18/36 S-II 18 Head Smooth Bucket CCW

Used Parson's Eagle WS18/36 S-II 18 Head CCW: Eighteen (18) head smooth buckets Pnematic weighing heads Control panel Electricals: 480 voltage / 3 phase Stainless steel construction

ADW-524SW photo
Yamato Dataweigh ADW-524SW 24 Head CCW Scale

Used Yamato Dataweigh ADW-524SW Computer Combination Weigher with: 24 weighing heads Smooth stainless steel 5 liter buckets Weighing range: 20 to 2000 grams Output: approximately 120 weighs per minute,...

CCW-RV-214W-1S/30-SS-GS photo
Ishida CCW-RV-214W-1S/30-SS-GS Combination Weigher

Used Ishida CCW Combination Scale with: Output: 100 weighs per minute Ishida double beam loadcell Control box touch screen LCD display 14 heads Smooth buckets volume: 4.5 liters...

RV-214W-IS/30-SS-GS photo
Ishida RV-214W-IS/30-SS-GS Gentle Slope Smooth Bucket Combination Weigher

Used Ishida CCW Combination Scale with: Output: 100 weighs per minute Gentle slope product handling Key Features Low drop height design to minimise impact and breakage Impact absorption incorporated...

Combi Scale 14 Head photo
Combi 14 Head Stainless Steel Dimpled Bucket Combination Scale

Used Combi 14 Head Dimpled Bucket Combination Scale with: Up to 130 bags per minute, depending on materials and application Number of heads: 14 Dimpled buckets Stainless steel Controls Dump capacity:...

CCW-Z-214W-S/30-WP photo
Ishida CCW-Z-214W-S/30-WP Stainless Steel Computer Combination Scale

Used Ishida CCW-Z-214W-S/30-WP Combination Weigher with: Weight range: 10 - 2500 grams Bucket volume: 1 liter Number of heads: 14 Dimpled buckets Touchscreen control panel Electrical requirements: ...

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