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Equipment in this category is used to dry, cure, or bake a product. Different types of ovens perform different functions, such as sterilization, drying granules, or controlling humidity. Ovens may use electricity, gas, or steam as their source of heat, and may be either batch or continuous.

649 HC photo
Revent 3 Chamber Gas Deck Oven w Steam Generators

Used Revent Deck Oven with: Number of decks: 3 Per chamber interior dimensions: Width: 51 inches Depth: 31 inches Height: 8.5 inches Stone hearths Gas fired Steam capable Individual...

SRO1G photo
Adamatic SRO1G Stainless Steel Single Rack Oven

Used Revent SRO1G Rack Oven with: Gas system: BTU: 175,000 Gas inlet: .75 inch NPT Recommended gas pressure: Propane gas: 11-14 inch W.C. Natural gas: 5-10 inch W.C. ...

CFFC 72-4 photo
Groen CFPC SS 40 Gallon Tilt Braising Pan

Used Groen Stainless Steel Tilt Braising Pan with: Capacity; 40 gallons Top inlet diameter: 4 inches Inside pan dimensions: 24 inches deep x 41.5 inches wide x 9.5 inches deep Tilting...

GSP18G photo
Globe Food Equipment Co. GSP18G Gas Grill Range

Used Globe Food Equipment Co. GSP18G Gas Grill Range with: Heating capacity: 100,000 BTUs per hour natural gas 90,000 BTUs per hour propane Two (2) burners Two piece, ring-type, stainless...

CSD-2012E photo
Hobart CSD 2012E Single Rack Cooking Oven

Used Hobart Single Rack Cooking Oven with: Push button controls Single baking rack capacity "C" style rack lift Natural gas fired Stainless steel construction Digital temperature...

NEAPOLIS-6 photo
Moretti Forni NEAPOLIS-6 Electric Pizza Oven

Used Moretti Forni NEAPOLIS-6 Electric Pizza Oven with: Baking surface: .84 square meters Electric heated Sheet steel structure with high-temperature epoxy powder paint finish Cast-iron oven opening...

	MT-4-12 photo
Picard MT-4-12 Gas Fired Revolving Tray Oven

Used Picard MT-4-12 Revolving Tray Oven with: Gas fired Stainless steel exterior walls Panoramic window above the loading door Aluminum counter-balanced door Digital cotnrol Loading door with...

WS-MS-5-RFG-IR-NG photo
Woodstone WS-MS-5-RFG-IR-NG Gas Pizza Oven

Used Woodstone WS-MS-5-RFG-IR-NG Oven with: Natural gas fired Stone hearth Hearth capacity: 8" pizzas: 12–16 10" pizzas: 10–12 12" pizzas: 8 16" pizzas:...

WS-FD-6045-RFG-R-IR-NG photo
Woodstone WS-FD-6045-RFG-R-IR-NG Gas Pizza Oven

Used Woodstone WS-FD-6045-RFG-R-IR-NG Pizza Oven with: Natural gas fired Stone hearth Hearth capacity: 8" pizzas: 16 10" pizzas: 10 12" pizzas: 6 Heated by an adjustable...

GG90 photo
Probat GG90 Refurbished Industrial Coffee Roaster

Used Probat GG90 Refurbished Coffee Roaster with: Capacity: 200 pounds / 90 kilograms All new electrics, circuit breakers, contacts, switches, etc. Comes with LPG nozzles Pneumatics added for charging...

WS-MS-6-RFG-IR-NG photo
Woodstone WS-MS-6 Stone Hearth Pizza Oven

Used Woodstone WS-MS-6 Pizza Oven with: Natural gas fired Stone hearth Hearth capacity: 8" pizzas: 18–22 10" pizzas: 14–16 12" pizzas: 10–12 16" pizzas:...

620 IXI-GS-135-G photo
Revent 620IXI-GS-135-G Double Rack Oven

Used Revent 620 IXI-GS-135-G Double Rack Oven with: Natural gas heat source Production output rate: 380,000 BTUs per hour A type lift design Fans: 3 horsepower circulating...

1000 photo
Lincoln 1000 SS 2 Deck SS Pizza Tunnel Oven

Used Lincoln Oven with: 2 Deck/2 tunnel, conveyor pizza oven Natural gas fired Production output: 120,000 BTUs per deck Baking chambers: Number of decks: 2 Dimensions (inches): 32 wide x...

GDCO-G1 photo
Bakers Pride GDCO-G1 Convection Double Deck Oven

Used Bakers Pride GDCO-G1 Convection Oven with: Double deck gas oven Production output rate: 60,000 BTUs Interior deck dimensions: 39 length x 39 width (inches) Five...

CPC101G photo
Rational CPC101G Gas Self Cooking Center

Used Rational CPC101G Gas Self Cooking Center with: Natural gas Steam: Manifold pressure: 1.2 WC 72000 BTU per hour Hot air: Manifold pressure: 2 WC 72000 BTU per hour...

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