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Equipment in this category is used to dry, cure, or bake a product. Different types of ovens perform different functions, such as sterilization, drying granules, or controlling humidity. Ovens may use electricity, gas, or steam as their source of heat, and may be either batch or continuous.

500-M photo
Bolling 500 M 5 Tray Revolving Rack SS Oven
Inventory #: G6953

Used Bolling 5 Tray Revolving Rack Oven with: 5 tray capacity Tray dimensions: 17 inches wide x 26 inches long Adjustable analog minute timer Inside light Stainless steel construction Overall...

Danish Food Equipment Delta 3 Tunnel Oven
Inventory #: G9900

Used Danish Food Equipment Delta 3 Tunnel Oven with: 48 inch wide x 104 foot long mesh belt Baking chamber: 104 feet long, made up of (16) 2 meter sections 6 foot long intake section 8 foot long...

DRO 2GH photo
Adamatic DRO 2GH Gas Stainless Double Rack Oven
Inventory #: G9327

Used Adamatic DRO 2GH Oven with: Fits two single racks or on double rack Rack height: 75 inches Digital control panel with 99 menus Input: 375,000 BTU per hour Hot or cold water: 40 - 75 PSI...

RE-4-8 photo
Picard RE-4-8 Revolution Revolving Tray Oven
Inventory #: G9230

Used Picard RE-4-8 Revolution Revolving Tray Oven with: (4) 26 inch x 36.5 inch trays Bagels: (120) 5 ounce Breads: (8) pans: (60) 1 pound loaves (8) pans: (48) 1.5 pound loaves ...

C/2-20E photo
Groen C/2-20E Double Stacked Combo Steamer-Oven
Inventory #: G9355

Used Groen C/2-20E Oven with: Double stacked Combination steamer and oven Electric 304 stainless steel construction Pan capacity: (18) 18 inch x 26 inch bake pans (20) 12 inch x 20 inch...

SU-3 photo
Revent SU-3 Double Rack Natural Gas Oven
Inventory #: G9198

Revent Double Rack oven, Model SU-3, Serial 4254, Year 2011 Heat Source: Natural Gas Capacity (BTUs): 400,000 Length of flame tube: 5 1/4 inches Firing rate: 343,000 BYU per hour maximum

CFPC/2-4 photo
Groen Goldline CFPC 40Gal Electric Tilting Skillet
Inventory #: G8892

Used Groen Goldline CFPC Skillet with: Capacity: 40 gallons Skillet dimensions: Depth: 9.5 inches Length: 41 inches Width: 23 inches 4 inch diameter breather Electric heating...

Matador photo
WP Matador Instore Baking 5 Stone Deck Oven
Inventory #: G8679

Used WP Matador Instore Baking 5 Stone Deck Oven with: The MATADOR® STORE multilevel in-store oven from Werner & Pfleiderer is the MATADOR® among in-store ovens. Electrically operated and with...

BX14G/AA photo
Blodgett BX14G/AA Natural Gas Fired Oven
Inventory #: G8603

Used Blodgett BX14G/AA Oven with: Natural gas fired dual convection ovens Hot air input: 65,000 BTU per hour Total input: 65,000 BTU per hour Manifold pressure: 3.5 W.C. Steam capabilities ...

24CGA10 photo
Cleveland 24CGA10 Stainless Propane Pan Steamer
Inventory #: G8261

Used Cleveland 24CGA10 Pan Steamer with: Propane 2500 BTU per cubic feet 72000 BTU per hour each Pan capacity: 10 2 compartments

3320 photo
Savage Bros 3320 Fire Mixer with Electric Stove
Inventory #: G8284

Used Savage Bros. Fire Mixer and Electric Stove: Cooking kettle: Copper construction Capacity: Brim: approximately 25 gallons Working capacity: approximately 20 gallons Dimensions...

Thermo-Rollomat photo
MIWE Thermo Rollomat SS 7 Level Tunnel Oven
Inventory #: G8220

Used MIWE Oven with: Number of levels/decks: 7 Dimensions: Width: 2 meters / 6.5 feet Length: 6 meters / 19.7 feet Total baking surface: 84 m² (2) Baking modes: Batch mode...

Imp-4022-2Z photo
Heat and Control Air Impingement Tunnel Oven
Inventory #: G8117

Used Heat and Control Tunnel Oven with: Air impingement natural gas & steam oven Output: 1,200 - 2,000 pounds per hour Measured by meat balls and meat patties Dimensions:...

XL2 Double Rack Oven photo
TMB Baking XL2 Stainless Steel Double Rack Oven
Inventory #: G8047

Used TMB Baking XL2 Double Rack Oven with: Heat source: natural gas Capacity: 350,000 BTU Steam option Self-contained steam generation Lift design: C-type front life Oven capacity: 200,...

FT40RPQ-2-RSM-X photo
Cretors FT40 Hot Air Electric Oven Popcorn Popper
Inventory #: G7621

Used Cretors FT40 Hot Air Electric Oven Popcorn Popper with: Produces up to 40 pounds of popped corn per hour Infeed height from ground: 63 inches Infeed dimensions: 16 inches x 11 long Discharge...

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