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Equipment in this category is used to dry, cure, or bake a product. Different types of ovens perform different functions, such as sterilization, drying granules, or controlling humidity. Ovens may use electricity, gas, or steam as their source of heat, and may be either batch or continuous.

APV Baker Tunnel Oven w Adjustable Head Wirecut

Used APV Tunnel Oven with: Tunnel dimensions: 30 Feet long 24 Inch wide band Burners: (3) Zones of dual burners (6) Burners total Two (2) Bands - mesh band & solid...

Multibake 63340-6341 photo
Rademaker DenBoer Multibake 221'L x 8'W TunnelOven

Used Rademaker Den Boer Multibake Tunnel Oven with: Oven cooking area: 221 length x 8 width (feet) 2652 length x 96 width (inches) Maximum baking height: 8 inches...

400 photo
Meincke Tonsbakken 10DK2740 NaturalGas Tunnel Oven

Used Meincke Tonsbakken Natural Gas Tunnel Oven with: Oven opening: 960 length x 91 width x 7 height (inches) Indirect fired Belt dimension: 200 feet length x 72 inches width ...

F5V3-060-3.00M-Rib photo
Farhat Bakery Equipment Multipurpose Tunnel Oven

Used Farhat Bakery Equipment Tunnel Oven with: Product types: Pita breads Flat breads Production rate: 20,000 pieces per hour depending on materials/application Variable speed...

OP 6D photo
Nu Vu OP 6D 4 Door Holding Cabinet

Used Nu Vu OP 6D 4 Door Holding Cabinet with: 4 doors 2 level Analog controls Stainless steel construction

CO-3242-2ECO photo
Avantec CO 3242 2 ECO Gas Fired Dual Deck Oven

Used Avantec CO 3242 2 ECO Gas Fired Dual Deck Oven with: Input: 210,000 BTU per hour Maximum supply pressure: 34.37 Mbar Minimum supply pressure: 17.44 Mbar Emergency E stop Stainless steel construction...

RCO-1 photo
Royal Range RCO-1 Commercial Natural Gas Oven

Used Royal Range RCO-1 Commercial Natural Gas Oven with: Production output rate: 2 burners at 40,000 BTUs Natural gas heating source Baking capacity: Can hold 5 racks approximately...

960 photo
Baxter 960 Tunnel Oven with Conveyors and Cooler

Used Baxter Tunnel Oven with: Type of fuel: natural gas Maximum input firing: 2,850,000 British thermal units per hour Conveyors: Built for 80 feet Cooler: Cooling: 3,700/4,000...

1000-SK/I photo
Alto Shaam 1000 SKI SS Cook and Hold Smoker Oven

Used Alto Shaam Oven with: Application: Cooks, smokes & holds meats, poultry and fish Cold smokes fish and cheeses Pan capacity per compartment: Three (3) full size pans @ 20"...

HBA2G photo
Baxter HBA2G Stainless Steel Double Rack Gas Oven

Used Baxter HBA2G Oven with: Capacity: BTUs: 300,000 Baking area: 1 double rack or 2 single racks Heated by direct atmospheric tubes Steam system: Self contained Pre-plumbed...

OV500G2 photo
Baxter OV500G2EE Rotating Double Rack Gas Oven

Used Baxter Oven with: A style lift Includes: Heat exchanger with weldless construction Self-contained spherical cast steam system Hood with plenum and single point vent connection ...

CAC507GR photo
CVAP CAC507GR Cook and Hold Cook and Hold Cabinet

Used CVAP CAC507GR Cook and Hold Cook and Hold Cabinet with: Precise control of food temperature Simple push button operation Stainless steel construction Temperature range: 90 to 180° Fahrenheit...

WS-MS-6-GG-NG photo
Wood Stone WS-MS-6-GG-NG Natural Gas Oven

Used Wood Stone WS-MS-6-GG-NG Natural Gas Oven with: BTU input: 188,000 BTU per hour Natural gas oven Manifold pressure: 3.5 inches WC Exhaust diameter: 9.75 inches Overall height: 79 inches ...

NHFB-4 photo
Groen NHFB4 40 Gallon SS Gas Tilt Braising Skillet

Used Groen Skillet with: Floor model braising pan & skillet Fuled: natural gas Capacity: 40 gallons Capabilities: Skillet Braising pan Food warmer & server Hinged cover...

SEL30T1 photo
Cleveland 30 Gallon SS Electric Tilting Skillet

Used Cleveland Skillet with: Floor model electric skillet & braising pan Capacity: 30 gallons Capabilites: Skillet Braising pan Cooking surface: Width: 24,5 inches Depth...

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