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A conveyor oven moves product through a tunnel style oven to bake it evenly. The constant motion of the conveyor ensures that each product bakes for the same amount of time. The speed of the conveyor determines the bake time.

2CFO54-424P photo
Superior 2CFO54-424P Super Press and Tortilla Oven
Inventory #: H1777

Used Superior 2CFO54-424P Super Press with: Double corn tortilla oven with on board tortilla press Production rates: Corn: 300 - 500 dozen per hour Flour: 80 dozen per hour (8-14 inch) ...

Chip Master photo
JC Ford Chip Master Tunnel Oven for Tortilla Chips
Inventory #: H1145

Used JC Ford Chip Master Tunnel Oven for Tortilla Chips with: Direct-fired, gas tunnel oven 34 inch wide belt 3 tiers 18 foot long baking area per tier

Danish Food Equipment Delta 3 Tunnel Oven
Inventory #: G9900

Used Danish Food Equipment Delta 3 Tunnel Oven with: 48 inch wide x 104 foot long mesh belt Baking chamber: 104 feet long, made up of (16) 2 meter sections 6 foot long intake section 8 foot long...

Thermo-Rollomat photo
MIWE Thermo Rollomat SS 7 Level Tunnel Oven
Inventory #: G8220

Used MIWE Oven with: Number of levels/decks: 7 Dimensions: Width: 2 meters / 6.5 feet Length: 6 meters / 19.7 feet Total baking surface: 84 m² (2) Baking modes: Batch mode...

Imp-4022-2Z photo
Heat and Control Air Impingement Tunnel Oven
Inventory #: G8117

Used Heat and Control Tunnel Oven with: Air impingement natural gas & steam oven Output: 1,200 - 2,000 pounds per hour Measured by meat balls and meat patties Dimensions:...

3262FWNC-K9452 3262-2 photo
Lincoln Impinger X2 Double Stack Gas Pizza Oven
Inventory #: G7818

Used Lincoln Impinger X2 3262 Double Stack Gas Pizza Ovens with: Listing is for (2) double stack ovens which are stacked on top of each other Natural gas fired Left to right belt direction Total...

Rapidflow photo
Unitherm 42" Electric Rapidflow Tunnel Oven
Inventory #: G3119

Used Unitherm 42" Rapidflow Tunnel Oven with: Belt width: 42 inches Capacity: 200 - 2,000 kg per hour Integral heat exchanger Thyristor control Fully insulated housing 304 stainless steel...

MG3270 photo
Blodgett MG3270 Gas Double Stack Tunnel Oven
Inventory #: G5907

Used Blodgett MG3270 Oven with: Input BTU per hour: 150,000 Baking chamber: Width: 32 inches Length: 70 inches Height: 3.5 inches Belt width: 32 inches Maximum gas pressure: 10.5...

3255 photo
Lincoln 3255 SS Impinger Conveyorized Tunnel Oven
Inventory #: G5993Featured

Used Lincoln Pizza Oven with: Natural gas fired Conveyor: Wire mesh Length: 91 inches Baking chamber: 55 inches long Digital controls with single on/off power switch Microprocessor...

0FO3414-05 photo
Lawrence 0FO341405 Stainless Steel Tortilla Oven
Inventory #: G5962

Used Lawrence Tortilla Oven with: Three pass oven Natural gas fired BTUs: 1.2 million Oven conveyor: Wire mesh Dimensions (inches): 168 long x 36 wide Infeed conveyor: Length:...

PS570S photo
Middleby Marshall PS570 SS 2 Deck Tunnel Oven
Inventory #: G5420

Used Middleby Marshall Deck Oven with: Number of decks: 2 Natural gas fired Conveyor: Stainless steel mesh belt Dimensions (inches): 106 long x 32 wide Reversible conveyor direction...

3255 photo
Bofi 3255 3 Tier 32" W Conveyor Tunnel Oven
Inventory #: G5181

Used Bofi 3255 3 Tier 32" W Conveyor Tunnel Oven with: Dart Micro-Drive Touch pad controls Digital temperature controls 3 stacked cooking tunnels Baking chamber length: 55 inches Baking tunnel...

1C054-424 P photo
Superior Food Mach 1C054-424P Corn Tortilla Oven
Inventory #: G5198

Used Superior Food Machinery 1C054-424P Corn Tortilla Oven with: Baking chamber 54 inches long Output: 10-150 dozen per hour depending on product Sheeter head: 4 1/2 by 15 rollers Baking bands: 3...

TR080 photo
Haas TRO80 Rolled Wafer Cone Gas Tunnel Oven
Inventory #: G4657

Used Haas TRO80 Rolled Wafer Cone Gas Tunnel Oven with: 80 Plates Plates are 200 x 200mm Gas fired oven Cones measure 113mm long x 41mm inside diameter x 46mm outside Capacity 4000 cones per...

LP-200-6-32G photo
Picard LP-200-6-32G Gas Fired Stone Conveyor Oven
Inventory #: G4193

Used Picard Oven with: Gas fired Cycle time: 1 - 15 minutes, depending on size and quantity Baking conveyor: Surface: stone Length: 90 inches Width: 32 inches Infeed conveyor:...

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