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Kettles are used for cooking or heating products. Common sizes with capacities less than 99 gallons include 40 gallon, 45 gallon, and 80 gallon kettles. Kettles of this size are commonly used for small batches. Jacketed kettles can use steam, electric or gas for heating. Some kettles have different kinds of internal agitation or no agitation at all. Internal agitation can include scrape surface which passes a brass or metal scraper along the inside of the kettle to remove the product from the kettle walls. Some kettles have an anchor or upside-down Christmas tree agitator which mixes the product without touching the sides.

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40 GAL photo
40 Gal SS Half Jacketed Tilt Kettle w/ Agitation

Used Kettle with: Half jacket Approximate capacity: 40 gallons Approximate bowl dimensions: Rim diameter: 28 inches Depth: 20 inches Input height: 40 inches Hand crank tilt discharge...

GLT-40 photo
Market Forge Co. GLT-40 40 Gallon Stainless Kettle

Used Market Forge Co. GLT-40 Stainless Steel Kettle with: Capacity: 40 gallons / 152 liters Tilt Natural gas heating: 100,000 BTUs per hour Water sight glass Pressure gauge...

TDB/4-40 photo
Groen TDB/4-40 40 Quart Steam Jacketed Kettle

Used Groen Kettle with: Capacity: 40 quarts Bowl dimensions (inches): Diameter: 16.5 Depth: 14.25 Steam jacket: Half coverage Capacity: 9 quarts Tilt discharge ...

KSLG-40E photo
Southbend KSLG-40E 40 Gallon Gas Steam Kettle

Used Southbend Kettle: Gas powered: Usage: 100,000 BTUs per hour Steam heated Capacity: 40 Gallons Approximate internal dimensions: Diameter: 26 inches Approximate overall...

TTCTE-40 photo
Cleveland TTCTE40 Stainless Steel Tilt Kettle

Used Cleveland Kettle with; Tabletop unit Stainless steel construction Half jacket coverage Kettle tilt discharge Electrical requirements: Voltage: 208V Phase: 1 Frequency: 60 Hertz...

K240-L photo
Garland 40 Gallon SS Electric Jacketed Kettle

Used Garland Kettle with: Capacity: 40 gallons Jacketed: Rated: 50 psi @ 298° Fahrenheit Electrically heated self-contained steam source Hinged cover Side mounted faucet for cleaning...

0918-35 photo
Burford 8830 Melting Rack and Butter Applicator

Used Burford 8830 Melting Rack and Butter Applicator with: Stainless steel double wall product tank dimensions: 18 diameter x 23 height (inches) Full sweep agitation ...

DHT/1-40 photo
Groen DHT1 40 Gal Stainless Steel Jacketed Kettle

Used Groen Kettle with: Floor model Capacity: 40 gallons Jacketed: Coverage: half Rated: 50 psi @ 300° Fahrenheit Discharge options: Manual tilt with pour lip Draw-off valve:...

TDB/24-6 photo
Groen TDB24 5 Gallon SS Jacketed Electric Kettle

Used Groen Kettle with: Capacity: 6 gallons 24 Quarts Jacketed: Rating: 50 psi Coverage: half Electrically heated Manual tilt discharge with pour lip Temperature range:...

DG 300 photo
Hangzhou Huihe DG 300 60 Gallon Jacketed Kettle

Used Hangzhou Huihe DG 300 Kettle with: Last Used For: plant-based tempeh Capacity: 60 gallons Scrape agitator Agitator motor: 220 volts 60 hertz 6.3 amps 1700 revolutions per minute...

TDB/7-20 photo
Groen TDB720 20 Quart Electric Jacketed Kettle

Used Groen Kettle with: Capacity: 20 quarts Jacketed: Coverage: half Rated: 50 psi @ 300° Fahrenheit With fluid sight glass & temperature gauge Electrically heated Temperature...

Savage 50 Pound Table Top Chocolate Conditioner

Used Savage Table Top Chocolate Conditioner with: Kettle capacity: 50 pounds Stainless steel construction Electric heat source Full jacket coverage Lift off cover Method of agitation: Scrape...

KR-80 photo
Groen 80 Gallon Stainless Steel Jacketed Kettle

Used Groen Kettle with: Capacity: 80 gallons Jacketed: Coverage: 1/4 Rated: 25 psi @ 300° Fahrenheit Includes: Hinged cover Lift-out basket Recirculation pump Bottom...

Style SA photo
Hamilton 50 Gal 1/2 Jacketed SS Kettle w Agitation

Used Hamilton 50 Gallon SS Kettle with: Agitation: (1) anchor style bottom scrape (2) paddle style National board number: 1105 Maximum work...

TDB/6-10 photo
Groen TDB/6-10 SS Jacketed 2.5 Gallon Kettle

Used Groen Kettle with: Tank: 3/4th jacketed 304 stainless steel 2.5 gallons Temperature range: 150 °F- 300 °F Heat source: electric ...

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