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A complete bakery line consists of multiple pieces of machinery that are integrated sequentially in a single production line. These lines are intended to be sold as a unit, but individual pieces may be sold upon request. If you do not see a complete line suitable to your needs, one of our experienced professionals will help you build a line using our in-stock inventory. Complete bakery lines process products such as: croissants, cookies, and honey.

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Complete Casa Herrera Tortilla Chip Line

Used Casa Herra Tortilla Chip Line with: Capacity: 1400 pounds per hour (2) California Coast corn silos (1) 60,000 pounds (1) 35,000 pounds (9) cooking troughs Capacity: 1200 pounds...

SAKK Bread Ovens Complete Pita Bread Line

Used SAKK Bread Ovens Complete Pita Bread Line with: Dough Mixer Dough divider Flour depositor attachment (2) Dough proofers Pita bread oven Brick walled oven ensures the pita...

Complete Lippet/Canol Preparation Line

Used Complete Lippet/Canol Preparation Line with: Lifitng belt for dough Lippelt filling funnel Star type for dough Edelstahrollen press Lippelt/Canol RON2/560 dough sheeter Canol MCI650L...

Konig SFI Artisan Bread Line

Used Konig Artisan Bread Line with: Dough throughput: Softer doughs: up to 500 kilograms per hour Harder doughs: up to 1200 kilograms per hour SFI 350 Stress free divider Pneumatic...

B6s photo
Rosendahl Maschinen GmbH B6S Complete Roll Line

Used Rosendahl Maschinen GmbH B6S Roll Line with: Right to left orientation Operating width: 31.49 inches Production output capacity of line: 6 rows, max 18000 pieces per hour (50 strokes per...

1-S photo
Canol Complete Bakery Line for Puffs and Pastries

Used Canol Complete Bakery Line with: Products: puffs, risen and short-crust pastries Production rate: up to 8 per minute depending on materials/application Minimum belt width: 25.59 inches Maximum...

16000 photo
CIM 16000 Croissant Line

Used CIM Croissant Line with: Dough capacity: up to 5280 pounds per hour Production capacity: up to 28,000 croissants per hour Includes: Calibrator Cutting Station (4) Rotary Croissant Cutters ...

Complete 600mm Provisur Breader Batter Line

Used Provisur Line with: Machinery: Super Pre-Duster 600 Cyclone Filter for Pre-Duster Super Coater 600 70 Liter Batter Mixer Super Breader 600 Super Hot Oil Fryer 4000 x 600 Fire Extinguishing...

Tromp Multi Product Bread Production Line

Used Tromp Bread Line with: Multi-product bread line Capabilities: Loaf breads Hoagies Square breads Ciabatta Diamond breads Dinner rolls Capacity for different sizes...

AM Manufacturing Dual Bagel Line

Used AM Bagel Line with: Production rate: Maximum: 11,600 pieces per hour Minimum: 9,600 pieces per hour Scaling range: Maximum: 7 ounces Minimum: 1 ounce Line includes: AM Divider: ...

Flexicon Multi-Ingredient Batching and Blending System

Used Flexicon Multi-Ingredient Batching and Blending with: (5) Flexicon Bulk-Out BFF Bulk Bag Dischargers Maximum bag unload weight: 4,000 lbs (6) Flexicon Auger Conveyors Length: 15 feet...

HBS/HTA15S photo
Hoba HBS/HTA15S Hotdog/Hamburger Bun Packaging Line

Used Hoba Packaging Line with: Speed: up to 3600 loaves per hour depedning on product and application Infeed height: 38 inches Maximum product aperture: Height: 6 inches Width: 6 inches Lug centers:...

SFM-FP200/2CF07-62P photo
Superior SFM-FP200/2CF07-62P Tortilla Press and Baking Line

Used Superior Tortilla Line with: Output: up to 1200 tortillas per hour Last ran flour and almond flour tortillas Infeed dimensions: Height: 50 inches Diameter of rounded dough: 3 inches Press...

T. L. Green Laminated/Non-Laminated Dough Sheeting Line with Oven

Used T.L. Green Sheeting Line with: Live bottom dough-chunker Fork-dump Discharge conveyor 4-roll sheeter Primary gauge roll Intermediate gauge roll Finish gauge roll Dual roll roatary...

88 BB photo
UBE Bagel Bagger Line Model 88 BB

Used UBE bagger line Line consists of: Incline conveyor Bagel lane former Bagel bagger Conveyor: Belt length: 87 inches Belt width: 20 inches Cleated belt Infeed height: 38 1/2 inches...

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