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A complete bakery line consists of multiple pieces of machinery that are integrated sequentially in a single production line. These lines are intended to be sold as a unit, but individual pieces may be sold upon request. If you do not see a complete line suitable to your needs, one of our experienced professionals will help you build a line using our in-stock inventory. Complete bakery lines process products such as: croissants, cookies, and honey.

V-4 photo
Rheon V-4 SF Dough Sheeting and Cutting Line
Inventory #: G8925

Used Rheon V-4 SF Dough Sheeting and Cutting Line with: Dough output: 1,000 kg per hour (2,200 pounds per hour) maximum Scale range: 300 - 2,000 grams (10 - 70 ounces) Dough thickness: approximately...

0P03110-05 photo
Lawrence Micro Combo III Flour/Corn Line
Inventory #: G8625

Used Lawrence Micro Combo III Flour/Corn Line with: Lawrence Micro Combo III Flour/Corn Line Masa Feeder MF800 High speed production of corn tortillas from 80 to 800 dozen per hour Allen-Bradley...

Liberecke Strojirny Complete Bun or Bread Line
Inventory #: G8468

Used Liberecke Strojirny Complete Bread Line with: This line divides, proofs, and moulds dough Produces buns, rolls or loaf bread Edmund Schroder Fortuna KM dough divider, 1999 Liberecke Strojirny...

Genesis Compact 724 photo
Moffat Genesis Compact 724 Bakery System
Inventory #: G8285

Used Moffat Genesis Bakery System with: Products: Loaves Round rolls Long rolls Baguettes Vienna loaves Product weight capacities: Rolls: 50 - 175 grams Baguettes...

Compactline photo
Rondo Compactline Pastry Forming Line 25" Wide
Inventory #: G7494

Used Rondo Compactline with: Pastry forming bakery line Efficient processing of difficult types of dough such as short and thin dough Previously used for croissants Includes pneumatic filler, guillotine...

Reading Bakery Tortilla Chip Line 1000lbs Capacity
Inventory #: G3988Featured

Used Reading Bakery Systems Tortilla Chip Frying Line with: Digital, programmable water meter and temperature controls Oil tote and pump system Bag unloader and scale hopper 1000 pound capacity double...

ECM 800 photo
Bisignano ECM 800 Complete Butter Production Line
Inventory #: G7138

Used Bisignano ECM 800 with: Complete butter production and filling line ECM 800 Continuous butter churn of up to 800 kilos (1,764 pounds) per hour Production compensator silo RAM 500 Butter reworking...

Farhat Bakery Equipment Pita Bread Complete Line
Inventory #: G6461

Used Farhat Bakery Equipment Pita Bread Complete Line with: Farhat Extruder: Hopper: Approximately 42 square foot 3 outlets: 4 inches each Flower duster and roller: 18 inches wide Conveyor...

Canol Donut Line Chunker Sheeter Cutter
Inventory #: G6797

Used Canol Makeup Donut Line with: Dough chunker Makeup conveyor bed Over conveyor flour duster Sheeting roll Control panel Guillotine Stamper/cutter Waste dough removal unit RHEON...

Belshaw Century 200 Donut Production Complete Line
Inventory #: G6393

Used Belshaw Donut Line with: TM200 Thermomatic Proofer Dustless proofing Safety switches and clutch Auto-water feed Dampers Dimensions (inches): 162 long x 42 wide x 104 high Includes...

Sabitech 4 Row Arabic Pita Bread Line
Inventory #: G6010Featured

Used Sabitech 4 Row Arabic Pita Bread Line with: Capacity: 4,800-10,000 loaves per hour Sabitech DIVO404WBSS-PBM dough divider 4,800-10,000 loaves per hour Stainless steel hopper...

C400 photo
Belshaw Century C400 Donut System
Inventory #: G4955Featured

Used Belshaw Century C400 Donut System with: Electric fryer Proofer (2) glazers Dropper Grease filter Cooling conveyor Picking conveyors

Daiei Spring and Solbern Egg Roll Production Line
Inventory #: G4472Featured

Used Daiei Spring and Solbern Egg Roll Production Line with: Daiei Engineering spring roll machine: spring roll machine consists of the pastry machine and wrapping machine, it automates the whole process...

Pie Line photo
Asser Four Lane Complete Line for Cup Pies
Inventory #: G3778

Used Pie Line with: Capacity: up to 24 strokes per minute Belt width: 26 inches Includes: Main frame with drives Wire cutter for dough portions - 4 lanes Denester Blocking system ...

Radamaker Complete Pie or Quiche Production Line
Inventory #: G2571Featured

Used Radamaker Pie Line with: Up to 672 pieces per minute Allen Bradley control screen 285 trays included 16 inch roller bar 19.5 inch conveyor width Pan dimensions (inches): 17 x 15.75 ...

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