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A complete bakery line consists of multiple pieces of machinery that are integrated sequentially in a single production line. These lines are intended to be sold as a unit, but individual pieces may be sold upon request. If you do not see a complete line suitable to your needs, one of our experienced professionals will help you build a line using our in-stock inventory. Complete bakery lines process products such as: croissants, cookies, and honey.

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Vemag: HP 10S.  AMFEC:  2-3K-2 photo
Vemag with Bucket Lift and Take Away Conveyor

Used Vemag with Bucket Lift and Take Away Conveyor with: Previously used for producing pre-portioned cookie dough Currently set to dispense: 4 portions wide and 6 rows deep on each card ...

Swak80 photo
Haas 80 Plate Complete Wafer Production Line

Used Haas Wafer Line with: All Haas equipment includes: Turbo mixer Water chiller Cream pump 80 Plate wafer oven Model Swak80 Natural gas fired Arc wafer cooler Wafer spreader...

TRI-24R photo
Moline Bread Line Extruder Sheeter Cutter

Used Moline Bread Line with: Moline TRI-24R tri-roller extruder with: Designed to deliver a continuous dough sheet of fixed width and adjustable...

B6s photo
Rosendahl Maschinen GmbH B6S Complete Roll Line

Used Rosendahl Maschinen GmbH B6S Roll Line with: Right to left orientation Operating width: 31.49 inches Production output capacity of line: 6 rows, max 18000 pieces per hour (50 strokes...

1-S photo
Canol Complete Bakery Line for Puffs and Pastries

Used Canol Complete Bakery Line with: Products: puffs, risen and short-crust pastries Production rate: up to 8 per minute depending on materials/application Minimum belt width: 25.59 inches Maximum...

SPF610.B photo
Rondo Polyline Cinnamon Roll System

Used Rondo Polyline Cinnamon Roll Line with: 1) Conveyor 1) Roll Cutter 1) Sprayer 1) Flour Duster 1) Roll Winder 1) Guillotine 1) Outfeed Conveyor Roll Cutter: O.A Dims: 23-1/2"L...

Bread line photo
Tromp Multi Product Bread Production Line

Used Tromp Bread Line with: Multi-product bread line Capabilities: Loaf breads Hoagies Square breads Ciabatta Diamond breads Dinner rolls Capacity for different sizes &...

B93-50 photo
Benier B93-50 Baguette Roll Line w VMI Verymixer

Used Benier B93-50 Baguette Roll Line with: Designed to make rolls or baguettes Production output rate: 3000 pieces per hour at 600 grams per piece 3200 pieces per hour at 350 grams per piece...

Sayoa Complete Donut Production Line

Used Sayoa Donut Line with: Capacity/output: approximately 4,000 donuts per hour Includes: (6) Piston depositor Proofing cabinet Proofing cycle: 1 - 1.5 hours Take-off & cleaning...

3000 photo
Fritsch 3000 Dough Laminating Line

Used Fritsch 3000 Dough Laminating Line with: Table width: 700 mm, 900 mm, 1,100 mm, 1,300, 1,500 mm Belt speed: up to 15 meters per minute Dough capacity: up to 5000 kilograms per hour, depending...

ASTec.D photo
Rondo ASTec.D Baguette Line 5000 Kg per Hour

Used Rondo ASTec.D Baguette Line with: Output capacity: 500 - 5000 kilograms per hour Weight range: 25 - 4500 grams Maximum water content: higher than 80% MIDOS dough band former Conveyor belt...

1.2 MTR photo
Imaforni Laminating Sheeting Line 1.2 Meters Wide

Used Imaforni Laminating Sheeting Line with: Conveyor width: 1.2 meters Pre-sheeter Laminator Laminator incline conveyor Four sheeting rollers: 1st gauge 2nd gauge 3rd gauge Final...

Adamatic Kasier Roll Line

Used Adamatic Kaiser Roll Line with: Adamatic/Glimek Hoist/Bowl/Hopper: Model: BL241A-048 O.A. Dims: 4′-9″D x 5′-6″W x 13′-6″H Air Requirements: 3/8″...

Bernier Baguette Roll Line 3000 Pieces per Hour

Used Bernier Baguette Roll Line with: Output varies by size of each piece: 600 grams per piece - 3000 pieces per hour 350 grams per piece - 3200 pieces per hour VMI mixer and components,...

Triple pass gas oven photo
Flour Tortilla Complete Production Line, 115 PPM

Used Flour Tortilla Line with: Rademaker continuous (3) roll dough extruder Dough width: 20 inches Dough thickness: 0.2 - 0.98 inches Includes: (3) Rollers: 7.87 inches diameter Speed of...

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