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SIGMA offers complete lines from a variety of industries. Complete lines consist of multiple pieces of machinery that are integrated sequentially in a single production line. These lines are intended to be sold as a unit, but individual pieces may be sold upon request. If you do not see a complete line suitable to your needs, one of our experienced professionals will help you build a line using our in-stock inventory.

BCTA-10 photo
Perl Machinery BCTA-10 5 Gallon Water Bottle Line

Used Five Gallon Water Filling Line With: Stainless steel construction (10) 1.375 inch diameter pressure gravity fill nozzles Dual chain 18 foot transport conveyor Top mounted product tank: 16 inches...

Incus Quinoa Washing and Drying Complete Line

Used Incus Quinoa Washing and Drying Complete Line with: Output rate: up to 4000 pounds per hour, continuous operation Feed hopper: Dimensions: 57 inches W x 57 inches D x 125 inches H Sight...

Glasspak 66 photo
American Beer Equip Complete Bottling Line

Used American Beer Equip Complete Bottling Line with: Output: up to 70 bottles per minute depending on bottle size Currently set for 12 ounce standard long necks Equipment included: 18/18/6 Glasspak...

MonoBlock 12 Valve Filler photo
Federal MonoBlock 12 Valve Gallon Bottling Line

Used Federal Gallon Filling Line with: Federal MonoBlock Filler: Number of valves: 12 Gallon pitch (3) Head snap capper Includes cap sorter & cap chute ASI Container Handling Debagger:...

Krones Complete PET Beverage Bottle Line

Used Krones Complete PET Beverage Bottle Line with: KRONES Blow Molder Model S20 Contiform Year: 2011 Includes: blow wheel, oven, control panel, main cabinet, preform dumper, hopper, incline, orientor,...

720-UPDC photo
D and L 5 Gallon Porta Plant Water Bottling Line

Used D&L Water Bottling Line with: Capacity: up to 360 bottles per hour Includes: 3 Across, 3 head filler Capper Auto infeed & discharge Direct Logic 250 PLC controls Stainless...

Norland Complete Bottle Filling and Capping Line

Used Norland Complete Bottle Filling and Capping Line with: Line consists of: 28 feet of automatic conveyor Norland BR 3000 Bottle Rinser Capacity: up to 3000 1/2 liter bottles per...

VFN-9902 photo
Slidell - Fischbein Big Bag Filling Sealing System

Used Slidell and Fischbein Bag Filling Sealing System with: Bag filling and filling system for free flowing product Semi-automatic - operator places bag to be filled on the bag hanger underneath the weigh...

CM-20 Series photo
Otari CM-20 Series DVD Packaging Line

Used Otari CM-20 Series DVD Packaging Line with: Modular DVD packaging line which can handle 2 discs per case Recommended DVD case specifications: 7.5 inches tall x 5.35 inches wide x .59 inches deep...

TRI-24R photo
Moline Bread Line Extruder Sheeter Cutter

Used Moline Bread Line with: Moline TRI-24R tri-roller extruder with: Designed to deliver a continuous dough sheet of fixed width and adjustable thickness...

Complete Enrobing Line for Nut Clusters

Used Complete Enrobing Line for Nut Clusters with: Previously used to make nut clusters and chocolate covered pretzels Tempering unit for milk chocolate Melter Two jacketed tanks with pumps to feed...

Workers 12 Head Filling Line

Used Workers 12 Head Filling Line with: Workers 12 head inline filler Conveyor dimensions: 3.25 inches x 33.5 inches high Approximately 30 gallon holding tank with paddle mixer Variable speed...

B6s photo
Rosendahl Maschinen GmbH B6S Complete Roll Line

Used Rosendahl Maschinen GmbH B6S Roll Line with: Right to left orientation Operating width: 31.49 inches Production output capacity of line: 6 rows, max 18000 pieces per hour (50 strokes...

Jiabo-Tech Tub Filling Line For Nuts and Almonds

Used Jiabo-Tech Tub Fill and Seal Line For Nuts and Almonds with: Elevating bucket conveyor Thirteen (13) foot height Buckets are 13 inches wide x 3.5 inches deep...

5031 FE photo
GAIMacchine 5031FE Complete Beverage Bottling Line

Used GAI Macchine 5031 FE Complete Beverage Bottling Line with: GAI 5031 FE monoblock rinser, filler, capper, external bottle rinser Left to right orientation Includes: Sterile water filter...

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