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SIGMA offers complete lines from a variety of industries. Complete lines consist of multiple pieces of machinery that are integrated sequentially in a single production line. These lines are intended to be sold as a unit, but individual pieces may be sold upon request. If you do not see a complete line suitable to your needs, one of our experienced professionals will help you build a line using our in-stock inventory.

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PURFIL 2000 photo
DTM Purfil 2000 12 Nozzle Walking Beam Filling Line With Plugger And Chuck Capper

Simple and Accurate Filling of your Product. DTM Packaging’s Purefil family of In-line Flow Meter Fillers combine top-tier design and innovative technology, solidifying its status as a best-in-class filling solution....

Complete Gemeni/ABI 4 Lane Bagel Make Up System 24,000 Pieces Per Hour

Complete Bagel Make Up System: Output: rated up to 24,000 pieces per hour Line includes: ABI trough elevator: 1000 pounds ABI teflon coated hopper and chunker Gemeni rotary knife divider...

KGV photo
Konig KGV Combi Industrie Rex 8 Pocket Bread Roll Line 24000 Pieces Per Hour

Koenig modular designed, high capacity bread line: Monoline for top hourly capacity or multifunctional line for the greatest possible product diversity Modular system for the configuration of the line...

SL100 photo
FME SlabLine Bar Slab Forming Line For Tacky Or Granular Product

FME's Slabline is designed to compress tacky or granular products into a slab of consistent width, thickness and density. The product quickly and easily passes through heavy duty rollers, which feature an...

Quadro photo
WP Kemper Quadro Round Roll Line 10,000 Pieces Per Hour

Used Kemper Quadro Line: Output: up to 10,000 pieces per hour depending on application Works with a variety of Doughs Equipment: Dividing head Moulding drums Oiling system Resting...

ASTec.D photo
Rondo ASTec.D Flexible Bread Line 2200-11000 Pounds Per Hour

Modular structure and individually designed, this is how the industrial ASTec Bread Line meets your needs. It combines high production output with gentle dough processing and is suitable for the automatic manufacture...

Hydrocarbon Butane Natural Oil Extraction System

Used Hydrocarbon Butane Natural Oil Extraction System with: Complete continuous system Designed for 1000 pound batches Capacity: 1000 pounds of extracted oil per day Three 420 gallon horizontal insulated...

Beverage Filling Line for 12 Ounce, 16 Ounce, and 19.2 Ounce Cans

Used Beverage Production Line with: (1) Wild Goose WGC -250 Evolution Serial: WGC-0242 Year: 2015 Throughput: up to 40 cans per minute each, depending on can sizes and performance (5) Fill...

Conbar photo
Sollich Double Layer Conbar Slab Line With Sollich Enrober

Used Sollich Conbar Line: This line creates a 16 inch wide slab that spreads out to approximately 22 inches wide Spec Engineering cooling drum: Diameter: 40 inches Width: 16 inches Drum...

SPF-601-A1 photo
Rondo Polyline Stainless Steel Bakery Make-Up Line

Used Rondo Polyline: Polyline is the gateway to a fully automated production process. It is highly versatile and offers space for up to four accessories operated in series. Includes: Sheeter ...

Complete Dry Goods Packaging Line for Pre-Made Bags

Used Dry Goods Packaging Line with: Speed: up to 40 bags per minute (depending on product specifications) Infeed Conveyor with: Belt dimensions: Length: 46 inches Width: 9 inches ...

010 SIZER CWIII photo
MAF Roda Cherryway III Grader

Used MAF Roda Cherryway III Grader with: Globalscan 6 Cherry vision grading system Programable ORPHEA output controled Air actuated sorting system Processing zones: 2 grading lanes 6 graded...

Gongda Drying, Filling, Capping, and Labeling Line

Used Gongda Beverage Line with: Filler/Capper: 16 head Infeed height: 43.5 inches Discharge height: 42.5 inches Runs left to right Adjustable height feet Overall dimensions: Length:...

CFT 20 Head Stainless Steel Complete Beverage Line

Used CFT Beverage Canning Line with: CFT RS20 can filler: Speed: up to 180 cans per minute depending on product and application 20 heads Allen Bradley touchscreen PLC Stainless steel construction...

10H Smooth photo
Ohlson VFF System with Z Bucket Conveyor, 10 Head CCW, Mezzanine, Takeaway Conveyor

Used Ohlson VFFS Complete Bagging System with: Last running bags of popcorn: 5 oz, 10.58 oz, 14 oz. Running at approximately 40 bps (depending on bag size) 5 Cubic Foot SS Supply Hopper ...

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