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SIGMA offers complete lines from a variety of industries. Complete lines consist of multiple pieces of machinery that are integrated sequentially in a single production line. These lines are intended to be sold as a unit, but individual pieces may be sold upon request. If you do not see a complete line suitable to your needs, one of our experienced professionals will help you build a line using our in-stock inventory.

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ABI LTD Pretzel Lye Applicator and Cutting Line
Inventory #: D5460

Used ABI LTD Pretzel Lye Applicator and Cutting Line with: Gemini Conveyor: Width: 35.5 inches Infeed height: 54.5 Discharge height: 46 inches ABI LTD Lye Applicator: Applies...

Various photo
Adamatic Combination Bread and Roll Line
Inventory #: D5700

Used Adamatic Bread and Roll Line with: ADR-2 Divider Rounder 3 Pocket divider rounder Dividing range: Minimum: 1 ounce small rolls Maximum: 19 ounce bread loaves Up to 40 strokes...

CF266 photo
Superior CF266 Complete Chip Deep Fryer Line
Inventory #: D5019

Used Superior CF266 Chip Deep Fry Line with: Superior incline conveyor: Width: 27 inches Length: 39.5 inches Infeed height: 40 inches Discharge height: 49 inches .25 horsepower...

Complete Pizza Production Line
Inventory #: D5230

Used Complete Pizza Production Line with: Production capacity: 2000 pizzas per hour 4 HB Technik Silos Year of construction: 2007 3 11,5 ton flour 1 11,5 ton Sugar Including air system...

Superior Flour Tortilla Line
Inventory #: D4890

Used Superior Gas Flour Line with: Includes: Gas Operated Oven Tortilla Press SFM FP200 Discharge Conveyor Cooling Conveyor: 5 tier approx 15 foot each tier

Pizza Production Complete Line
Inventory #: D4784

Used Pizza Production Complete Line with: Capacity: 600 kg dough per hour Dough preparation Castelmax dosing system Karma mixer Bowllifter Make-up / proofing Alfadinamica extruder...

Casa Herrera 32 Inch Wide Tortilla Line
Inventory #: D4405

Used Casa Herrera Tortilla Line with: Cooling Conveyor: Dimensions: 36 inches wide x 224 inches long per tier 5 tiers Total cooling surface area: approximately 280 square feet Stainless...

Vert-Strip/600 photo
APT Vertical Strip 600 Pack Line and Cartoner
Inventory #: D4609

Used APT Vertical Strip 600 Pack Line and Cartoner with: Includes: Uhlmann C100 Cartoner Advantage Packaging Technologies Strip Filler Model Vert-Strip / 600 Pack Strip Filler Ramsey...

WDS1000S photo
Bausch Stroebel WDS1000S Ampule Filling Line
Inventory #: D4468

Used Bausch & Stroebel Ampule Filling Line with: FAW1000 Vial and Bottle Washer Production speeds: up to 4,000 per hour Ampule size range: Diameter: .63 - 1.37 inches Height: 1.38...

APV 2010 photo
Bausch Stroebel AFV 2010 Ampule Vial Filling Line
Inventory #: D4465

Used Bausch & Stroebel Ampule Filling Line with: FAW1000 Ampule Washer Ampule Size: Maximum diameter: 1.37 inches Maximum height: 5.12 inches Production speeds:...

Belshaw Century 200 Automatic Donut Line
Inventory #: D4448

Used Belshaw Automatic Donut Line with: Model TM200 thermoproofer Multimatic MDDRF-4 cake donut depositor Hopper capacity: 85 pounds Model C200 gas fryer includes: Fat melter ...

Saltek 3 Pocket Pita Bread Production Line
Inventory #: D4028

Used Saltek 3 Row Pita Bread Production Line with: Dough divider Primary proofer Dough flattener Final proofer Tunnel oven Cooling conveyor Mixer with stainless steel mixing bowl Capacity:...

Lawrence Tortilla Production Line
Inventory #: D2447

Used Lawrence Tortilla Production Line with: 200 Pound capacity spiral mixer Union dough divider Lawrence press: 33 inches x 33 inches Casa Herrera FO120/32 Oven: Capacity: up to 1,200 dozen...

Various photo
Chip Masters Flour Tortilla Complete Line
Inventory #: D4296

Used Chip Masters Flour Tortilla Complete Line with: Dough hopper 6 Row dough divider rounder Proofer Hydraulic press: 36 inches x 36 inches Production rates per tortilla size: 14 inch:...

Lawrence SMS Fabrications Flour Tortilla Line
Inventory #: D4299

Used Lawrence SMS Fabrications Flour Tortilla Line with: Lawrence tunnel oven Model: OFO 3412-19 3-pass Conveyor dimensions: 36 inches wide x 12 feet long Lawrence dough press plate...

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