Used GEA AvaPac In Line Bag Filling and Sealing System

GEA AvaPac In Line Bag Filling and Sealing System
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Equipment Details

Equipment # E306552
Item GEA AvaPac In Line Bag Filling and Sealing System
Category Production Line
Bakery Production Line
Manufacturer   GEA
Dixie Union
Model AvaPac
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Equipment Description

Used GEA Powder Filling And Sealing System:

  • The inline Bag Filler offers a flexible and reliable straight line packing process passing the following stations:
    • Bag Presenter
    • Bag loading
    • Bulk powder filling
    • Deaeration of surplus air from powder
    • Scale with top-off filling
    • Bag gusseter
    • Bag sealer
    • Bag Kicker
  • Capacity: up to 6000 kg per hour
  • Output: 3-5 bags per minute depending on application
  • Bag presenter
    • Auto destacking
    • Bag opening
    • loading of bag onto bag filler
    • pneumatic pick off
  • Bag filler
    • Bottom up filling minimising air in the product and powder in the air
    • 6 inch diameter auger
    • Deaerator
    • Scale with top-off filler 
    • Dust collection
  • Bag gusseter
  • Bag heat sealer:
    • Three automatically operated activity stations:
      • Bag top leveling
      • Bag sealing
      • Bag closing
    • The bag is closed through the following steps:
      • Bag top leveling (prepares the bag for the closing process)
      • Sealing of polyethylene inner liner
      • Compression of seal area
      • Scoring of inner liner for easy release of inner pouch
      • Crimping / pre-folding
      • Glue reactivating
      • Final folding
      • Final compression
    • Adjustable height
    • For polyethylene lined bags
  • Bag kicker 
  • Plastic product belt: 12.5 inches wide
  • Allen Bradley controls
  • Electrical:
    • Volts: 480
    • Frequency: 60 Hz
    • Phase 3
  • Stainless steel contact parts

Last running 44 pound bags of whey protein powder

Location Details:

Evansville, IN

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