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Printers are used to print labels or logos on packages. Printer equipment can be used with any printable surface.

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FX1200 photo
Primera Fx1200 Digital Labeling Finishing System

Used Primera Fx1200 Digital Labeling Finishing System with: Throughput speed: up to 4 inches per second or 20 feet per minute Controls: 15.6 inch screen Input roll diameter: 12 inches Output roll...

CX 1200 photo
Cx 1200 Color Label Press Printer

Used Cx 1200 Color Label Press Printer with: Print speed: 3.25 inches per second Print method: color laser Display: 4 line 160 x 64 pixel Print processor: 800 / 133 MHz Media width:...

150C photo
Allegheny 150C Paper Shredder 16 Inches Wide

Used Sllegheny Paper Shredder: Output: up to 1200 pounds per hour depending on application Speed: up to 66 feet per minute 5/16 inch cut 16 inch wide infeed 10 horsepower motor Electrical: Volts:...

3600-PA photo
CTM 3600A Print And Apply Labeler

Used CTM 3600A Print and Apply Labeler with: Printing methods: Thermal Transfer & Direct Thermal Label dimensions: Minimum Sato: Width: 1 inch Length: 0.25 inches Maximum Sato: Width:...

QM 46-2 photo
Heidelberg QM 46-2 Printmaster Printing Machine

Used Heidelberg QM 46-2 Printmaster Printing Machine with: Maximum size: 18 x 13 inches 460 x 340 millimeters Minimum size: 5.5 x 3.5 inches 140 x 89 millimeters ...

DP60 PRO photo
MGI USA DP60 PRO Paper or Plastic Digital Press

Used MGI USA DP60 PRO Digital Press with: Last used for post cards, 100 pound gloss cover stock Capabilities: letterhead, envelopes (without window), tri and quad fold, flyers, brochures, direct mail with...

AMS-2000 photo
Ameri-Shred Corp. AMS-2000 Strip Cut Industrial Paper Shredder

Used Ameri-Shred Paper Shredder system with: Shred sizes and speeds 5/16 inches: 1300-1950 pounds per hour 3/8 inches: 1400-2100 pounds per hour 1/2 inches: 1800-2700 pounds per hour 5/8...

RC2400 photo
Ampak RC2400 Rotocut Die Cutter

Used Ampak RC2400 Rotocut Die Cutter with: Cutting area: 24 inches Product height maximum: 5 inches Powered 6 inch steel rollers Infeed dimensions: Length: 90 inches Width: 28 inches ...

DT-110R photo
Deco Tech DT-110R Round Bottle Screen Printer

Used Deco Tech DT-110R Screen Printer with: Printing cycle speed: 1200 cycles per hour depending on application Squeegeee speed: 20 per minute Maximum print area: Round: 110 millimeters Oval:...

Challenge Model Diamond Paper Cutter

Used Challenge Diamond Paper Cutter with: Paper shear size: 193 Extra blade: 24.5 inches Cutting width: 19-3/8 inches Minimum cut: 1/2 inches Maximum cutting depth: 1/2 inches...

Rollem Perforating, Slitting, and Scoring Machine

Used Rollem Perforating, Slitting, and Scoring Machine with: Minimum Sheet Size: 4″ x 4″ Maximum Sheet Size: 42” x 25” Feeding Systems: Friction Stock: 9 lb. Onion Skin to 40 pt. Board plus open-end...

Diana Eye 55 photo
Heidelberg Diana Eye 55 Inspection System

Used Heidelberg Diana Eye 55 with: Throughput: Minimum: 90g/m² Maximum: 650g/m² Approximately 65 lb Text to 28 pt Maximum speed: 300 meters per minute, depending on product and application...

Hamada Manufacturing Co Printing Press

Used Hamada Printing Press with: Speed: up to 8,000 sheets per hour Smallest bow: Length: 140 millimeters Width: 100 millimeters Paper thickness: Minimum: 0.03 millimeters ...

KR496-F photo
Kirk-Rudy KR496-F 800 Feed/minute Friction Feeder

Used Kirk-Rudy Friction Feeder with: Output: Up to 800 feeds per minute Product capacity: Length: 4 inch minimum, 12 inch maximum Width: 3 inch minimum, 11 inch maximum Thickness: .004 inch minimum,...

KR314-4 photo
Kirk-Rudy 314-4 4' Solid Belt 200ft/minute Shingle Conveyor

Used Kirk-Rudy 314-4 Shingle Conveyor with: Operating speed: Up to 200 feet per minute Conveyor length: 4 feet Variable speed drive motor Solid belts Overall dimensions: Length: 48 inches Width:...

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