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Non-stainless steel tanks include tanks made of carbon steel, fiberglass, plastic or poly, glass-lined and other materials. They are available as single-walled or jacketed, with or without an agitator, and vertical or horizontal. Depending on the tank material, non-stainless steel tanks that are used for food must have a food grade coating on them. Many tanks are used for storage of water and chemicals, while some are used for melting chocolate and other confections.

120 Gallon Vertical Steel Air Compressor Tank
Inventory #: G4645

Used Air Compressor Tank with: Capacity: 120 gallons Maximum allowable working pressure: 200 PSI Top mounted inlet Vertical design Steel construction Top mounted discharge

400 Gallon Vertical Steel Air Compressor Tank
Inventory #: G4644

Used Air Compressor Tank with: Capacity: 400 gallons Maximum allowable working pressure: 165 PIS Vertical design Steel construction 1/2 inch discharge fitting

9300 Gal photo
Fiberglass Reps 9300 Gallon Fiberglass Tank
Inventory #: G6306

Used Fiberglass Reps Tank with: Capacity: 9,300 Gallons Straight top and bottom Inlets/Outlets: (1) Flanged top inlet: 4 inches diameter (2) Flanged side bottom outlets: 4 inches diameter ...

5000 Gallon photo
5000 Gallon Capacity Poly Storage Tank
Inventory #: G5161

Used Poly Storage Tank with: Capacity: 5000 gallons Previously used for well water storage Horizontal orientation Dimensions: approximately 8 foot diameter x 14 feet long Infeed diameters:...

Terracon 250 Gallon Plastic Tank with Stand
Inventory #: G3658

Used Terracon Polly Tank with Stand with: Previous application: bottled water Capacity: 250 gallons Discharge: 3 inches Painted steel stand Vertical design Removable lid

Edwards 14200 Gallon Horizontal Storage Tank
Inventory #: G3664

Used Edwards Tank with: Rated capacity: 14,200 gallons Maximum content temperature: 55 degrees Fahrenheit Fiberglass construction Previous application: Water storage Gate valve 2 outfeeds ...

Chemineer 1100 Gallon Poly Water Tank 13 Feet Tall
Inventory #: G3856

Used Chemineer 1100 Gallon Poly Water Tank 13 Feet Tall with: 1100 gallon capacity poly tank 13 feet tall x 50 inch diameter Previously used for water 1 PVC bulkhead fitting on the side toward the...

Norland International Flavored Vitamin Mix System
Inventory #: G1355

Used Norland Flavored Water Mix System with: 5 horsepower centrifugal stainless steel pump 1400 gallon cone bottom mix tank Mix flow rate: 50 gallons per minute at 25-35 PSI Fill flow rate: 30 gallons...

1000 Gallon Mild Steel Double Wall Storage Tank
Inventory #: D9721

Used Tank with: Capacity: 1000 Gallons Painted steel construction Top mounted man way Single 3 inch outlet Double wall

1100 Gallon Painted Steel Air Storage Tank
Inventory #: D9740

Used Air Storage Tank with: Capacity: 1100 gallons Maximum allowable working pressure: 165 PSI at 400 degrees Fahrenheit Outlet diameter: 5.5 inches Painted steel construction Previous application:...

1000 Gallon Painted Steel Single Wall Tank
Inventory #: D9722

Used Single Wall Tank with: Capacity: 1000 gallons Painted steel construction Previous application: beverage industry Vertical design Tank radius: 26 inches

Tankinetics 27000 Gal Fiberglass Waste Water Tank
Inventory #: D9221

Used Fiberglass Tank with: Capacity: Full capacity: 27,635 gallons Operating capacity: 27,000 gallons Nozzle rating: 50 psi Hydrotest: 1.1 psig for 2 hours Vacuum tested Construction:...

Polyfiber 8000 Gallon Fiberglass Tank
Inventory #: D9006

Used Polyfiber 8000 Gallon Fiberglass Tank with: 8000 gallon capacity 8 foot inside diameter x 15 foot length Dished heads on each end Vessel wall thicknesses from 3/16 inch to 1 inch Seven top...

DCI 400 Gallon Pharmaceutical Storage Tank
Inventory #: D8931

Used Storage Tank with: Capacity: 400 gallons Pharmaceutical grade tank Shell Rated: 30 psi @ -20 - 300° Fahrenheit Bottom center discharge: Diameter: 2 inches Tri-clamp...

C40177064EP29948 photo
Nalgene 47 Gallon Cylindrical Polypropylene Tank
Inventory #: D7801

Used Nalgene Tank with: Capacity: 47 gallons Polypropylene tank construction 1 horsepower Baldor motor Grundfos pump Capacity: 11 gallons per minute 140 Feet 3450 RPM Maximum...

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