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A tray sealer uses heat to seal the film to the tray while different methods, such as vacuum or Modified Atmosphere Packaging, are used to keep the product fresh. These can be Inline or Rotary type sealers.

FP800 photo
Ilpra FP800 Stainless Steel Rotary Tray Sealer

Used Ilpra Tray Sealer with: Capacity/output: up to 8 cycles per hour Tray size: Maximum tray size (inches): 15.7 x 11.8 Maximum tray depth: 4.7 inches Current tooling: 6.125 x 8.25 inches...

SPEEDY photo
Ilpra Speedy Automatic Tray Sealer with MAP

Used Ilpra Speedy Tray Sealer with: Cycle time: up to 10 times per minute MAP/gas flush capable Tray dimensions: Maximum tray length: 14.96 inches Maximum tray width: 10.63 inches...

PXG 1 photo
Packline PXG 1 Automatic Stainless Tray Sealer

Used Packline PXG 1 Automatic Stainless Tray Sealer with: Speed: up to 100 cups a minute Set up for cups: Height: 4.5 inches Top diameter: 4.5 inches Bottom diameter: 3.25 inches ...

IDX360E photo
Omni IDX360E Automatic Tray Sealer 8.5 x 6.5 Trays

Used Preferred Packaging IDX360E Automatic Tray Sealer with: .032 x 1 x 11 inch cutter blade Currently set up for tray size: 8.5 inch long x 6.5 inch wide x 1.9 inch deep Previously ran Bemis black...

TS690 photo
Xtrvac TS690 Stainless Steel Tray Sealer

Used Xtravac Tray Sealer with: Fully automatic push-bar sealing Output: Seal: up to 8 cycles per minute With gas: up to 5 cycles per minute Maximum tray size: 23 x 10.6 inches Tray...

Belco Packaging BM2020 Medical Tray Sealer

Belco Packaging Tray Sealer with: Dual loading areas Tray size range: Seal platen area: 20 x 20 inches Maximum tray depth: 3.5 inches Fully enclosed stainless steel seal chamber Stationary...

PXG-1 photo
Pack Line PXG 1 Inline Cup Tray Sealer

Used Pack Line PXG 1 Inline Cup Tray Sealer with: Output: up to 100 cups per minute depending on product and cup size The Pack Line Filler utilizes Pre-Formed Containers and accommodates many product types...

350 photo
Sealpac 350 SS Automatic Top Seal Tray Sealer

Used Sealpac Tray Sealer with: Output: up to 15 cycles per minute Maximum tray size: Length: 13.5 inches Width: 11 inches Maximum height: 4 inches Pneumatics: 8 bar Stainless steel...

TwinStar 12 photo
GEA TwinStar 12 Automatic Inline Tray Sealer

Used GEA TwinStar 12 Automatic Tray Sealer with: Type of container: trays, beakers Container sizes: Size 1: 95 diameter x 60 (h) millimeters Size 2: 130 diameter x 50 (h) millimeters...

TAURUS 300 photo
Ulma Taurus 300 Automatic Tray Sealer

Used Ulma Taurus 300 Tray Sealer with: Tray die dimensions: 10 length x 12.5 width x 3 height (inches) 255 length x 320 width x 80 height (millimeters) 2 lines of tray Film width:...

autoMAP100mini photo
Apack Auto MAP 100-200 Tray Sealer

Used A Pack Automatic MAP Tray Sealer with: Production output rate: 6 to 8 cycles per minute Maximum film width: 16.5 inches 420 millimeters Maximum fill roll diameter: ...

GT1 photo
Pro Seal GT1 Automatic Tray Sealer MAP Atmospheric

Used Pro Seal GT1 Automatic Tray Sealer with: Capable of atmospheric seal or MAP (gas flush) Designed to accept randomly spaced trays from any conveyor and can be fully integrated with other line equipment...

Artemis XL photo
Arpac Artemis XL 4 Head Tray Sealer w Filler

Used Arpac Artemis XL with: Semi-automatic tray sealer Gas flush capabilities 4 lanes Previously ran approximately 4 x 6 inch trays 15 seconds cycles Seals approximately 60 trays per minute...

T400 photo
Multivac T400 SS Automatic Tray Sealer

Used Multivac Tray Sealer with: Capacity/output: up to 60 trays per minute Top seal Tray materials supported: Plastic Paperboard Barrier foam Works all heat-sealable lidding materials...

VGF-1000 photo
Orics VGF-1000 Tray Filling and Vacuum Sealer

Used Orics VGF-1000 Tray Filler Sealer with: Automatic, inline tray denester, filler, and sealer 2 lane Current tray size: 6 inches x 4 inches Current product weight: 10.5 ounces Includes vacuum...

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