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FP800 photo
Ilpra FP800 Stainless Steel Rotary Tray Sealer

Used Ilpra Tray Sealer with: Capacity/output: up to 8 cycles per hour Tray size: Maximum tray size (inches): 15.7 x 11.8 Maximum tray depth: 4.7 inches Current tooling: 6.125 x 8.25 inches...

SPEEDY photo
Ilpra Speedy Automatic Tray Sealer with MAP

Used Ilpra Speedy Tray Sealer with: Cycle time: up to 10 times per minute MAP/gas flush capable Tray dimensions: Maximum tray length: 14.96 inches Maximum tray width: 10.63 inches...

400 V/6 photo
Ilpra FP 400 Semi Automatic Vacuum Tray Sealer

Used Ilpra FP 400 Tray Sealer with: Semi-automatic tray sealer that can run up to 4 trays per cycle, with correct tooling Vacuum seals trays Current tray size: 11 inches long x 6.5 inches wide Maximum...

PXG 1 photo
Packline PXG 1 Automatic Stainless Tray Sealer

Used Packline PXG 1 Automatic Stainless Tray Sealer with: Speed: up to 100 cups a minute Set up for cups: Height: 4.5 inches Top diameter: 4.5 inches Bottom diameter: 3.25 inches ...

Rapida Plus 457 photo
CiMaPak Rapida Plus Semi-Automatic Tray Sealer

Used CiMa-Pak Rapida Plus Semi-Automatic Die Cut Tray Sealer with: Production output rate: 4 bowls every 6 seconds Bowl dimensions: 4.8 inch diameter 1.5 to 4.75 inch depth...

IDX360E photo
Omni IDX360E Automatic Tray Sealer 8.5 x 6.5 Trays

Used Preferred Packaging IDX360E Automatic Tray Sealer with: .032 x 1 x 11 inch cutter blade Currently set up for tray size: 8.5 inch long x 6.5 inch wide x 1.9 inch deep Previously ran Bemis black...

TS690 photo
Xtrvac TS690 Stainless Steel Tray Sealer

Used Xtravac Tray Sealer with: Fully automatic push-bar sealing Output: Seal: up to 8 cycles per minute With gas: up to 5 cycles per minute Maximum tray size: 23 x 10.6 inches Tray...

VGF-100 photo
Orics VGF100 Stainless Steel MAP Tray Sealer

Used Orics Tray Sealer with: Semi-automatic operation Output: up to 10 cycles per minute Capabilities: Gas flush Vacuum seal Atmospheric sealing Stainless steel control panel includes: ...

Belco Packaging BM2020 Medical Tray Sealer

Belco Packaging Tray Sealer with: Dual loading areas Tray size range: Seal platen area: 20 x 20 inches Maximum tray depth: 3.5 inches Fully enclosed stainless steel seal chamber Stationary...

PXG-1 photo
Pack Line PXG 1 Inline Cup Tray Sealer

Used Pack Line PXG 1 Inline Cup Tray Sealer with: Output: up to 100 cups per minute depending on product and cup size The Pack Line Filler utilizes Pre-Formed Containers and accommodates many product types...

M-10 photo
Orics M-10 Manual Heat Seal Tray and Cup Sealer

Used Orics M-10 Manual Heat Seal Tray and Cup Sealer with: Maximum capacity: 10 cycles per minute Previous application: trays of hummus Previous container dimensions: 2.25 inches high x 5.75 inch diameter...

350 photo
Sealpac 350 SS Automatic Top Seal Tray Sealer

Used Sealpac Tray Sealer with: Output: up to 15 cycles per minute Maximum tray size: Length: 13.5 inches Width: 11 inches Maximum height: 4 inches Pneumatics: 8 bar Stainless steel...

Multivac T 200 Free Standing Semi-Auto Tray Sealer

Used Multivac T 200 Tray Sealer with: Semi-automatic, free-standing tray sealer Total sealing area: 13.5 inches long x 16.5 inches wide x 4.5 inches deep Output: up to 6 cycles per minute Cycle...

TwinStar 12 photo
GEA TwinStar 12 Automatic Inline Tray Sealer

Used GEA TwinStar 12 Automatic Tray Sealer with: Type of container: trays, beakers Container sizes: Size 1: 95 diameter x 60 (h) millimeters Size 2: 130 diameter x 50 (h) millimeters...

Food Pack Speedy V/G photo
Ilpra FP SPEEDY MAP Semi Automatic Tray Sealer

Used Ilpra FP SPEEDY MAP Semi Automatic Tray Sealer with: Tray last run: 7 inches x 10.5 x 5.25 Film roll max: 9.84 inches Air requirements: 6 bar (90PSI) Air consumption: 40 N liters per cycle ...

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